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Girl Gets Raped by Racist Teacher

Hazel sighed as she leaned forward on her desk at school. She hated school and everything about it. The teachers sucked, the students sucked, everything sucked. She had been going to a private prep school ever since she was 6 and had even hated it when she was younger. Most of the girls at her school weren’t in touch with reality and got whatever they wanted with just the drop of a pin. Their parents filled their lives with luxuries and frills just to shut them up and keep them out of their own affairs. Hazel’s parents were different, her father a construction worker and her mother, a teacher. They were both very strict and Hazel hardly ever got what she wanted. Birthday’s and Christmas’ where filled with cheap presents and candy canes, which she loathed. They always said, “We pay so much money for that school, we don’t have enough to give you whatever you want.” And Hazel would reply, “Then why don’t you let me go to a cheaper school or a public school.”

Her parents would always ignore that suggestion, mainly because they wanted their daughter to have the best education that she could get because she was African-American. Living in Southern California, there weren’t a lot of other blacks in the area. Her family lived in a nice condo complex that had a garden, swimming pool, and tennis court. Most of the people who resided at the complex where old and their children had moved out, meaning Hazel virtually had no friends who lived close to her. The kids at school were snobby, stuck-up and didn’t want anything to do with Hazel. She usually wore cheap clothes from random surf shops where she could buy low priced tank tops and shorts.

Hazel had long thick black hair, which she usually wore in a ponytail, and blazing hazel eyes. Her mother was half Mexican which explained the long hair and hazel eyes and her father was Irish and Canadian, but still black. He was bald and had dull black eyes. His body build was huge with his colossal muscles and tall frame.

“Hazel! Hazel Fourchet!” Hazel heard a voice cry. She groggily lifted her head from the desk, looking up to see her teacher Mr. Bates glaring at her. His arms were folded neatly over his beer belly as he glowered at her, “I never knew that my English class bored you.”
Hazel’s eyes fluttered as she glanced at her surrounded classmates. They were looking right back at her.
“Um.. its not boring.” Hazel managed to answer. Mr. Bates shook his head then pushed his glasses closer to the brow of his nose.
“So, then would you care to tell us what this lesson is about?”
Hazel’s body began to fill with nervousness and embarrassment; she had no idea what the lesson was about.
“I guess Um, means I don’t know, huh?” Mr. Bates said with a sneer. The class broke out in a quiet laughter. Hazel rubbed her hands together in nervous habit. She had never felt so embarrassed in her life; she had never been the laughing stock in the classroom. She usually kept to herself and answered when called upon.
“I’m sorry Mr. Bates, I won’t fall asleep in class again.” Hazel finally said softly.
“I know you won’t.” He shot back at her, “See me after class.”
Hazel let out a loud groan. Would she get a detention? A demerit? She couldn’t get either of them! Her parents would freak if they found out she had been sleeping in class. She could already hear their lecture in her head, “We pay all that damn money just for you to fool around in school? I don’t think so! Don’t think that you can just mess around and get yourself kicked out! If you do, we will disown you!”

Charles Bates smiled to himself as he thought of seeing precious Hazel Fourchet after class. He would teach that nigger a lesson or two. He knew that what he had in mind to do would jeopardize his job, but quite frankly he didn’t care. He had always dreamed of “seeing” Hazel after class. The thought of squeezing her tight round breasts that sat perfectly on her chest made him crazy. He had begun to notice that she hardly ever wore a bra. He couldn’t believe that a girl who looked like she had a low D cup rack didn’t wear a bra. They jumped and jiggled whenever she made quick movements and he had always been lucky to catch the movements. It made him hard just thinking of her on her hands in knees as he fucked her from the ass with her precious tits dangling in the air. He had always wondered how he would approach her and how he would get her alone. Now was the perfect chance, he could bring her into the main English department office, which was a place where no English teacher barely ever went. Charles smiled at the thought, he finally had a plan on getting what he wanted from Hazel…now all he needed was a plan to keep her quiet.
“God, I can’t believe I have to do this.” Hazel muttered to herself as she trudged to the English Department office. After class Mr. Bates had told her that she would serve a detention in the English office, cleaning it with him watching. He said that her parents had been notified that she wouldn’t be coming home on time because of a detention. The only reason why she was serving the detention on the exact day was because the school would be closed for Spring Break and Mr. Bates told her that he had a feeling he would forget about the detention.

Opening the door to the office, Hazel saw Mr. Bates sitting at his desk, inclined in a rotary chair. “I’m glad you made it.” Mr. Bates said to her with a smile. Hazel nodded at him, looking for a bucket to wash the boards with. ” So where is the cleaning stuff?” She asked.
Mr. Bates grinned at her and stood up, slowly walking toward her. Hazel eyed him, wondering why he had that stupid grin on his face. He walked past her and shut the door behind him, locking it.
“Hey! What’s going on here?” Hazel cried out, her body getting hot from nervousness. What was he going to do to her? Beat her?

Take off your clothes Hazel.” Mr. Bates said, his voice low.
“What the hell? Are you crazy!” Hazel shrieked. Mr. Bates rubbed the palms of his hands together. “Do you want this to be hard or easy?”
“Leave me alone! I got to get out of here!” She cried, feeling delirious. She ran to the door, but he blocked her efforts, shoving her to the ground. Hazel fell, her school uniform skirt whirling in the air. Mr. Bates walked over to her and grinned as he saw the thong that she wore. “So you were ready for this, huh?” He said haughtily.
“No…please!” Hazel cried, trying to get up, but he kneeled on the ground, holding her down.

