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Cheating Wife

The day started out well for the vacation. It was a beautiful day with the sun playing hide and seek behind the clouds. The temperature was a moderate 87 degrees and climbing as the wind kept up the illusion of keeping everything a little cooler.

Tammy and Ilese left the house in high spirits, especially Tammy. Here husband was in the military and had to leave for a deployment to the Balkan area and left her for three months. She knew he only had one month left to go and was counting down the days, but she had only been to work and home since he had left and she needed a break. When Ilese had called and suggested that they take the train to the beach by Amsterdam, Tammy had readily agreed. All the preparations had been made and now they were off.

Tammy was not an exceptionally superior looking woman, but she could hold her own. She was 5’7″ tall with shoulder length brown hair that surrounded a fine boned face. Strikingly dark, brown eyes with long lashes set above a classic Roman nose, a wide generous mouth mounted over a small pointed chin. Her body was set a little bit wider than most women, due to her athletic background. Her broad shoulders helped support her 38Dcup breasts. Her body then sharply angled in a v shape to a small waist before expanding back out to firm muscular hips. The hips then merged into a set of very shapely legs that stopped over small feet. Tammy was proud that she was able to maintain her figure in top shape.

Ilese was as tall as Tammy and resembled Tammy quite a bit. When she and Tammy went out, people always though that they were sisters. Ilese’s body differed in that she was a dancer and was built like one. Tall and slender, Ilese sported long legs and a small butt. Her narrow waist then was topped by 32Bcup breasts with small shoulders. Her hair was also brown but went down to her waist. Ilese’s face was narrower than Tammy’s but with similar features. Ilese had many offers for dates and several admirer’s, but she normally turned them down because she spent so much time teaching and training in formal and modern dance.

The train was long and uneventful. Tammy took a nap while Ilese read a magazine. Ilese then pulled out a cell phone and called to check on her reservations. She had reserved a small suite with two separate bedrooms with an adjoining lounge room. The rooms didn’t cost as much as it was almost the end of the season and the kids were already going back to school. After confirming the reservations she watched as the train slowed and came to another stop.

As the passengers boarded, she watched two men as they carried two small backpacks on the train. Both of them looked to be in their younger twenties, like her and Tammy, casually dressed in jeans and T-shirts. They both appeared to be in good physical condition and looked very passable to her. As they boarded the train they came and placed their baggage diagonally across from where she and Tammy were sitting. Ilese stared at both of their butts and smiled to herself. She always felt she could tell if a man worked to stay in good condition and that was by looking at their butts. Both of them were in fairly good shape from the outline of their pants.

Ilese watched as both of them sat down and then made eye contact with the one facing her. He looked twice and then smiled, Ilese smiled back and gestured for him come over. He leaned over and said something to his friend and then walked over to her.

He introduced himself as Jan to which she responded with her name. They soon fell into deep conversation with each other until Ilese noticed how uncomfortable Jan was kneeling in front of her and talking. He kept changing positions and shifting weight to keep comfortable. Ilese mentioned that she would go with him to his booth and talk to him there and suggested that his friend sit with Tammy. Ilese looked at Tammy and saw that she was still out. Reflecting that Tammy had stayed up very late working on some house projects before leaving, she felt it would be better to leave Tammy alone to sleep some more. Tammy was really out of it and sleeping very well.

In the meantime, Jan went to his friend Ben and told his friend what was going on. He had discovered that Tammy was married but alone with Ilese and that they were going to the same resort hotel he and Ben were going. He then explained the seating situation to Ben. Ben agreed and went to look Tammy over and finish reading his book while Ilese and Jan talked in comfort.

It got darker as nightfall came and Ilese and Jan turned on the reading lights and kept talking. Ben went over to the other booth and sat down across from Tammy. He looked and surveyed what he saw. She was very pretty in an almost Italian kind of way, and was wearing a thin summer blouse that hung loosely over her breasts. He looked further down and saw she had smooth tanned thighs that flowed out of a pair of very loose summer beige summer shorts. One leg was up on a small foot rest protruding from the wall and the other was stretched out under his seat. He looked the leg down till he saw petite feet in beige sandals. He looked further when he saw that her legs were open a little but saw that her shirt was covering her crotch area where her shorts were laying open.

