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Gang Rape of Teen Virgin

Trista is in high school, but dreaming to do some commercial modelling. So when one of her friend’s friend proposed a tempting offer, she just jumped into it. He told her they are interested to take some test shots of her in different types of dresses and poses. So she dressed up like a cute dollie, the venue was a private cozy suite in a downtown hotel.

Upon her arrival she saw all sorts cameras are ready to take both still and videos. They are 5-6 guys, they are big guys, brawny, handsome, well-built, tough-looking. They would rather pass for army men than media men. They looked at her, Trista felt their eyes all over her. They got stunned to see her, she is so beautiful, cute like a cotton candy, so naïve, full of innocence, so much of silky hair, natural blonde, creamy silky skin, juicy lips, creamy breasts are going to burst out her tight cotton blouse, flat smooth stomach, breathtakingly attractive round buttocks, her legs are so titillating underneath her short denim skirt.

They asked her to kneel down on the divan. When she did so, one of them came behind her and blindfolded her. Even before she could resist or yell, she heard a husky whisper in her ears, “Nobody can hear you from here, babe, you have no choice.? Trista didn’t understand what is going on, why would she pose to camera this way? Then she felt two strong hands tying up her hands at her back with a silk ribbon. She is really frightened now, oh no, she is trapped, it is obviously not a commercial shooting.

They are now stripping her blouse off, her breasts are full, soft, round, with dark tempting nipples, a flat smooth stomach, they pulled her skirt off, then tore off her little panty. She tried to say “no, no?, tried to hide her complete nakedness, please don’t do this to me, but she is so weak for them.

She looks so helpless, like a blooming flower in the hands of the wildest wolves, trying to escape, to resist what is going to happen. She was asking them to let her go, but she heard a whisper at her ear with burning breathe, “Just keep still and join our show baby, we wanna play with you and we have all night.? They kept her knelt down on the divan, with her hands tied up behind her back and her knees parted far apart and tape on her mouth.

She felt male hands and burning breathe all over her. Then she felt one of the guys is pulling her hair backwards so that her head gets bent back making her breasts protrude forward like two big mountains with pointed peaks at the top.

She heard the clicking of the cameras and the sound of video recording. She felt several male hands on her breasts, unkind big rough male hands, they are kneading her breasts and puckering her nipples with their fingers, she heard them talking about her body, “Ah, I bet this is 36D, too large for her age…..?. Trista is feeling so ashamed, kneeling down and bent backward like an arch displaying her breasts to the camera, while her nipples are being puckered and puckered.

Then all in a sudden she felt warm mouth on her breasts, two burning mouths are sucking her breasts and nibbling her nipples. She tried to wriggle but could do nothing with her hair grabbed. Teeth are cutting the soft flesh of her breasts now, hot tongues licking her nipples. She felt one hand is going down her abdomen now, it eventually reached her clitoris, she felt a thick hot rough male finger in her clitoris.

She is forced to lay on her back now and her hands are tied up above her head with silk ribbons. Rest of the guys grabbed her legs and stretched them wide apart, putting hands on the inner side of her thighs, to keep her genital completely exposed. She realized they are looking closely into her crotch, flicking her petal-soft silky moist pink clitoris with their fingers.

One of them put his middle finger into her tiny vagina, oh she is so small, she screamed in pain, but another guy sealed her mouth with his mouth, forced her lips to part, inserting his tongue into her mouth, so long that she was almost out of breath. Her scream stopped, only thing she could do is to keep twitching her body under the control of all these six guys. That guy forced two more fingers into the tiny hole of her vagina, which seemed to stretch to its limits now. He started to move his fingers in and out her vagina very roughly, that made it more painful for her, tears rolled down from her eyes.

Two more guys started to finger her clitoris, she tried to close her legs instinctively, but two guys on either side held her thighs so firmly she got bruises there. One of the guys held her clitoris lips wide apart to give her genital a full exposure.

All the guys took their turn for chewing her lips, fingering her nipples, clitoris and vagina. Her lips, nipples, clitoris and vagina ached so much.

She lost her sense for a little while, when she came around she heard that a guy is calling someone on the phone. Trista was horrified by the thought, what’s coming next. She was still tied up in her bed when the Commando arrived, he looks like a giant with steel body. This guy is known to be notorious in the special forces of the Army, he has a big appetite for virgin teens. One of the guys said to him, “Here is a little fun we saved for you.?

Commando stepped closer, leaned on this beautiful naked body tied up, he was set on fire right away seeing and touching the bite marks on this “vanilla ice cream? served to him. When he approached, Trista begged to all the guys around her to let her go, she is ached and tired struggling against their torture so long. They laughed out loud and said it’s just the beginning, they are going to do her to the end, and then more and more until she becomes unable to walk.

