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I’m a teenage slave

I was 18 when I got abducted and auctioned off. I was walking home from school when I saw a van. I said might I help you. A man said, yeah I have a flat tire could you go in the back and get the spare tire for me?

“Can you help me up?”


He helped me up and he closed the door behind me. He pulled out a gun and put it in the back of my head.

“Don’t turn around and don’t make a sound. Take off your clothes.”, said he.

I took off my shirt, and unclipped my bra. I pulled down my shorts and also my underwear. He was checking me out.

“Turn around very slowly” said he.

I turned around, he checked out my whole body the tits my flat stomach my shaved pussy. I had long blond hair I had my hair was in a braid with a rubber band on top and a bow at the end and blue eyes.

“How old are you?”

“I’m 18.”

“What’s your name?”

My name is Kate.”

He said Kate lay down. He took some handcuffs and he cuffs my wrists together.

“Are you going to rape me?”

No. Not because I don’t want to I just can’t. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to pinch your nipples or stick my dick in your mouth or your ass or your pussy. I have to take you to an auction.

“What are you going to auction?”

“You my darling as he grinned.”

Tears were rolling down my face. He drove off with me. About three hours later I could hear some men talking. He parked in the parking lot ,opened up the back of the van and picked me up and carried me out. He walked me over to the stage.

A man was standing at a podium with a gavel. “Next up a 18-year-old girl. She is stunning. Blond hair blue eyes nice tits a great piece of ass, long legs. The bidding will start at 100 dollars. Do I hear 100? I got 100. 150. Do I hear 150? 200 I got 200 Do I hear 250? Going once going twice sold! Sold to the man with the cowboy hat on for 250 dollars.”

He walked up to the stage handed the man the money. He went over to me he picked me up and he carried me over to the car. His chauffeur opened up the door and helped me to get in to the car.

“Nice catch sir.”

“Thanks Max.” He got in the car and he closed the door. The driver got in the car and drove off.

“Why am I here?” asked I confused.

“First rule. You will not speak unless you are spoken to. Second rule you will call me master. Third rule if you disobey me in anyway I will tell you to get the belt and you will kneel to me and hand me the belt. Then you will lay face down on my knees and I will whip you as many times as I see fit. You will be free for sex at any time. If you say no to me I will whip you. You will clean and cook. I will bathe you. Do you understand Kate?”

“Yes, master. Except for the bathing. May I please bathe my self?”

“No, you will not. Because I own you and you will obey.”

We finally arrived. We got out of the car and he grabbed me by the arm and we walked over to the house. We got in the house and he said let me show you your room and then the rest of the house. The house was very big. The upstairs was huge. The upstairs had a hat rack full of belts Eighteen bedrooms the rooms all had cages with girls were inside the cages. From all different race size and they were mostly skinny. Also inside the cell was a rack full of belts different colours different sizes and a collar that were attached to a chain and a chair. Each door has bars on it. My room was very big. But there was no furniture except for a chair a one big cage. The cage had a surveillance camera a monitor. No mirror or any beds.

“All the girls are in their cages. Every night you will go in here to sleep.” He took me to his bedroom. His bedroom was different, it had bed. There were two handcuffs that were attached to the headboard. It also had 5 video cameras, two on each side one on the foot of the bed one on the ceiling.

Men will help me around the clock to make sure you girls stay in line. I got them right off the street.” explained he.

We went back down stairs. He showed me the kitchen, the bathroom and then the living room. They all had a rack full of belts. The living room had a chair a TV and a VCR and that’s it.

This is where after I rape you I will put on the tape and we will view it. If you look away I will whip you. Do you understand?”

Yes, master.

We went back up stairs into the bedroom.

“You are probably wondering how I can afford this? I’m on disability. I was working as a cop I was walking around the office and they cleaned the floors but no sign. They were carrying a new desk and they slipped and the desk landed on my leg. My leg got crushed, I have an artificial leg. They kept paying me. That’s how you got the handcuffs. It’s belt time.”

” No please I will be quiet don’t whip me. What did I do?” beg I.

“You talked when you weren’t suppose to remember back in the car.”

I’m sorry as my eyes were filling up with tears. He ordered me to go over the wall of belts grab me the black leather one I grabbed the black leather belt now kneel and I kneeled down and I presented him the belt. He grabbed the belt and I walked over to him and I lay across his knee. He took the belt he folded it in half and he smacked me 5 times on each cheek. I was crying and sobbing. After he whipped me he said to me to get in my cage.

I went in the cage and he locked the cage. He went out of the door and locked it. He went down the hall and went to the room next to me. He unlocked her door and he said “Mary are you here.”

“No please I want to go home.” beg she.

“It’s time to get fucked. I don’t want to.”

He said “fine get me the red leather belt” as he sat himself down on the chair.

She went over and she grabbed the red leather belt. She folded it and knelt down and handed him the belt he grabbed the belt and she walked over laid across the knee. Her master held the belt up and he smacked her 7 times each on cheeks. After he whipped her he said “stand up.”

She stood up and he grabbed her arm and walked with her over to the bedroom and said lay down on the bed and he cuffed her wrists. He turned on every camera. He pulled down his pants and he pinches her nipples. Pulled out his cock and said “suck.” She put the dick in her mouth as tears were running down her face. She sucked him for five minutes than he said stop.

Her master took his dick out of her mouth and then untied her and said “flip over.”

She turned over and he cuffed her again. He grabbed her hips as he stuck his dick in her ass. He felt a lot of resistance. She was very tight he thought. After he pulled it out, all of a sudden, he took his dick and rammed her hard. She was screaming in agony. Her voice chilled me as I shivered in fright.

After he raped her they went to the viewing room. She sat on her master’s lap and he hit play on the VCR. Her eyes filled up with tears as she saw what really happened to her. She looked away and her master picked up his hand and slapped her across the face and said “you will watch the tape. Do you understand?”

“Yes, my master”, she replied.

After they watched the movie he took her back to the cell. I hear him walking down the hall for his next victim. He stopped and took his key and opened up my door. I begged him please don’t hurt me. He didn’t say anything only just looked at me and smiled and then he slapped me across the face. He grabbed my chain and we were walking down the cold corridor.