Ben was opportunistic and decided this was an opportunity that he was going to take. Ilese had mentioned that Tammy was a very heavy sleeper, so he decided to test that. Ben first reached out and turned off the reading lamp. Looking around he saw that the next booth up was Ilese and Jan’s and that know one was around. The next stop wouldn’t be for at least another hour and then their stop would be an hour after that.

After checking, Ben leaned back in his seat and stretched his legs out, ‘accidentally touching Tammy’s one leg and moving it much wider. If Tammy didn’t feel it or wake up, he would go further. He watched carefully as Tammy obligingly opened her legs up wider and slunk lower in the seat. Ben nodded in satisfaction and then waited a few minutes to make sure Tammy was settled. Ben leaned back forward and reached out, moving Tammy’s shirt tails up to a better position so he could see her crotch area. Having done that, Ben then carefully lifted and straightened the loose shorts and laid them up, seeing how far they would go. Judging by the extra material, Ben figured he could stick both his hands in there with room to play.

Ben then waited a few more minutes, ensuring that Tammy was indeed still asleep. He then reached out and pulled the shorts open and back till he could see Tammy’s panty covered crotched. She was wearing lacy white full panties and he could see the dark growth of her pussy hairs and the outline of her vaginal lips through them. Ben then reached out and gently moved Tammy’s blouse to one side and down. Carefully undoing one button, Ben was able to expose the swell of Tammy’s breast, showing that she was wearing a matching lace bra. Ben reached forward and carefully traced the soft skin from Tammy’s neck down to her breast, gently swirling around the lace covered nipple while watching Tammy for any sign of waking up.

Tammy’s breathing never changed from its deep, rhythmic rise and fall. Ben kept up the soft touching swirl and watched as Tammy’s nipple started to get hard. Soon he was able to see that she had a nice nipple a little wider around than a pencil eraser capping her large breast. Gently Ben swirled his hand down and then moved to her inner thigh. Carefully he watched her as he swirled his fingers lightly over her skin up to her panty covered pussy, and then he softly stroked his finger over her lips following the slightly wettening crack up and down.

Ben watched as Tammy’s breathing still was slow and steady. He grinned to himself, as he increased the pressure slightly, feeling his finger getting damp from the moisture starting to soak through the panty. Tammy still didn’t move as Ben decided to go further. Gently taking his finger, lifted the elastic of her right leg and carried it over, then taking his middle finger, Ben slowly inserted it in between the swollen, exposed lips of Tammy’s cunt. Ben gently eased it in and then pulled it out, taking his time until his finger was coated with Tammy’s juices and his finger was buried to the third knuckle.

He then carefully pulled it back out as he saw Tammy’s breathing start to change. Carefully he withdrew and laid her underwear back into place. Ben then pulled her shorts and shirt back down and recovered her breast, leaving the one button unbuttoned. Ben then leaned back into his chair watching Tammy through slitted eyelids. Ben sniffed his finger and then tasted it quickly, savouring the tangy flavour of Tammy as he licked his finger clean and then pretended to sleep while Tammy woke up.

Tammy woke up feeling very horny and frustrated. She felt very wet and aroused and wasn’t happy about it. As she opened her eyes, she saw a young man across from her, sleeping with his head back. He was ruggedly attractive but she wasn’t interested. She looked around hearing Ilese’s voice and saw she was talking to someone else. Getting up, Tammy looked at Ilese and got her attention. Ilese broke away from Ben and got up to talk to Tammy.

Ilese explained why she wasn’t sitting with Tammy and told Tammy who Ben was. After the explanation, Tammy was satisfied and content. She went and used the bathroom then went back to her seat. Her arousal had gone away and she was feeling much better.

A few hours later, Tammy and Elise checked into the hotel and then went down to the bar, meeting up with Ben and Jan. Tammy spoke with Ben and found him conversationally gifted and intelligent. She learned that Ben and Jan worked for a pharmaceutical company in Germany and on vacation. As the night grew almost into the early morning, Tammy had lost track of her drinks and grew more and more openly flirtatious with Ben. Soon she found herself, Ilese, Jan and Ben going up to their suite to continue on with the small party.

After arriving to the room, Tammy drank yet another rum and coke, talking and being flirtatious with Ben. She didn’t notice when Ilese and Jan left for Ilese’s bedroom. As she was talking to Ben she kept feeling Ben softly stroking her shoulder and running his hand down her shirt front. Tammy opened her mouth to say something when she stopped. Ben had aroused her and she could feel him rolling her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Tammy could feel the lace of her bra softly being driven into the skin of the nipple as her back arched and she moaned.

