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Let Us Take Her

It's about 10 p.m. and the seven teenager are sitting in the hobby room of the block
of flats. They were smoking and talking about girls. It's not allowed to smoke in
this room, so they had switched of f the light. The hobby room is in the basement
and it's a big room, including also some things for children to play. For example
a rung wall. At the end of the room there is another smaller room where a sun bank
is placed.

Suddenly the door opens and the light goes on. It's Christiane, a 33 year old
woman. She has an athletic body, is about 5,6“ and 105 pads, green-brown eyes and
aubergine-red shoulder length hair. She is an attractive woman and the boys often
talk about her but also had have had some troubles with her. She takes an reproachful
look at the boys and went into he smaller room. There she closed the door and locked

"Have you seen that bitch and how she looked at us because we are smoking here.
When I am thinking about her lying naked at the sun bank I got rock hard." Timmy
said. He is 15 you.

His friends Mike, Steve, Charly, Andy, Carlos and Rod they also between 14 and
16 years old agreed to him.

"Yeah she's a fucking hot babe. Would like to suck her tits while I am fucking
her hard."„And I would love to squeeze her ass cheeks."

Suddenly the seven boys looked at each other. And they got a diabolic smile on
their faces.

It's late now. Nobody would come at this time to the sun bank. She wouldn't have
a chance.

When Christiane left the small room, it was dark in the hobby room. Before she
could switch on the light , she was attacked by the boys. Mike and Charly grab her
and took her to the ground. Before she could cry Carlos shove one of his socks in
her open mouth.

"Mmmmmmppffffff!!!!!" and gag her.

Andy and Rod fixed her legs while Timmy stripped her leggings, black pantyhose
and slip down and took them off with her shoes. In that time Mike and Charly torn
her T-Shirt off. Christiane is now completely nude. And while Timmy now switched
on the light, the others tie her hand together over her head with her pantyhose.
The other end of her pantyhose they fix at the lower rung of the rung wall.

Christiane is now nude, gagged and bound. She tried to kick against her attackers
and moved her body to get free. The boys looked horny at her naked athletic sexy
body. Her well shaped tits, her semi shaved pussy and her perfect ass. Her tits
are jumping while she is moving at the ground.

"Perfect little slut, she is…now lets fuck her!"

Timmy and Mike grabbed each a leg and spread them as wide as possible. Now the
boys had a perfect look at her exposed pussy.

Christane cries in shame in her gag. She couldn't believe to get fucked now by
those teenage boys. Some of them could be her son.

"Hey looks promising, lets go!" Charly put down his trouser and spit on his right
hand. Then her rubbed his spit at Christianes dry pussy to get it a little bit wet.
After a while rubbing her cunt finger fucking it, he shoved his rock hard cock deep
into her helpless cunt. Christianes eyes were open wide in terror and pain. "Mmmppfffaaaarrgghhhhhhmmmpppff"

Slowly he moved his cock in and our. He starts sucking on her tits and pound
her harder and harder…faster and faster. Here whole body is in motion. His friend
still hold her legs. After a while shot his hot load deep into her helpless body.

After that he changed place with Mike. He also shoved his cock deep into her
fuck hole. While he is squeezing her breasts he looked at her face while he fucked
her. When he also cum in her he changed place with Timmy. Timmy enters her with
one powerful push. Than he grabbed brutal her ass cheeks and started fucking her
cunt like an wild animal. Boy after boy mounted the helpless woman. One after the
other take his turns with Christiane. Always two of them hold her legs spread while
the others have fun with her sexy body. When they are ready fucking her cunt the
start to play with her tits, ass and pussy. They lick her and squeeze her where
they want.

After some time the boys turn her around.

"Now lets fuck her pretty little ass."

"Oh no not my ass," Christiane is thinking . "Nobody before fucked me there it's
too thigh."

At first they started squeezing her ass cheeks. Licking her anus and the put
some finger in her asshole. Christiane cries in her gag tries to kick the boys anyway,
but she has no chance. It's Charly again who shove his hard prick slowly into her
virgin asshole. Christiane cries now hysterical into her gag. It. Hurts so much
and it's so humiliating. At the end Charly had entered her tight little asshole
with his cock completely. No when started fucking her. Mike and Timmy also hold
her legs again. Charly grabs her tits from behind while he is fucking her. Then
he filled her asshole with his cum. After that the old game starts again. All of
the young boys mounted her. They fuck her deep and hard into her asshole. Carlos
is the last one.