“Shut up.” He snapped, carefully unbuttoning her blouse. Hazel squirmed underneath him, not believing what was happening to her.
Charles rubbed his hands over her breasts after he finished unbuttoning her blouse. Just as he had suspected, she wore no bra. He leaned down toward her, shoving his face at hers, kissing her.
He could hear her muffled, “No’s.” as he kissed her. She flailed underneath him, trying to get her prosecutor off of her.
Pulling his head back he said, “You’re going to enjoy this.”
“No I wont you sick pig!” Hazel cried, making another attempt to get away. Charles slapped her, her head snapping back. He hurriedly pulled away her skirt and pulled her thong by its hem, making it go further up her ass, making it dig into her pussy. He felt his dick hardening as he saw the thong being hid by her pink pussy flesh. He had never suspected a black girl to have a pink pussy and brown lips for it. It turned him on even more.

“No…STOP..your hurting me!” Hazel howled, clawing at him.
“I’m gonna fuck you long and hard.” He whispered into her ear, loosening his grip on the thong.
Charles stood up and unbuttoned his khaki pants. His dick was now throbbing and feeling rock hard.
“NO..Please! I’m a virgin! Nooooo!! NOOOO, not me! Why is this happening to me!?” Fresh tears began to spill from Hazel’s eyelids, she wanted her mother, she wanted to get away from this. She was only 15 and had never seen a dick in her life until now.

Mr. Bates rubbed his cock and knelt down on the floor again. “You shut up now. I doubt you’re a virgin. Bet you’ve been fucked ever sin ce you were 10.”
He pulled two of his fingers in the air, and then shoved them into her pussy. Hazel let out a scream as he did so. She was right, she was a virgin. Her pussy was tight and enveloped around his fingers. He could feel that she was wet inside. “So you are enjoying this?” He said with a grin. Usually if a girl didn’t want it, they would be dry.
“Noo..nnooo! leave me alone! Just let me go!” Hazel whimpered.
“You’re wet baby. You want me, you want this big juicy cock inside of you, now you’re gonna get what you want!’
“Nooooo!” She screeched.
Charles slammed his cock inside of her and let out a loud moan. It felt so good to feel his cock in this trembling girls tight pussy. She was crying harder now as he began to thrust his dick in and out of her pussy. “Ooh yeah baby! Yeah..you feel so good and tight!” He cried out.
His breath began to get shallow as she pushed himself in and out of her.
“Please don’t cum in me! Pleasse!” Hazel cried out as her last defense. She knew that there was nothing else that she could do now. She didn’t want to get pregnant, oh god, she did not want to get pregnant by her teacher.
Charles realized that he shouldn’t cum in her, but he wanted to so badly, so he remembered his fantasy, he would fuck her in the ass.
“Alright bitch, you get what you want.” He said his breath short.
“Thank you!” Hazel wheezed, she to was short of breath from crying. Charles pulled out of her and grabbed her by her waist, “Nooo Stop it!”
“Shut the FUCK UP.” Charles said fiercely. He pushed her onto her stomach. Hazel screamed as she realized what he was going to do to her. Why couldn’t anyone hear her, she thought madly. Someone had to have heard her loud screams.
Charles grabbed her thighs and brought her ass closer to him, then smashed his dick into her unyielding asshole. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! NOOO Noo! NOT THAT! NO IT HURTS! MY ASSS! OH MY GOD! HELP ME! GOD PLEASE HELP ME!!” Hazel bawled.
Charles began to pump his cock in and out of her ass, moaning loudly. He then grabbed her large tits squeezing them as hard he could. He could hear his swelling balls slapping against her ass, and it turned him on. He let go of her tits and leaned all of his weight onto her back and began to pump harder and fast as he felt himself about to cum.
“Oh my goodness, baby, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum all in your sweet black ass!”
Hazel could feel his dick swelling in her ass then the blast of his wet hot cum exploding inside of her. She sobbed as he did so, with disbelief and shock at the same time.
Charles then collapsed on top of her. He had never felt so good in his life. Fucking the little black bitch had felt so good to him. He wanted to do it again, hell, he wanted to do it everyday.
As he laid on top of her Hazel wiped the tears from her eyes. She wanted to die. She wanted to clean the filth off her and curl up and die. Finally Charles stood up and let out his breath. He looked down at the trembling Hazel. A part of him wanted to say sorry, but he couldn’t, it wasn’t like she would accept it anyways. He grabbed his pants and put them on, ” You better not say a word about this to anyone, or you’ll pay. I’ll kill you! Yeah I’ll kill you. I have no problem killing a nigger bitch and going to jail for it! You hear me?”
“Yes.” Hazel replied quietly, she didn’t want to say anything else.
Charles nodded, “Well clean yourself up. NOW.”
Hazel slowly got up and put her skirt on and buttoned up her blouse. Nothing looked out of the ordinary and Charles wanted it that way. Her discarded thong was far to stretched to be worn so she stuffed it into her skirt pocket.
Hazel flinched as Charles pulled a strand of some of her a stray hair back.
“I’ll drive you home.” He said forcefully.
Hazel looked up at him with shock. She didn’t want him to drive her home. She wanted to walk, no, run all the way home.
“No please, I can walk.” Hazel begged. He shook his head at her. ” I don’t think so. I’m driving you and that’s the end of it.” He unlocked the door and let her walk out of the door first. Hazel shuddered as she walked down the hall along side her rapist, her teacher.