Ben saw as Tammy closed her eyes and moan softly while he gently manipulated her nipple through the shirt and bra. It was a risk that he took but he figured that she would give in given the amount of alcohol that she had drunk.

She arched her back leaning into the couch as he carefully opened her shirt and started massaging the other breast. With her shirt wide open he could see the smooth expanse of soft skin and as he manipulated first one strap, then the other down her shoulder, always keeping pressure on one of the breasts and keeping her occupied with sensation. Carefully he lowered his right hand and lifted up her shorts. The legs of her shorts were so loose and wide he could slip his hand up her leg with no trouble. Pulling her right short leg up, he again exposed her moist panty covered pussy and started to rub her wet slit softly and gently. Tammy’s eyes remained closed as she lifted her hips up and moved down on the couch trying to catch his elusive finger.

Tammy was lost in sensation as her alcohol dulled mind attempted to scream a warning that was lost in sensation. Tammy felt his finger pushing into her and stopping because of her panties and then swirl around, increasing her arousal.

Ben watched as Tammy moaned and ground her pussy against his finger. He knew that she was gone and that married or not, she was his for the night. He move his other hand down and lifter her underwear to one side and slipped his finger up and down her wet slit. Her buttocks were now half off the edge of the couch and at the perfect height for him as he eased himself down onto his knees and undid his pants.

Pulling out his dick, he noticed that he was already dripping precum out of the tip. His dick was 7 inches long but a full two and three quarters inches around. As he manipulated himself between her legs, he started rubbing her clit with one hand, the other hand he used to pull the underwear tight up the crack of her ass and all the over, totally exposing her vaginal opening. Holding it there, he started to rub the head of his dick against her slit, slowly going deeper, at the same time gently rubbing her clit, keeping her inundated with erotic sensation. Soon he could feel the warm, wet, velvety softness of her as he penetrated further and further into her.

Tammy’s legs opened wider and wider as she moved her heeled sandals further apart to accommodate the wide prick entering into her. Ben felt her tightness as he slowly pulled in and out, carefully going deeper with each stroke. Soon he was buried as far ash could go. Ben let go of her underwear and reached out with both hands, grabbing her breasts, pulling and rolling the hard nipples as he started to stroke in earnest.

Tammy was gone. She felt as Ben started to push in and out and recognized that he was now fucking her. She felt as his wide dick split her open again and again in massive erotic pleasure. His hands were rubbing her breasts increasing her erotic pleasure as she wrapped her legs around him and pounded her heels into his butt. Groaning in ecstasy she began to orgasm.

Ben felt her first convulsions of orgasmic bliss as he started to ram harder into her. She moaned and cried out as she came the first time and the started to come again for the second. Ben let go of her breasts and grabbed her legs by the knees. Trapping them under his arms, he began squeezing her butt cheeks together and running his fingers up the crack of her ass as she cried out again. Slowing down, Ben began to long stroke Tammy, bringing his dick all the way out and then driving it back in as she lay there moaning. As his fingers got wet from her juices, Ben started playing with her anus, slowly rubbing it, getting it wet with her lubrication and then gently slipping his finger slowly into her asshole and then back out. He could feel the ring of muscle convulsing with her excitement as he carefully kept plunging his finger deeper into her ass. He went slow, carefully stretching her ass out bit by bit as he kept slowly fucking her pussy.

Tammy could feel herself orgasm again and again and then she felt Ben’s finger slide into her small asshole. From the alcohol and the arousal, she was relaxed enough where it didn’t hurt her. She had never had more than her husband’s finger up there before and it hurt a little then but she had never allowed him to penetrate her ass with anything else. She never thought that Ben would even try and so relaxed even more as she came yet again.

Ben felt her cum again and as his finger worked itself in and out of her ass. Letting go of her knees, he pushed her legs wider and started to rub her clit again. As she quickly got lost in this sensation, Ben pulled out and moved his dick a little lower and started to push.

Tammy was lost as Ben started to rub her sensitive clit again. The arousal kept building as he expertly manipulated her adding arousal but not letting her come anymore. She didn’t even notice that he had pulled out and had started to penetrate her ass. She felt slow pressure as he entered her but it was so slow that it didn’t hurt as he stretched out her sphincter and began to enter into her ass.

