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Forest Rape

I wanted to find a good spot in any forest. Far enough from any roads or civilization where a rape can occur without being interfered by ” hero’s” . I found many State Parks whose trail offer many places where I can rape someone in peace, the problem was that I had to wait for my prey. Most of the time the never came, or for some reason an attempted rape was not feasible.

Finally, on a warm spring day the conditions for a rape was becoming good. I walked to a spot about two miles from the trail head and climbed a hill of which I can spot anyone at both directions at a distance of fifteen minutes walking time. Around me were thick brush and woods. The leaves were thick enough to block any view over ten feet. As I sat and waited for two maybe three hours, I finally spotted movement at a distance. Taking a better position I peered through my binoculars and watched the trail path from a distance. First I heard feminine voices, and finally two women came into my view.

It was difficult to determine the ages from the distance that I was, but I knew that they will cross my path in at least fifteen minutes and probably more. I played this scenario in my mind hundreds of times, and finally I can put it in effect. I pulled out a handgun and hid it. If one is quite a bit younger then she’ll be the one the gun will be held against, if that was not the case then the shorter one of which my 6’ 4″ height would have better control. I had ropes and tape on the ground a few feet from me. Ten minutes later I heard them climbing the hill. I decided to play it cool as I sat on the ground and rested with a hidden gun.

As I seen them approaching I stood up as to get out of their way. The first one to come over the bend was a young teenage girl with shoulder length brown hair, and behind her was a grown woman about my age. I figured that was her mother. She had a dark tan with a lighter brown hair. I walked toward them as if I was going to pass, but as soon as the teen got in my reach I grabbed her and put my hand over her mouth. Then I stuck the gun against her rib cage.

Her mother froze before I said ” One fucken word and she is dead! You are going to do exactly as I say, otherwise this pretty young girl will have a hole in her heart! Do you understand?”

The older woman nodded her head. The young teenager was still struggling, ” The same goes for you bitch! Unless you want to get hurt you better stop trying to escape.” The teenager stopped struggling. ” Good, now I’m going to remove my hand. Neither of you will say anything unless I tell you to do so. You are a long way for help to reach you.” I moved my hand down and put pressure on her small neck. I looked at the tanned woman.

” Are you her mother?” Quietly she said yes – ” Please don’t hurt her. I…I got money anything you want! Just let her go free…….please.”

I pulled her daughter backward with me and pointed the gun towards the thick brush. ” Walk in front of us. That way.” The mother was first unsure but when I pointed the gun at her daughter’s head she started to move slowly.

Soon after we got to the place where the ropes and duct tape at. ” Now, mommy – lie down on the ground on your belly with your arms behind your back.” After she done that I told her young daughter to do the same. I sat on her daughters legs as I reached the duct tape.

” What are you going to do with us?” the mother quietly asked.

As I put duct tape over her daughters mouth I told her, ” You said that you’ll give me anything that you have to protect your young daughter…” as I rolled her daughter on her back and tied her wrists to two tree’s.

The mother agreed ” yes, just look in my purse you can have anything you want!”

I came to the mother to tie her wrists over her head. As I moved her arms, ” I want to fuck you and to play with your body. If you resist or try to stop me, then I’ll rape your daughter. Your pussy, your ass, and your tits is what I want. You will give your body to me. Anything that I want!”

She started to cry -” Oh my God, no, no, no…”

I asked her one last time – ” agreed mommy?”

She slowly nodded her head – ” Rape me. I won’t try to stop you.”

I rolled her over on to her back, as well as her daughter. For the first time I had a good long look at my prey. The daughter has a green polo shirt with tight blue jeans and white hiking shoes. Her dark brown hair reached her shoulders. Her brown eyes had tears flowing down her moderate toned cheeks. I was tempted to put my hands on her full sized chest, but I wanted to save that time to shock her mother – after I removed her clothing and raped her a few times.

The mother has a buttoned brown toned blouse and jeans as well. Her blue eyes has fear in them as I looked at her tanned body for a few minutes. Enjoying the many curves and the tightness.

She spoke up quietly, ” What are you waiting for, just rape me and get it over with!” .

I brought my hand to the side of her face, digging my fingers into her curly light brown hair. ” All in good time my beautiful prey. I decide when to rape you, I decide how to rape you. All you do is just lay still and take the easy assault, and your daughter gets to watch you becoming naked and being violated by a man you do not love.” I assured her. To make the fear more exciting I went ahead and covered her eyes with the duct tape. ” Now mom, you won’t see what I’m doing. You’ll only feel what I’m doing, and when I’m done with you I’ll leave your daughter and your naked body to the elements until help arrives. Prepare to be raped.”

