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Hi my name is Sara, and I am 31 years old. I have shoulder length brown hair, 125 Pounds, 5’4, and dark blue eyes. This story I that I am about to tell you is completly fictional, the only thing non-fictional is my name in the story.
Ok… I have fantasized about having/owning a female sex slave. I don’t know why, but I don’t want a Male slave. I just like the thought of actually owning someone to make them do whatever I want them to do.
I just haven’t actually fullfilled my fantasy. Mostly just went to rape, or bondage sites… and read some rape stories, look at some of their pictures, and sometimes get a free preview clip of a spanking ,bondage, or rape video. And besides, i couldn’t do all this by myself. I needed men.. at least two of them, and they would have to be strong, built too. But what was I going to do? Put an ad in the paper? NO
::Couple Weeks Later::~8:46 am~ Laying in bed~
I had pretty much put my fantasy in the back of my mind for now.I rolled out of bed and headed for the shower (dredding going to work today). On my way i glanced down into my trash bin, and saw an ad for the grand opening of a bar in town, tonight at 7:00 pm.
“I really need to get out of the house.” I thought to myself as I was rinsing the shampoo out of my hair.
“I think im going to go to that new bar tonight.” I said to myself again as i tied the belt to my pink terri-cloth robe.
I walked over to the dresser in my bedroom, and pulled out a pair of white lace underwear and matching bra, and suntan pantyhose. I quickly put them on.. I walked over to my closet and got my short grey skirt with matching blazer, and white button-up silk blouse. After i finally got dressed I quickly slipped on my black heals, and grabbed my purse (noticing the time, I WAS LATE) and ran out the door.
::9:00 am~ Desk at work::
I was doing my usual typing up bank reports. When I suddenly looked up to see a 6′foot, to say the least ~ Tall, dark, and handsome man walking by. He was very built. Just the type of man i needed, i thought as turned to see where his desk was. Fortunatly he was only a couple desks back from me.
My fantasy all came back into my mind. And i also became really horny thinking of all the things i could do if i had a female sex slave. I unoticingly rubbed my pussy. I was so horny..I hadn’t had any sexual release for such a long time. I HAD to meet this man to see if I could actually use him to help me capture a girl to be my sex slave.. keep her in line.. and help me put the whole thing together.
I couldn’t just stop working and go over and talk to him… I had to wait until lunch time.
I kept looking at the wall clock… then looking back at that man. I simply couldn’t wait until 12:00 pm. (lunch)
::12:05:: The meeting of “That man”
“Hi my name is Sara, I work a couple desks up from you.” I said to “That man”.
“Ummm… Nice to meet you, I am Richard, my friends call me Rick.” He said while shaking my hand.
“Would you like to eat lunch with me downstairs?” I said.
“Sure why not?” He said opening the cafeteria door for me.
We went through the line and found a little table in the corner. When we sat down we had some small talk.. And then i asked him about his life. He wasn’t married. He had a couple close friends…but besides work he didn’t talk much to people. He lived in an apartment in town. I heard about enough.
“Would you be interested in helping me out with ..a.. umm problem?”
“Well what is it?” he said with a puzzled look on his face.
I told him the whole story… about my fantasy.. about why i needed his help.. and that i also needed another person also.
At first he kind of just stared at me. Then finally…
” I have the exact same fantasy!”
” Really? Thats great so can you help me out?”
” Of course i will… i just need to tell a couple friends im going to take a long vacation , and get off from work.”
I was so excited! But everybody was leaving the cafeteria. Lunch was over.