Ben was going in. Her ass was pushing as he slowly kept penetrating into her extremely tight ass. Ben never stopped rubbing her clit as he began to push in and out of her ass. Ben then began moving much faster as he felt her pressure rising and her ass muscles started to convulse.

From the pit of his stomach he felt himself starting to come as he heard Tammy cry out from a massive orgasm. He thrust deep inside Tammy as he poured spurt after spurt of come into her ass. He watched as she moaned and her breasts jiggled from her mini-orgasms that she was experiencing. After that, Tammy passed out cold. She fell into a deep drunken sleep as Ben pulled his dick out of her ass. When it came out, a rush of come came out and splashed onto the carpet.

Ben picked her up and carried her limp body into her bedroom, pulled the covers back on the bed and laid her on it. After undressing her, he then undressed and lowered himself on top of her. He had used her underwear to wipe his dick off, but he was still hard. Moving her legs wide and thrust back inside of her still wet pussy, enjoying the feel of her tightness as he pushed in and out of her. Raising her legs up, he continually slammed into her until he felt himself about to come again. Pulling out, he jerked off the rest of the way, spraying come all over her groin and belly, then Ben put it back inside of her until he felt himself going soft.

Laying down next to Tammy, Ben began tracing her body with his hand, caressing the woman that was his for the night. Thinking about the train ride, Ben began to tickle Tammy’s pussy and clit while he rolled her over. Once he got Tammy onto her belly, Ben pushed apart her ass cheeks and looked at her little brown bud. Wetting his fingers, Ben started to rub her anus, getting the muscles to relax again as he pulled on his rapidly hardening dick with the other hand.

Once he was hard, Ben got up and grabbed some cold cream that was laying on the table and used it to coat Tammy’s asshole. Finished, Ben then spread her cheeks again as he lay down on top of her, slowly easing his weight on to her body and using the weight to push his dick into her ass again. After a few moments, Ben was fully inserted and began to slide in and out again, feeling her tight ass as it sucked and pulled on his dick. Before long, Ben came one last time and pulling back out with a sigh of contentment, Ben rolled over and went to sleep.

When Tammy woke up, she realized with horror that she was naked and sleeping next to a man that wasn’t her husband. She lay in bed and closed her eyes as she remembered the night before. She remembered almost everything, including getting it up the one place she didn’t even allow her husband to go.

Rolling out of bed, she quickly went into the bathroom to verify what she knew she had done. Sobbing quietly, she ran her hands over the dried, stiff feel of semen on her belly and pubic hair. Reaching behind, she could feel the same coming from her sore ass crack and down part of her ass cheek. Tammy felt sick as she felt the evidence of what she had allowed herself to do. She quickly jumped into the shower and washed herself scrubbing furiously as her tears mixed with water from the showerhead.

Coming back into the bedroom, she quickly got dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, then woke up Ben. She firmly told him what a mistake she had made and that this was the first and last time it would happen. Tearfully she told him how she loved her husband and that she had made a terrible mistake.

Ben nodded and explained to her that if that was what she had wanted, then he could go along with that, but he wished to remain her friend for the duration of their stay in Amsterdam. Tammy agreed that it would be fine for that but made sure that he understood that what had happened would not ever happen again. Tammy again vowed to herself that she would not make that mistake again, drunk or not.

Later that morning, after Ben and Jan had left, Ilese looked questioningly at Tammy. She knew that something had happened the previous night between Ben and Tammy. It was obvious as to what had happened because she had heard Tammy crying out in the throes of physical pleasure. She knew how Tammy had felt about her husband, but she thought that Tammy had control of the situation. Now as she sat across from Tammy, she looked into the red, puffy eyes of a woman tormented by her own private demon of guilt and anguish.

Between questioning Tammy and remembering what had transpired the night before, Ilese came to the conclusion that Tammy had been drunk, lonely and unhappy with the lengthy absence of her husband. She consoled Tammy and told her that it may not have been right, but it was natural what had happened and that if it was any consolation, no one would know unless Tammy told it herself. Her husband didn’t have to know at all.

Tammy nodded her head but still felt miserable. She was always honest with her husband about everything and didn’t hide things from him. Having this event on her mind would not be easy. Hiding it from her husband would be even worse. She decided that she would figure out what to do after the vacation trip was over and she had time to think more about it in private. Having made that decision, both Tammy and Ilese went out for some shopping and fun.