While he is fucking her with pleasure the door opens and a big man from about
45 years entered the room. Its the man who lives in the flat above the hobby room.
He must have heard the rape party. But to the luck for the boys and for the terror
of Christiane he said:

"Go on, boy, fuck that hot little factory. Let me watch. And if you let me fuck
her too I will tell nobody and I will manage everything."

Hearing that Carlos started fucking her ass again. While he is fucking her the
man, called Paul, call some friends by the phone. When Carlos was ready with her.
Paul let out his enormous cock. He told the boys to let her legs free. He is a big
man must have about 220 pads. He turned Christane on her back. Spread her legs easy
and shove his cock with a hard push deep into her. She cries in pain into her gag.
His cock was much bigger than the ones she had before. He stretched her cunt and
started fucking her. He put his shoulders against her legs and pushed it backwards.
So he could enter her much deeper. The boys watched in pleasure the big man fucking
the thigh sexy woman. With his left big hand he fingers her asshole while the right
hand is playing with her tits. He is sucking on her tits too. After a while he turned
her around and shove his big hard cock in her asshole, Christiane cries hysterical
and painful again in the gag. Now he starts to fuck her in the ass. Some minutes
later he filled her asshole with his hot cum. At that moment his two friends arrived.
They put an professional gag into Christianes mouth and also tie her legs. The put
her in a sack.

"Sexy hot babe you have this time Paul. I have called the others guys. They are
waiting in the club.

"Yeah,…she is real hot and very thigh. She is an very conservative woman and
we should teach her some lessons that she never had before……… The three men
put the sack with the tied and gagged Christiane in the trunk of their car. They
got into the car and drove away to the club. The club is placed in an lonesome house
some miles out of town in a forest. The perfect place for a hot party. Nobody would
hear some noise. The members of the club had still celebrated some parties like
this in the past. There are 30 men between 20 and 50 years old. As they were called
by phone they are waiting now for their hot little fucktoy. They watch a porno film
and drink some beer. And they are badly horny and can't hardly wait to pound their
hard cockks into the poor victim their fellows will bring to the club soon.

Christiane in the trunk of the car is thinking about her fate. Her mind is in
terror. She always was a conservative woman, practise "normal" sex. And she had
a boyfriend for 10 years now and he is the only one who had touched her in this
time. Before she has have only 3 boyfriends whom she had allowed to touch her. And
now she was raped by seven ugly little boys and a big fat man. And she never allowed
anybody to fuck her in the ass. She always hates this. It Is so dirty and painful,
she never let this happen. And now those freaks had raped her
virgin ass too. And
now she is tied and gagged and in the trunk of a car. They talk about taking her
to a club. What would happen there to her. In terror she is thinking about that
the rape will go on there.

After about an hour the car stops. The men carry the sack with his helpless victim
into the house. When they opened the sack, Christiane just saw a horny crowd of
guys. She can't believe this, so many men, she becomes panic. She cries hysterical
into her gag. The crowd surround's her and the guys looked in pleasure at the nude
tied and gagged little woman.

"Wow, a real hot piece of fuck whore, yeah!"

"Think she is very tight that little sexy bitch.!"

They put her at a table in the middle of the room. They untie her legs and two
big guys spread them as far as possible. Christiane cries still in her gag. Now
everyone has a perfect view of her exposed pussy. Every one of the guys take a peek
at her pink little pussy.

"Hey guys…why don't we shave her!!?"

"Yeah…that would be fun, lets shave that cunt…..!"

One of the guys put some shaving cream at her public hair and with a razor knife
then shaved her to the pleasure of the crowd. Christiane whimpered in shame in her
gag. Oh god oh god oh god please make it stop, she thought, closing her eyes in
silent prayer.

Hands began to rub and squeeze and pinch her ass, her pussy and thighs. Some
of them are squeezing her tits, pinching her nipples so that it hurts. Some lick
all over her face and stick their tongues in her ears. Hand, hands and hands again
horny hands all over her sweet helpless body. She tried to kick them away but she
had no chance.

"What a sweet ass," she heard, and jerked slightly as fingers found their way
to her vagina and began to stab forward for entrance. Some of them started to lick
her cunt, stick their tongues deep into her exposed pussy and taste her juices.
After a while the men put her into a kneeling position. Then her hands are tied
to her feet, so she cant stand up again and also can't move.

"Think little slut needs something to eat, time to shove a big sausage in her
sweet little mouth. Christiane shook her head in panic

"No" she thought "never I would allow them to put a cock into my mouth, the first
one who tries I will bite"

But these guys are to clever and to here terror they removed her gag and now
put a ring gag into her mouth. Now her mouth is open ready to take each cock they
want and there is nothing she could do against it. The first guy, called Jose, shove
his rock hard cock with a big grin on his face in her helpless mouth. Jose slowly
slid her head up and down on his staff, in and out of her mouth, running the flesh
across the soft warmth of her lips.