The ideal was to take her clothes off slowly to build my excitement. Her daughter was looking at me and I stepped between the two. Looking at her daughter, I gave her a hint of what will happen to her later. I placed my hand on my crotch, and then touched her crotch with a finger from that same hand. Her eyes went wide. Her own fear has just been ignited. I turned around and untied her mother’s shoes. Pulling them and the socks off. Next, I unbuttoned her jeans and pull it’s zipper down. She had white panties on, but I didn’t pull her pants off. Instead I laid beside her facing toward her daughter and placed my hand between her panties and the jeans reaching down to her crotch, then I had my fingers slip between the panties and her skin feeling the folds of her pussy.

The mothers lower jaw was trembling as I touched her womanhood. ” What’s the matter?” , I asked. ” Don’t you like your pussy being touched.”

She didn’t say a word, and I pulled my hand out. I pulled her shirt out of the jeans and moved my hands closer to her chest. Gently groping them. I asked her another question: ” Tell me, did you breast feed your daughter when she was an infant many years ago?” She never answered. I pinched her breast harder…” I want to know!” .

With a shaking voice she said yes. I smiled at her daughter as I unbuttoned her mother’s blouse. ” I bet your mother misses that time when your tongue and toothless jaws pressed on her breast nipple to get milk” . The second button revealed the tanned cleavage and the third started to show her white brassier. I unbuttoned it completely and pulled the two sides apart. Her breasts were not as large as her daughter’s appeared to be, but a B-cub is just as good.

I reached for a nearby back pack in which I had all my ” tools” for the attack. I pulled out a pair of scissors and got on top of themother. ” I’m very interested to see those tits of yours! I can tell that you enjoy getting a good tan, now it would be nice to see a tan line” – I told her.

With the scissors I cut the right strap and then the left. The sharper blade touched her skin as I got down to the centre of the brassier and I cut it in half. With the scissors I lifted the cut brassier off of her chest, and her snow white breast shined in the sunlight.. At the centre were to small dark brown nipples with no areola. I put down the scissors and played with her breasts with my hands. Soon, I laid down on her and started to kiss her one her lips as I squeezed and groped her breasts. My dick was getting hard, so I got up and took my pants off as well as my underwear. The mother’s jeans and panties came off next. Her white pelvis was covered by a thick coat of brown hair. Thinking that it was time for the fuck, the mother spread her legs apart – inviting me in!

But I wanted to have more fun with her. I lifted her body up and guided my penis to her mouth.

” No…please not that. I want to be fucked by you, please don’t ummmmph…” she stopped as I forced my manhood into her mouth.

” Suck it bitch!” I told her, ” Suck it or I’ll rape your daughter instead of your hairy hole!”

After a few minutes I pushed her back down and I grabbed her legs, and stuck my head down on her crotch and bit and licked her pussy. The mother groaned as I tormented it, and I enjoyed seeing her facial expression as I stuck my fingers into her hole making it more and more wet. Finally, I was ready. I started to touch the edge of her opening with the crown of my manhood, then with a quick thrust I forced myself into her unwilling cavity. Her facial expression changed into shock and terror!

I lifted my chest above her with my penis securely embedded into her pussy. ” OK mommy” I mocked her, ” Let’s get another child for you started!” .

I started a slow thrust, just to get her body to enjoy the feeling. Then as I continued, I trusted harder and faster to watch her breasts shake with each inward thrust. ” What do you think little girl? Do you think you would enjoy being fucked?” I asked her daughter.

She turned her head not wanting to see her mom get raped.

” Ah, poor little girl embarrassed seeing her mommy get fucked? It’s quite natural between man and woman. One day you will get to feel what it is like.”

I knew that one day will be today. After a while, after I fill her mom with life starting fluids. I laid down on top of her mother’s chest and started to thrust harder and faster, until I exploded into her body. I slowed down on my thrusting, while resting on her chest.

I removed the tape off her eyes. ” Now mommy, that wasn’t so bad. Your pussy is nice and wet, and you got fluids within you looking for an egg.” I whispered to her.”

With a angry tone she replied, ” You god damned bastard! You have finished raping me, now get the fuck out of here like you promised. I promise you that you will spend many years in prison after what you have just done!”

I smiled at her and grabbed the duct tape taped her mouth shut. ” Well my fuckin bitch,” I told her, ” I’ll leave whenever I decide to leave. Not when you order me to leave. There is plenty of daylight left for me to rape you again.”

So, I then grabbed her ankles and tied one to a tree and pulled the other ankle so that her pussy is wide open and tied that ankle to another tree. With her ankles bound to tree’s I continued to play with her pussy with my fingers penetrating deeper into her wet cavern. I taunted her more.