That night when they returned to the hotel, it was already starting to fill with regulars for the bar/dance club that was housed at the hotel. Seeing an opportunity for some fun and to take her mind off of the events of the previous night, Tammy and Ilese dressed up and went out to enjoy the night time revelries.

Tammy had on a knee length, black skirt with a matching black, short sleeve blouse, black sheer hose and a pair of medium tall heels. Ilese went in a more daring figure hugging, blue mini dress and a pair of heeled sandals.

As they came down the stairs they met with Ben and Jan, who both whistled in appreciation. Ben took Tammy’s arm and quietly whispered in her ear that if she just wanted fun and nothing else, to stay by him and he would make sure nothing else happened. Tammy nodded in assent and then proceeded down into the bar after Ilese and Jan.

Soon all four were caught up in the moment of dancing, drinking and having a good time. Ben watched Tammy as she danced with Ilese and Jan, but never himself danced with her. Every time she came back to the table, her drink was always fresh and full. Tammy didn’t pay attention as she quickly became intoxicated. Ben watched heras she started to slow down and kept fanning her face, trying to cool down and drinking the high octane drinks that he had specially ordered for her. Soon it became apparent that she was extremely intoxicated.

Jan and Ilese had decided to go back upstairs and Ben holding a very drunk Tammy followed after. When they made it back to the suite, Jan and Ilese had already disappeared into Ilese’s bedroom. Ben helped Tammy onto the couch and then went to mix a drink for her. Knowing that she was extremely intoxicated, he made a small vodka delight and slipped in a small pill. The pill was a mild sedative that of itself, would only make someone slightly drowsy, but in Tammy’s condition, would knock her out to the world for at least four hours. Ben gave Tammy the drink.

Tammy was very thirsty and hot still from the dancing that she had done. She also had realized that she was very drunk and decided that before anything went on, she would go to bed once she finished the drink. Receiving the drink, Tammy quickly downed the contents and then announced that she was going to bed. Getting up, she went to the bathroom and then quickly and messily undressed. Afterwards Tammy collapsed on the bed and waited until sleep claimed her. It wasn’t long.

Ben waited until Tammy went to bed and then left the suite, leaving the door unlocked. he decided that he would try some things that he had always wanted to before and never had the chance to do with a willing partner. Now that he had Tammy, he figured it was the opportune time to try his desires. Going to the sex shop adjacent the hotel, Ben made a few purchases and then returned back to the suite. Ben quickly locked the door to Tammy’s room and then went to work.

Ben first approached Tammy, lying on the bed, reached out and pinched her on the inside of her upper arm. Reaching out further, Ben pulled the blanket off of Tammy and then pinched the inside of her thigh, right next to her crotch. Still no response. Satisfied that Tammy was out for a while, Ben reached out and took Tammy’s panties and pulled them off of her sleeping form. Tammy only wore panties to bed, which made Ben’s work much less. Reaching into his bag of purchases, Ben pulled out black fishnet thigh high stockings and pulled them onto Tammy’s legs, after which he then placed a fishnet teddy, which ended in a g-string and manipulated that onto Tammy. Ben then put Tammy’s heels back on her feet.

Now Ben was ready for step two. He reached out and positioned Tammy so that she was on her back in the cent of the bed. Taking one leg, Ben quickly tied Tammy’s left ankle to her left thigh. Ben then did the same thing to her right thigh and then stuck the pillow under the small of her back. Ben then ties Tammy’s arms out to the corners of the bed. Once he was done, Ben quickly undressed. Kneeling down on the bed, Ben raised her bound legs up spread them out as he began to lick furiously at the exposed slit. Working his way up and down, Ben tasted the inside of Tammy as her body responded while her mind remained unconscious. As her pussy got wetter, Ben chuckled and got back up.

Going to the bag, Ben pulled out some extra lubrication and a large vibrator. Checking to make sure it worked, he grinned savagely when the vibrator immediately started to hum. Ben grabbed the last bit of rope and tied Tammy’s legs wide open and then began to generously lube up Tammy’s two exposed holes. Once he was done, Ben gently slid the vibrator into Tammy’s cunt and then pulled the fishnet stocking over it to hold it in place. He then positioned himself at Tammy’s ass moving the string over enough to get his dick at her brown pucker hole. Ben thrust in slowly and felt resistance as he first started the push, but felt her muscle give way as he began sliding into Tammy’s well lubed as. He sighed as he felt her velvety walls gripping his dick.