The Commando zipped down his jeans and took his position kneeling between her legs, grabbed her hips and lifted the lower part of her body to his mouth. He started to flick his tongue through her clitoris, licking and biting, tasting her raw sexy little place. After long time he lowered her crotch down on his lap. He was already so hard and erect, huge and thick, with such a purple penis-head. Stretching her clitoris more than enough with the thumbs of his two hands, he stuck the head of his 11-inch huge hard rod on the tiny slit of her vagina. It was extremely difficult to enter, almost impossible, then the other guys came to help him, they held the mouth of her vagina wide open to help his way in.

Her vagina lips got tightened around his penis rod, about to tear apart. He is already hard and dripping milky white fluid from the penis-head. He started to shove his hard enormous purple penis into the tiny hole of her vagina. It was extremely painful, Trista felt like the mouth of her vagina is getting ripped apart.

He is fully erect now to 11 inches in length and 7 inches in circumference! He went deeper deeper and deeper into the extremely narrow tightness of her vaginal canal, his penis got swollen and even stiffer. Her virginity tore apart. Commando made sure that she lost her virginity completely.

The mouth of her vagina and the vagina-walls stretched to its limit, tightened around his penis, about to tear apart. Oh, he is enormous! The length of her vaginal canal is only 2-3 inches! She whimpered and begged him to stop.

He did not stop, he looked down and found that still few inches of the bottom part of his penis were left outside her vagina. He is not satisfied with 2/3rd entry, he wants a full penetration to the hilt. So he kept pushing further deeper, even if it is almost impossible. Trista screamed, “please no more?. His penis-head now reached the mouth of her cervix. Commando looked down and saw that his penis is now buried to the balls. He kept pressing it further, it seems like as if he wants to go past the cervix and invade her uterus!

Trista’s vagina was burning with searing pain, but she couldn’t scream for her mouth was sealed by a guy’s lips and tongue. He held her by her shoulders in order for better pumping and deepest penetration so that she cannot slide upwards to avoid deeper penetration. He held her shoulders so firmly that she got bruises there.

He starte d h itting her inside with violent thrusts that grew even faster and harsher soon, spreading her legs farther apart with his own legs. The blows of the thrusts were so intense and the pressure of the piston on her cervix was so much that Trista felt all her female organ inside is going to rupture and she felt like she is going to puke. She screamed, “please no more please, I can’t take it any more?, but that only added to their pleasure, they shouted, “More, more, deeper, faster, she can take more?.

She looked like a tiny sex-toy moving back and forth on Commando’s piston-like penis.

After several severe thrusts for long long time he burst out at the peak of orgasm and sprayed full load of his hot fluid inside her, making a loud groan of pleasure. Trista felt his hot fluid burning her uterus, the amount of the semen was so much that overflowed her cervix, vagina and dripped out of her hole.

Her crotch is now slippery with male fluid and her own blood. She laid their half conscious.

After this fatal intercourse, one of the guys untied her hands and forced her to turn over on her stomach, she was too scared to resist. Then he retied her hands on her back with those silk ribbon, embraced her from her back side, first grabbing her breasts, then her abdomen, then her thighs pulling them wide apart and taking her crotch on his lap.

Now the lower portion of her body is on this guy’s lap and the upper portion is made bent and lifted upwards to face two other guys who were clutching her nipples and abs. The third guy was rolling his fingers in her clitoris frequently exploring her vagina. The guy between her legs now slid his hands under the area where her hips, thighs and abdomen joined each other, then he reached for her clitoris from her back side, he groaned in pleasure and said, this is so sexy and so exciting to finger her clitoris from backside.

Using four fingers of both of his hands he was rummaging through her genital, rubbing, rotating, pressing, tipping, spreading them farther apart to get full access. Trista was twitching in pain with her face down on the pillow. She was shuddering from the stabbing pain of her “just-torn? virginity.

While his huge penis was making its way inside her vagina all the way deep, he made sure that she cannot escape or slide forward to avoid a deep penetration. He held her waist very firm to keep her crotch tightly mounted on his groin. He slid his left hand under her abs and kept rotating her clitoris with his finger during the intercourse.

Being in unbearable pain, she failed to provide any muscular spasm on his penis. So the guy pressed and squeezed her butts and abs very hard to get a pleasurable feeling of contraction of her vagina walls surrounding his penis, while other guys released their semen on her breasts, her body got covered with the sticky milky fluid that started dripping through her belly button.

Each and every guy took his turn more than once to molest her and rape her. Moreover, they kept filling her vagina inserting either huge sex-toys or their fingers inside as soon as one guy is done until the next guy is ready to rape her, so that she doesn’t get any rest in between multiple intercourses. Gang rape continued for hours until Trista felt paralyzed and lost consciousness.