Part Two

Lunch was over and everybody was going back to work. Rick and I walked back up to our floor together.. just before he went to his desk i slipped him my phone number on a piece of paper.
::After Work~ At Sara’s house::
I was so glad to be home from work… I couldn’t wait to hear from Rick. Finally the phone rang at about 6:45 pm.
“Hi is this Sara?”
“Yeh” I said reckonizing that the person on the other line was Rick.
“So whats up?” I said
“Nothing much. and you?”
“Same. Well remember what we discussed at lunch?”
“Oh… YES!” He said sounding inthused.
“Well we DO need to discuss further plans.. don’t ya think?” I said twisting the phone cord aroun my finger.
“Do you want to meet somewhere?”
“Sure.. how bout that new bar they are opening in town?”
“Sounds good, see ya there….bout 7:30? Or do you need more time?”
“No thats good.. Ok.. I’ll see you there then…. Bye Rick”
“C-Ya” he said before he hung up.
I simply could not wait until 7:30, I never thought i would actually find someone that would help me out. Although i DO need at least one other guy to help me out too.
I glanced at the clock, and noticed i had better hurry and get ready. I didn’t have time to take a shower.. but I did need to change my clothes and do something with my hair.
I went to my closet and pulled out a black leather mini skirt, and lepord print top. I also got some black hose… and layed them out on the bed.. and went into the bath room… threw some make- up on .. and put my hair half-way up. After i got my clothes on.. It was 7:10… so I quickly sprayed on some purfume, put on my black high heel shoes, grabbed my jacket and purse and was out the door.
:: 7:20 ~ At the bar::
When I arrived at the bar it was very crowded and smokey. I grabbed a small round table with two chairs.. in the back of the bar. I carefully looked around seeing if I some how missed Rick. but he hadn’t arrived yet. After about 5 minutes a heavy set blonde, wearing a black skirt and white button up shirt.. came back to my table and asked what i would like..I ordered a screwdriver with no ice.. and some preztels. She scribbled it down on her little notepad. and walked back towards the bar.
I heard the bells on the door… and looked up to see who came in. It was Rick! I waved my hand to get his attention and he quickly walked over to the table. I could smell his cologne before he even sat down.. HE SMELLED SOO good! And he looked good too. The waitress returned with my drink and small bowl of pretzels, and asked Rick what he would like.. and he ordered a diet coke.
We sat and had some small talk until he waitress came back with his drink, then we started talking about our previous discussion. I told him how we needed another man to help.. and he told me he had a friend that would like to help us out. We talked about how we would find the “perfect” girl to use. And that they would have their pleasure with her also. I wanted a virgin so we can break her. But there was one problem. I didn’t know where we could do it at.. and then I told Rick that we could keep her in my basement.. and we could clean it out.. get it all set up for the girl then we could Capture the girl.
We would need all kinds of different tools.. and a place to keep her over night while we were sleeping or gone.Soo we thought about it and i remembered I had a small room in the back of the basement.. we could put a bed in there and install a light.. and have MAJOR locks put on the door. I told him i would call a year leave of absence from work.. and he said he would do the same. We would tell our friends we were on vacation. And by that time the bar was about ready to close..I told him to meet me Saturday(today is Thursay) at my house.. at 12:00 pm.. And to bring his friend.. we could clean out the basement and set up the small room.. Then we will start thinking about all the stuff to put in it once the basement was clean.

Part Three

Saturday at 12:00 pm
I woke up today at 11 o clock so i could be ready before Rick and his friend got here. I didn’t see any point in dressing up just to clean up the basement, so I just put on a pair of old worn out blue jeans, with a blue Nike shirt, and some old Nike tennis shoes.

I was sitting on my porch waiting for them to come.. when i remembered that i haven’t seen my basement for quit awhile, so I thought would go see how bad the mess was. I had to get the key from the key kitchen first, but just as I was getting ready to unlock the basement door a red Saturn pulled in the drive-way. I slid the key in my pocket and went outside to meet them. When they stepped out of the car.. I could clearly see Rick’s friend, and he was goooooood looking!! Rick looked good himself. He(rick) was wearing dark blue jeans and a tight black t-shirt. His friend was wearin grey fleece sweat pants, with a white wife beater. They popped open the trunk and pulled out two large suit cases. One for each. After Rick shut the trunk he introduced me to his friend.