"Got a sweet mouth on her too," Jose said. "Let's see what you can do, sweet

He began to push her head down, causing her to gag on his penis as it pushed
against her throat. She reacted instinctively, trying to pull back, but his hands
were too strong, too insistent. She gagged once as she felt his cock head stab against
her throat, and then an awful tearing pain shot down her throat as it popped in,
and she gagged again as the full length of it slid down her throat, her nose resting
against his pubic hair, her whole body shaking and jerking as she retched, trying
to dislodge his cock from her throat. Her nostrils flared and her throat spasmed
and she felt like she was going to throw up. While he fucked her mouth she realized
another guy had a finger up her vagina and was sawing it painfully in and out. He
took turns slapping her ass cheeks, pressing his fingers into her anus and pussy,
and pinching her thighs to make her squirm.

"Ready to go?" some of the guys asked…

"Just one minute," Jose interrupted, and began to jerk his hips slightly up into
her face, pushing his cock even further up her throat, and back, and up. She knew
he was almost ready to come, and could feel the eyes of his companions bore into
the back of her head. They were all waiting, waiting for Jose to fill her throat
with his come. The other one had his index finger all the way in her ass, making
her feel bloated, and squeezed her ass cheek painfully in the other.

The hands on her head pressed her face painfully against his groin, and she felt
his cock jerk in her throat and a warm sticky fluid coated her throat as he moaned
above her. Christiane had to swallow all of his hot cum. And that was just the beginning,
cock after cock had been shoved into her mouth, each of the guys take his turn in
her sweet soft mouth. It was like hell for Christiane, she had to swallow cum after
cum, and it took more than one hour. Then the guy took her to a bathroom to clean
her up. When she is ready , they take her back in the main room. Some of the guys
grabbed her and tied her hands together. She tried to struggle, but there were too
many guys to fight. They hung her from the ceiling by her tied hands. Her toes barely
reached the floor.

"Just put that gag away, let's hear her scream when we has to take our cocks!"

She screamed for help, "NOOOOOO!!!! STOP!!! SOMEONE HEEEEELLLLLLPPP!!"

But the guys only laughed about her and the more she screams and struggles the
more they become horny. The guys now surrounded her helpless naked body and start
touching her everywhere, groping at her most private area and squeezing her ass
cheeks. Christianes arms were stretched out tight, as she hung naked and helpless
from the ceiling. She tried to scream for help again, but knew that no one was going
to come and rescue her.

"Damn, look at her sweet pussy! And her tits! Christiane. you were built for
some good, hard fucking, baby!"

"Yeah, lets give it to her!"

Tears rolled down Christianes face. She knew she was completely helpless, hanging
there while they fondled her naked body. Hands were grabbing at her everywhere.
Someone squeezed her tits, then pinched her nipples and twisted them HARD!

"MMMMMMMMFFFGHHH!!RRRGGGLLLL!!" she screamed, but it was only muffled by a hand.

Others' hands clutched at her pussy and ass and legs. She felt two thick fingers
enter her cunt.

"AAAAAAHHHHH ah ah ah ooooohhhh" she squealed. She felt her hips start to buck
back and forth. She triedto kick and struggle, but it was no use.

"Damn, Christiane baby," one of them said, "You fight like a tiger. But I'm goanna
fuck you till you purr." And another hand poked between her smooth ass cheeks and
pressed a finger against her anal opening.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! DON"T!!! NOT THERE!!!!" she screamed as her hips started to
buck more furiously in response to this sudden invasion. He pushed his finger in
even farther, deep into her rectum and started to twist it back and forth. Soon
she felt a third finger push inside her cunt.


Poor Christiane thought she would go mad as the men's fingers roughly prodded
and wiggled inside her body. It hurt so badly. She kicked and fought and they laughed,
squeezing and sucking her tits and fingering her clit. Her legs were lifted up and
spread apart wide. Someone held her up from behind by gripping her ass cheeks.

"You're goanna love this fucking, bitch. I can't wait to slam my dick into your
sexy body! You're our little whore, Christiane." said one of the guys to her. .
"Here it comes, baby!" He pulled her lips apart with his fingers, aimed his cock
at her tight and shaven opening…….. and rubbed it against her.