Ben then turned on the vibrator and began to push, driving himself in and out of her as the vibrator massaged her pussy and his dick at the same time. Ben felt like his dick was on fire as he began to pick up the pace and rammed his dick in and out of Tammy. He watched as her breasts jiggled from the impact under the fishnet, he moaned as he felt the fishnet stockings covering over her legs as he grabbed the heels of her shoes and pulled himself in deeper. Over and over Ben thrust inside of Tammy until he finally couldn’t take it any more and began to come. Deep inside her bowels, Ben came again and again, revelling in the stolen delights of Tammy’s body.

Ben then pulled out and watched as Tammy’s ass started to ooze cum from the distended hole. Ben was still hard and it felt like he almost didn’t cum. Ben pulled the large vibrator out of Tammy’s cunt and looked at it, comparing it to his own. It was much larger, extending out to a full 10 inches long and 4 and a quarter inches around.

He looked back at Tammy’s ass and decided to go for it. Placing the vibrator at the tip of her still slightly open anus, Ben slowly began pushing the vibrator in until it was fully inserted into her ass. Looking at that little asshole fully distended, it looked like it was stretched to the fullest it would ever go. Ben then turned on the vibrator and then pushed himself into Tammy’s cunt. Feeling the vibrating sensation from under his balls as he was fucking Tammy was an awesome sensation.

Especially when he saw that Tammy was responding, even if drugged, drunk and asleep. Ben watched Tammy as she began to rapidly and raggedly breathe as he pummeled her cunt with his dick. Bouncing in and out as hard and fast as he could he watched as her mouth opened up and she cried out and came. He could feel Tammy’s pussy get incredibly wet as her muscles convulsed around the vibrator and his dick. Feeling her come set him off and Ben shot another load, this time deep into Tammy’s womb.

Exhausted from the two sessions, Ben pulled back out and then reached to Tammy’s ass and turned off the vibrator. Pulling that out, he could see dark stains of shit on it as he held it into the light. Ben then looked at the holes that he had violated, noting that both of them were leaking cum and that both of them still gaped open from the extended use. He looked up at Tammy’s face, but she had never woken up through the orgasm that she had experienced. Shrugging, Ben got and untied her from the bed and herself.

Leaving on the bed, Ben went to the bathroom and cleaned the shit of the vibrator and then brought it back to her. Opening her legs back up one more time, Ben inserted the vibrator back into her still dripping pussy and pulled the fishnet crotch back over it holding it in place, but leaving the toy off. Ben then covered her up in the blanket and left with the rest of the tell tale things and locked the door behind as he left the suite.

Tamy woke up feeling very stuffed and extremely horny and sore. As she moaned her need she reached between her legs and felt the vibrator and accidentally turned it on. The resultant rush of sensation inundated her as she began to orgasm on the vibrator. Pulling her legs up she cried out as the pressure from her bladder released from her loss of control. Peeing uncontrollably and having an orgasm, Tammy shuddered and moaned cried out before she finally got the vibrator out of her.

Laying back on the bed now and fully awake, she looked around in shock as she saw clothes she didn’t recognize on her body and the large vibrator laying in a pool of her piss and spend. Tammy quickly got up and began cleaning everything up. She knew they were checking out of the hotel that afternoon so she quickly grabbed the bed clothes and put them into the shower and washed them down to get the urine out and then began stripping out of the clothes.

Throwing the wet clothes in and then herself climbing in the shower, Tammy washed herself, the clothes and linen and then hung everything out to dry. Tammy quickly got dressed, noting that her ass was extremely sore as well as her pussy. She knew that something had happened as evidenced by the clothing and other things but she couldn’t remember what. Vowing never to drink again, Tammy cleaned up the rest of her mess and then packed her clothes. Tammy then pulled her hair dryer out and air dried the sheets and the lingerie. finishing that she piled the sheets on the floor and put the lingerie with the rest of her stuff along with the vibrator.

After waking Ilese and getting Jan out of the room, Tammy and Ilese packed and checked out of the hotel. On the train ride back, Tammy told Ilese what had happened, omitting the urination, and then cried again.