“Sara this is my friend Brad, he’s going to help us out.” Rick said swinging the suitcase in his hand towards his friend.
“Hi, Nice to meet you.” I said reaching out my hand towards Brad.
“Ditto!” He said while shaking my hand.
“Come on guys, I’ll show you where you will be staying.” I said motioning towards the house.
I walked into the house with the Rick and Brad behind me… and showed them the guess bedroom across the hall from my bedroom.
The guest bedroom is pretty simple. It has two twin beds, a night stand beside each bed, a dresser and closet on the wall facing the beds.
“This is your room.” I said as I stepped aside letting them into the room.
“I am going to go ahead down to the basement, you guys can come down when ur ready.” I said walking back downstairs to the basement.
When i got into the basement.. it wasn’t THAT bad… but it would take a couple of days just to get everything out of the way… and another couple days or mabye even a couple weeks to actually get it setup!
Im going to describe the basement a little bit to you so you will understand it more. When you open the basement door..you have to go on a little platform and turn left and go down the stairs… theres about 10 steps. and when you reach the bottom ,, there is a 7 feet by 7 feet room.. on the left wall theres a door, if you go through the door and there is a little hall way … and there’s a bathroom (with sink,tub, and toilet),right beside the bathroom there is a small room with an old mattress on the floor, keep going through the hallway and you’ll come to a 10 feet by 10 feet room.
The guys were already coming into the basement. We started picking up stuff here and there.
:: Monday ::
We got all the basement cleaned! Every single thing that we couldn’t use for the “sex slave plan” is in storage. We also cleaned the bathroom and put sheets on the mattress thats on the floor in that small room.. we put a floor lamp in there too. Now all we need is to get the tools and stuff we need for the “plan”
We sat down and wrote on a piece of paper what we thought we needed for the “plan”. This is what we came up with:
1. Lights
2. Paddles
3. Dildos
4. Whips
5. Straps
6. Batteries
7. Wood to build a table to strap the girl on.
8. Nails~ building ones
WE FINALLY GOT EVERYTHING DONE~!~ This is what the basement looks like… the first room in the basement has a table in the middle of the room , about three feet wide on top and about 5 feet long. Straps are on the legs of the table to fasten her feet in.And there are straps on the top of the table to fasten her wrists in. This is used for paddling /caning/spanking the girl. All along the wall there were differet paddles, straps, and paddling tools. Some paddles were big, or small, or some even had tiny holes in the wood, some where leather, there were also canes.. most of the canes were wood.. or bamboo… there were straps too.. leather…mostly just belts.
In the hall way it was spray painted black. The bathroom was pretty simple, tub/shower, we put one bottle of shampoo and a bar of soap in the shower, Sink,with one toothbrush and toothpaste, and brush, and toilet(and toilet paper). The room beside the bathroom had a matress with a fitted sheet and a cover, we put a light in there and a lock on the door. (we also put locks on the main basement door). The bigger room in the back of the basement has a large wooden table with a big metal support in the middle ~ A strap on each corner for her legs and wrists. The surface of the table was very rough.. because it isn’t exactly for comfort. There is a closet the right wall.. its filled with leather bondage clothing and sexy outfits.. high heel leather shoes .. mostly clothing in there. Then right beside the closet door there is a large dresser. Ok.. in the top drawer it is filllllled with condoms.. some condoms have spikes on them,, some are really dry to where it hurts the girl really bad when they are used on her, some are regular condoms. In the second drawer there are dildo’s. There aren’t any dildo’s under 7 inches long. And most of them are 3 inches round. One has got a bend in it so it will be more painful for the person using it. They come in all different colors. Some are battery opperated and some are hand operated. In the third drawer there is body piercing tools (mostlly for clit and nipples)Body jewlery, and there are some butt plugs. And some little odds and ends. In the fourth drawer there are pads and tampons for “the girl’s” period. And there are also some catheders, tape, rope, scissors, K.Y. Jelly, and some other little things. Over in the corner there is two chains with cuffs on the end hanging…from the ceiling. Adjusted so you put a girls wrists in the cuffs hanging from the ceiling.. and she will have to stand on her tip-toes so the cuffs dont cut into her skin. O i forgot to say ~ in every room in the basement there is at least two pair of hand cuffs.. (incase she gets outta hand.) Thats pretty much it. For the basement.
Ok the plans for getting “the girl” we are going to see this person out in public somewhere and tell her to meet us out side or in a certain place then we will take her. Rick and Brad will help get her.. then we will finally have her!~!~!