"Damn," he said. "She's got a tight little cunt." Suddenly, he reared back and
"UUUUUNNNGH!" thrust his rock hard cock into her soft pussy.

felt like they would pop out as the huge phallus ploughed its way deep into her
cunt. She gasped for air, as he withdrew his pole from her tight tunnel, keeping
only the tip inside, then he slammed it home once more with even more force.


He pulled back and thrust his cock into her again, all the way in. He started
to fuck her faster…..harder….ramming it in and out, in and out.


His stiff cock was stretching Christanes tight cunt wider and wider, banging
against her cervix and rubbing across her sensitive clit. The guys cheered loudly
for him,

"YEAH!! Pound that pussy! Fuck her good, buddy! Harder! HARDER! Ram it in there!"

Suddenly without a warning he fills her up with his hot cum. Christiane didn't
think she could take anymore after the brutal fucking she just had. He pulled his
limp cock out of her cunt and before she knew what was happening, another guy, John,
was in between her legs poking his cock at her stretched cunt lips.

"Yeah! GO FOR IT! Ram that cunt! Ha ha Shove it in deep, man!"

Hands were still grabbing at her, fondling all of her body. Someone's mouth started
sucking one of her tits, biting her nipple. Christiane screamed in pain! For a brief
moment, it made her forget the furious pounding and thrusting she was taking between
her legs!

"Uuuunngh! Uuunngh! Uuuunngh! Unnnnggh!" John's thick cock was drilling her like
a jackhammer, in, out, in, out, in, out.

"UUUUNNGH! UUNNGH UUNNGH! UUUNNGH!" He grunted loudly, his balls slapping against
the underside of her ass. Suddenly the guy who was behind her, Bob, who was holding
her up by the ass, started to squeeze her ass cheeks really hard, digging his fingers
into her firm, fleshy buns. His fingers inched closer to her anal passage……closer…..closer…..until
he touched it with his finger tip.

aah NOT THERE, DONT TOUCH ME THERE!!! PLEEEEEEAASE!" Christiane had been screaming
so hard, she was almost hoarse. He pressed his index finger against her asshole
and leaned in close to whisper into her ear, "Christiane, honey, I gotta touch you
like this, baby. You've got a great, tight sweet little ass! I love watching you
and the way you show it off. I'm goanna FUCK that sweet ass of yours Christiane.
It was built for GOOD HARD FUCKING, and I'm goanna give you exactly what you need"
He tightened his finger and pushed it deep into her nether region. Really Hard!
Christiane felt a sharp pain as he prodded her backdoor with his finger. Her cunt
was still being hammered vigorously by John's cock inside her.

"AAAAAAHHHHH!! aah aaah aah OOOOOOWWWWWWW!!! STOP!! Please stop! Don't! OOOOOWWWWWWW!!

Another finger wedged its way into her tight rectum. Bob whispered into her ear
again. "Christiane, baby, I can feel John's cock inside you. He's really fucking
you good, isn't he? You like being fucked like this, don't you, Christiane? Tell
me you love it! Tell us what a hot little slut you are, Anna!"

"OOOOOWWWW!!! ooh oooh aaaaaahh STOP! PLEASE! unh unh unh unh…."

Suddenly, once again, she felt a man's cock erupt inside of her, shooting wave
after wave of hot sticky cum into her cunt. He pulled out and someone else took
his place. Would this ever be over? Bob pulled his fingers out from her anus and
the was a loud "pop" as he pulled them from her tight bunghole. The emptiness in
her ass didn't last long though as he thrust his cock into her ass.

unh unh unh unh unh OOOOOWWWWWW!! ah ah ah ah" Christiane screamed in pain from
the vicious double penetration of her ass and cunt.

It seemed like the more she screamed, the more these guys got turned on and rammed
their cocks into her tired body harder and harder. Bob put his fingers near her
mouth and told her to suck on them. When she did, she almost gagged, tasting traces
of her own shit. His fingers had just been deep inside her bowels! Right after that,
he came in her ass and she felt his jism inside shoot into her and then ooze out
of her anal passage.

"OOOHH YEAHH, IT'S SOOOO TIGHT!! I'M… I'M COMMMMIINNGG!!! Oooooohhhhh Yeeeeaaaahhh!!
Aaaaaahhhhh!!!" That was enough to send the other guy over the edge too. He shot
his load of spunk deep into her pussy and then grabbed her tits and squeezed as
hard as he could, twisting her perky nipples.

"That was great, Christiane! I've been wanting to fuck you like that for months."

Now tow other guys take their turns with her helpless sexy body. And when they
have finished, the next guys took their places. So her cunt and ass is raped by
every guy.