” Well. since I cannot rape your young daughter I’ll just continue to enjoy your body. Let’s both see how much punishment your pussy will take!” I pulled my fingers out and forced my whole fist into her. Her body squirmed at the forced intrusion into the thick bushy hole. ” What’s the matter mommy? Surely, a newborn’s head and shoulder’s were wider than my fist. But, I have better rods than my fist. How will you ass hole handle a stiff intruder, or do you like being ass fucked by your lover?”

I reached for my back pack and pulled out two items. Baby lotion and a small diameter cucumber. I brought it to her face to show her.

” Now to ass rape you with this, and vaginal rape you with my rod again!” I spread some of the lotion in and around her tight ass hole and covered the cucumber with the lotion. I then forced the cucumber into her tight ass hole. I enjoyed the expressions of pain and humiliation one her face, as I got on top of her and pushed my penis into her wet and sore vagina. As I slowly thrusted myself into her, my hand was thrust the cucumber deeper into her. I stopped and got off of her and pulled the brown shit caked cucumber out. I pushed the cucumber into her pussy as far as it would go and left it there.. I pulled my pants up.

” I’m done with you. I’m going to hike and relax for about two hours, and when I return then I will rape your daughter.” I told her. Before I left them I pushed her daughters green shirt above her blue brassier. I looked at the young girl – ” When I get back then you will not have any clothes on when I’m finished.”

During those two hours, I went back to my car to pull out a drug – commonly referred as the ” rape drug” and filled two syringes of it, I also retrieved some douche formula I purchased from a grocery store earlier. I then started to walk back to the location of my victims. I stopped about 100 feet away and just sat down and relaxed. With three hours of sunlight left, I moved in for the final ecstasy.

Both of the girls seen me coming. The cucumber that was in the mother’s pussy was out of her. Her naked body shined in the sunlight, but I wasn’t interested in her anymore. A young fresher body was waiting for me to ravage it!

I spoke to her mother before moving to her daughter, ” You are so naive bitch! Here you were thinking that only you would be raped. Do you actually think that I would just rape an old and used bitch, where I can also get a fresh young body as well? Hell, your daughter may still be a virgin! An unused pussy ready for me to enter it. But, tell you what. I will be nice to her. Your daughter will be raped while unconscious. She won’t realize what’s happening, in fact she won’t remember anything after she goes asleep. You, on the other hand, will get to watch her being raped – before I give you the same drug. But first, I’ll get the semen out of your body with douche, that way there won’t be any evidence to implicate me.”

After I flushed the mother’s pussy with douching fluid, I retrieved one of the needles and went to the daughter who was tied to the trees. The daughter was crying with muffled cry. The cool air made her nipples hard as they protruded onto her blue brassier. I located the vein on her left sleeveless arm and stuck the needle into it.

I smiled at the young teenager, ” In a few minutes you won’t know what will be happening, but I promise you – if you haven’t lost your virginity yet then you will soon.” I waited until she lost consciousness. It only took a few minutes.

After uniting the teenager I immediately pulled her green shirt off, then I un-strapped her blue bra. Her breasts are larger and more plumper than her mothers, with small dark brown nipples. Next came her shoes and socks then I quickly pulled off her tight blue jeans. The only thing she had on was a purple panty briefs. I looked at her mother who already had tears streaming from her eyes. I removed all of my clothes since my dick was hard and ready for more action!

I sneered at the mother – ” Now, the final piece of the puzzle. Perhaps you’ll have a grandchild started soon, wouldn’t that be a good memory of what happened today?”

I finally pulled the panties off the unconscious teen, and to my surprise I see a most pleasant view. The teenager has already shaved her hair off, so that her pussy folds were easily seen. I turned the teens hips over so her mother could see, I then walked over to her mom and sat down next to her.

” You know. Since your daughter shaved her pussy, I’m willing to bet that she’s fucking her boyfriend now, and I bet you didn’t know that. Well, she may be a used bitch – but her body is a hell lot more better looking than your old body!”

I left the mother and got on top of her daughter’s body and entered into her, ” Ah, yes – she’s definitely not a virgin!” , looking back at her mother. The fuck lasted less than three minutes. I got out of her and retrieved the second syringe of the date drug.

” It’s time for me to leave, and I like to thank you for both of yours stupidity on hiking on a weekday when there is virtually no one around! (I pressed the syringe into one of the mother’s arms) When you wake up, I’ll be long gone and both of you will have your clothing back on. I have your purse with all of your personal information, as well as your daughter’s. If you dare to report this incident to the law, then I will return and one of you will be raped and killed.”

The mother lost consciousness, before I went ahead and re-clothed both I removed my digital camera and took pictures of them for my records. These make the second and third victims for me, it’s getting easier and easier Picking up all my tools and putting them away, I looked around to see if anyone was coming. I then carried one victim at a time to a nearby stream and left them there. Thirty minutes later I came to my car, and left the forest towards my home forty miles away.