Part Four

With the basement finished, we were all very excited about getting the girl. We were eating breakfast Tuesday morning.. thinking about where we would go to find the girl. We made the decision to go the Super Market down town. So we finished eating and we all three went upstairs to get ready. I was wearing my silk black nightie, and Rick and Brad were just wearing boxers. I changed into a pair of tight light blue jeans.. and a white t-shirt, i pulled my hair back in a ponytail.. i didn’t want to put n e make-up on. Brad was wearing the same thing as Rick~ Jeans and a t shirt. We didn’t want to look to flashy or obvious.
We had rented a black van with no windows except the winshield, drivers side, and passengers side window. Because it would be hard to bring the girl to my house , in mine, or Brad’s car.
We all got into the van, Rick drove i sat in the passengers seat, Brad in the back. We drove to the Super Market, and parked in the parking lot, way in the back where no one was parked. We all got out of the van except Brad. We had to have somebody be ready to drive away as soon as we got her in the van.
We started walking towards the store, and then we got inside and walked really slow looking at every person in the store. We weren’t having any luck… nobody in the market was what we wanted. Then we were walking down the canned foods isle. There was this beautiful girl standing there looking at the back of a can of something.. she looked about 16 or 17. She was beautiful, she had long red hair.. brown eyes, about 5’3, she looked maybe to be 110 pounds.
“She’s the girl” I wispered to Rick.
“Alright, I’ll get her, you just pretend to be looking at something.” Rick said walking closer to the girl.
He walked over to her and stood right behind her and grabbed her. He had one arm aroud her waist and the other over her mouth. He looked around to see if anybody was looking. Nobody was around. He had a knife and put it to her neck with the hand that was around her waist.
“We are going to leave this store with you but it wouldn’t look to good walking out like this, now would it?” He didn’t wait for her to answer.
“You walk out with me, like nothing is wrong.. and i won’t slit your throat, if you make a commotion.. your dead.”
She shook her head yes.. and he took his hand off her mouth. She didnt say anything. He grabed her arm and left the store.. i quickly followed. I looked around to see if anybody was looking at us.. nobody was. They weren’t even paying attention.
When i got out there Brad already had the van started, and Rick was already pushing the girl into the van. I ran over to them and the girl was kicking and screaming.. Thank god nobody was in the parking lot.
Rick shoved her in the back of the van as hard as he could and we both jumped in. Then Brad stepped on the gas and we were out of there. Rick asked her what her name was she said it was Marie. Then he put some duck tape over her mouth. And tied her legs and arms with rope. He tied them really tight to..

Part Five

We got Marie into the van and drove away.. but when we pulled up to my house it was going to be way to risky to bring her in my house.. so we pulled around back and brung her in through the back door. She didn’t want to cooperate at all. She kept trying to kick her legs and swing her head every which way. Rick and I were getting really frustrated with her… so Rick got his knife out again and put it to her throat.
“Move again and this blade will be through your throat!” He said.
She didn’t move an inch after Rick threatened her. I had to get the basement key out of the kithen drawer. We set her down on the floor. Rick and Brad sat on each side of her while i went and got the key. I got the key and Brad and Rick picked her back up while I unlocked the basement door. I flipped the light switch on and went ahead down the the basement. I wanted her to get her spanking first. So i stopped right at the skanking table. They were not far behind me. When Marie saw the table shestrted kicking and again and tears started to roll down her cheeks. I smiled knowing what was in the future for her.
“Untie her, and strip her down to her bra and panties!” I said while looking over the spanking implements on the wall.
“Take the tape off her mouth too… I want to hear her scream.”
I looked over at them and Marie was really putting up a struggle. They did have her dress halfway off, (they had already untied her) and she was kicking and screaming with all her might.
“Sara, she isn’t budging. You want me to hit her or somthing? Rick said holding both her arms tightly.
“No, I want to break her in myself.”
“Listen bitch, you going to get spanked whether you like it or not. The more fight you put up the harder and longer Im going to spank you, so just give up and let them undress you.”
She quit kicking and just stood there and let them take off her dress and shoes. I told them to back off and let her stand there. She was a master piece. She was wearing a white silk bra.. with a little bit of lace and the top of the cups. Her breasts were at least a 36B. Her stomach was flat, her panties were pretty simple; white g-strings. She had long thin legs. (perfect)
“I changed my mind take off her bra and panties too.”
They quickly slid her undies off and the unsnappped her bra. She didn’t fight but she was crying really hard,and her cheeks were red with shame and embarassment. I finally could see all of Marie. She had perfect round breasts with big pink nipples. Her pussy was completely shaved..
“Turn around Marie I want to see that ass!” I ordered her.
She looked to the floor… then slowly turned around. She had the heart shaped ass. It was perfect also.. I couldn’t wait to spank the hell out of her!
“Ok guys, strap her to the table!”
She looked at the table and her eyes got wide. When Rick and Brad grabbed her arms she started to put up a struggle, then saw the whips on the walls , and went limp. They finally got her strapped to the table. I could feel myself getting wet just looking at her from the back strapped to the table. Her legs spread just right to where her pussy lips showed.And her ass cheeks ready to be spanked. She had to be on her tip-toes so the straps around her wrists wouldn’t cut into her delicate flesh. And it was quite a struggle to stay up like that. She was starting to breath heavier from standing on her tip-toes like that.
“Ok, guys you can stand back and watch.” I said to Rick and Brad.
“What implement are you going to use Sara?” Brad asked eagerly.
“You want to pick?” I said pointing to the walls of whips..
“YEH!” He said moving closer to the wall.
He stood there exammining every whip I had. He finally picked one. It was a wooden paddle about 17″x3″ it has about 11 tiny holes in it. With a handle on the end.

Part Six

Brad handed me the paddle. I rubbed my hand over the rough surface. I almost cummed right there thinking about the pain this implement would inflict on Marie.
“Please dont do this!” Marie pleaded
“You never speak uness you are told to!” I told her.
“From now on, you are our slave. Anything we tell you to do you will do, and if you disobey it will result in a severe spanking!” I said
Marie was now squirming, trying to break free of the table’s restraints.
“Have you ever been spanked, Marie?”
She paused then quietly answered “No”
“You also will adress me as M’am. And you will stay in a room back there, we will feed you left-overs from out meals. If there are no left-overs, then you will g no food. You will bathe daily. And last but not least you will not have orgasims or ‘relieve yourself’unless we alow you to.” I said while gently rubbing her buttcheeks and upper thighs.
“Well then, now that I have stated the rules, lets get started.”
I swung the paddle up in the air above my head and swung it back down stopping right before the paddle touched her buttocks, I did this 2 more times. Marie was squirming with anisipation by now. Finally I raised the paddle as far as my arms would reach and then brung the paddle down as hard as I could on Marie’s round bottom.
“AAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Marie screamed at the top of her lungs.
“Please don’t do it aga…” I brought the paddle down on her ass again before she could finish her sentence.
This time she didn’t scream she just flung her mouth open and stiffened up.
Again I did this 4 more times. Each time she let out a gasp or scream. Until the 5th one. I wanted the last one to hurt badly, make her remember it for a week. So I hung the paddle I had been using back on the wall, and pulled down a long thin bambo cane from the wall and turned back to Marie’s reddening ass. Marie couldn’t see that I had changed the implement. She would sure be surprised when the cane came thrashing down on her bare bottom. For the last time i brought the cane in the air, then quickly brought it back down right where her thigh’s and buttcheeks meet. This time she didn’t scream. she just stiffened up with her eyes wide and jaw dropped. Then she went limp.
I stepped back and admired her red ass while smoothly rubbing it over. Marie started to squirm again.
“Unstrap her boys.” I ordered Rick and Brad.
They quickly walked over to Marie and started to unbuckle the straps.As soon as the straps around her wrists were off she went back on her feet. Her feet very tired from standing on tip-toes. Then she brought her hands back to her butt and began to softly rub the swollen welts, until I saw her and smacked the cane against the back of her hands.
“OOOWWWWW!” She screamed, then blowing on the backs of her hands.
Rick and Brad got her ankles unstrapped.
“Stand up!” I ordered her. She slowly stood up.
“Put your hands on the back of your head and keep turning.”
She slowly put her sore hands on the back of her head… hesitated a moment then started turning slowly. I could see her wincing in pain as she turned.
“Ok I think thats enough for today,I’ll take you to your room.” I said while grabbing her arm.
I walked her to her room and pushed her in. She stood by the mattress on the floor staring at the ground.
“This is where you will sleep, I will lock the door behind me, and will be back tomorrow with what ever left overs we have from breakfast.” I told her while turning to go out the door.
“Wait! I have to go to the bathroom.” Marie said
“Well thats just to bad you are only aloud to use the bathroom 1 time every two days.. I guess you will just have to wait until tomorrow night.” I said leaving the room. And locked it.
Me, Brad and Rick walked back upstairs and locked the basement door behind us. And went to bed.

Captured Part Seven (the story turns into more of a sexlave story)

That when I got upstairs from the basement… I set my alarm for 5:00 am. I couldn’t wait to get back downstairs to Marie. I went to my dresser and pulled out a pair of blue and white striped PJ’s, and laid them on my bed. I was kind of sweaty from all the commotion today, and I needed a shower. So, I went into the bathroom the is connected to my room, and turned on the water to the shower. I quickly stiped off all my clothes and got into the shower. The hott water felt so good on my skin. So good I wanted to stay in the shower forever. Then I relised how late it was, and I reached down and turned off the water. I wrapped the towel around me and went to my bedroom. I put on my pajama’s and got into bed.
That next morning I woke up to my alarm going off. I reached over and turned it off. I quickly got out of bed and got dressed, and headed downstairs to get breakfast started. To my suprise Brad and Rick were already at the kitchen table eating pancakes and bacon.
“G’morning, Sara want some pancakes?” Brad said, finishing a piece of bacon.
“Of, course, Im starving!” I said while sittin down beside Rick.
“Well boys, what do we have planned for our little sex slave.? I asked
” I have one thing that I do want her to um.. do for me.” Brad said eagerly
“What is that?” Rick asked him
“I want her to suck me off, I have a hard on about as hard as a boulder!” Brad told us gesturing toward his crotch.
“Ok, well lets not waiste any time, we’d better get down there.” I said standing up to get the key from the drawer.
I told Rick to scrape the left-overs from our plates onto another plate for Marie’s breakfast. There wasn’t much left though. I got the door unlocked and we went downstairs. (it was about 6:45 by now) I stopped to see if I could hear Marie, I didn’t hear anything. She must have somehow gotten to sleep last night. I flipped on the light switch at the top stairs and re-locke the door, then headed down the stairs. I walked towards her room, Rick and Brad behind me. When I got to her door I turned the knob to unlock it and then opened the door. She was asleep on the mattress with the cover tightly around her. When the light touched her face she opened her eyes and saw us standing there watching her she pulled the cover closer to her.
“Well, Marie it’s time for breakfast, here you go!” I handed her a plate with a half a pancake and a half a slice of bacon.
“Thank you, m’am.” she said taking the plate.
“M’am what am I supposed to eat it with?” Marie said with a puzzled look on her face.
“Your fingers of course!” I said
“We will let you eat in privacy, while we wait outside. And we will come back in about 5 minutes… done or not.” I told her walking out of the room.
Five minutes later we walked into the room ..Marie was standing by the mattress, with the plate in her hand.
“Here you go M’am.” The girl said handing me the empty plate.
“Well it is time for your bathing, we dont want a dirty slave do we?” I didn’t wait for her to answer and ordered the boys to start the water.
I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into the bathroom. I smiled when I saw the water in the shower running rememering that there wasn’t any hot water in the basement. Rick and Brad looked Marie up and down and then smiled at me.
“Well go ahead, there is shampoo and soap already in there.” I said gesturing towards the shower.
She slowly stepped into the tub, but when her foot touched the cold water she pulled her foot back out.
“M’am this water is freezing cold!”
“I know, now get in before I have to spank you again!”
She again stuck her foor into the tub and slowly got in. She flinched when the bitter cold water touched her welts from last night’s spanking. She tried to dodge the water from touching her sore ass, but after a while gave up. She stood under the water for a couple seconds, then reached for the bar of soap and began to wash herself with it. She ran the soap over her arms and stomach, and legs, avoiding her breasts and pussy. I guess she was to embarrassed to wash her most private parts in front of complete strangers.
“Go ahead, wash your tits and pussy, I dont want those dirty either.”
She reached for the soap again and started to rub the soap over her hard nipples,then down to her neatly shaven pussy. Running the white bar over her pussy lips, then she reacher back and placed the soap back where it was . After she was done washing her body she picked up the shampoo bottle and squirted a quater size amount of it on her hand. She rubbed her hands together then ran her fingers through her hair. After all the shampoo was washed out of her hair, she looked over at us.
“Can I get out now…. M’am” she asked shivering.
“Yes, after you get dried off we will be outside waiting.” I said handing her a white towel, then walking out of the room with Brad and Rick behind me.

We waited outside the bathroom for Marie to finish drying off. We had been waiting about 5 or 6 minutes, so I thought that would give her enough time to be dried off by now. When I opened the door Marie was still drying off her hair with the towel. She looked up at me when she heard the door open.
“Your hair will be fine wet. Now come on and get out here!” I grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the bathroom.
“Boys, take her to the back room and strap her to the table.” I ordered them.
Marie began to run up the stairs, but Rick quickly grabbed her and motioned for Brad to help him. She was struggling alot, but they dragged her to the backroom, with me following them. She put up a bigger struggle when she saw the table. They lifted her up on the table, Rick had one hand and Brad the other. They both pulled her arms up to the straps and buckled them in. And then they moved to her kicking legs, and buckled them in also. She was finally all strapped in. She looked so sexy on the table, struggling against her restraints.