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My BIG Sister

Sis has always had awesome tits in the 5th grade she was already a ‘D’ cup and with tits like that she got a lot of attention. I was 4 years younger than her and used to wrestle with her all the time, and you guest it, I always managed to get my hands on those mounds. They were soft yet firm and usually after my little feels my cock match her firmness.I can still remember one day during a wrestling match pushing my hand up her top and squeezing her tits till she freaked and boy did she, from that day on I had to get ways to see her topless or gaze down her tops, cop feels, wake off in her bras. I first wrecked a section of her curtain rod so they couldn’t close properly and would sneak out every night and watch her take off her clothes. As my teens came so did the daring I poked a hole in the wall of her room so I didn’t have to go outside I could take a soda and chips and watch the show, this was my life until that day. She had taken off her top so I could see those magnificent tits wrapped in a satin prison, slowly she edged to the door, my hand was going into overdrive on my cock so I didn’t notice till it was too late, she bolted out the door ran around to where I was and caught me cock handed as she freaked I couldn’t take my eyes off those tits, in the excitement she didn’t grab anything to cover her tits and the change of temp, or the thrill of the catch had her nipples standing out where I couldn’t help but stare. I couldn’t stop my hand so I wound up waking off for a while in front of her. She stared at my cock for what seemed like an hour but was closer to 5 seconds (hey I was young) before she started to freak on me. When my dad heard the story I got the beating of a life and I decided she would pay for it.

“That bitch is going to get hers and I’m going to have those boobs!?

My dad had been having some trouble sleeping and had got our doc to give him some sleeping pills, so I scooped four of them knowing full well that two would put her right out. I waited till our parents where going out, which meant TITS was watching me for the night and I was watching them as well. She got up and went to the bathroom and I made my move. I checked the door to be sure that was where she was then went to her coke poured all four pills in and for added fun stirred her drink with my already rock hard cock. I was waking off in her drink when I heard the toilet flush, so I quickly cleaned my cock ran across the room laid on the couch and put a blanket over my cock and slowly stroked it. I didn’t want to waste my cum on my hand. I kept looking over at my sister watching her down her cock stirred coke and drugs.

It only took about fifteen minutes for the pills to start to take effect I could see her getting groggy. So I started to build up my nerve and about five minutes later I climbed off the couch, cock still hard and in my hand walked to her side waked off for a bit then reached out and grabbed her tit. She tried to push my hand away but didn’t have the strength,

“Bear stop it? she said as I slowly walked into view.

“No sis I’ve got a lot of fun planned for tonight and nothing you say can stop it!?

and with that I put a knee on either side of her and lowered my rock hard cock to her tits. I started to touch the tits of my creams with my shaft rubbing it all over her chest

“Well I think it’s time we lost this.? And started pulling up her top “Finally I get to do your great big tits, this is going to be awesome!?

“Bear stop I’m your sister, you can’t do this?

“Oh you are so wrong tits, I can and I will do this and more, you see sis I’m a virgin but by the time Mom and Dad get home I won’t be and your tits, cunt and ass are going to help? I continued to pull off her top “What a great bra sis I think I’ll cum in this first?

My sister tits where now the same size as my Moms 38DD’s with big pencil sized nipples. The satin prison holding them was gorgeous, it had a little strip of lace right on the top of the cup and the remainder of the cup was smooth shinny satin, I loved waking off in this bra and today I was going to cum in it with her big tits still inside. I took my hard cock and started to rub the sides, middle and top of her bra cups leaving behind a trail of precum. My sis was going crazy but because of the drugs couldn’t stop me.

“Do you remember how bad I got beat up by dad for watching you strip?? She nodded.

“Well now you are going to pay for that? and with that I lifted her bra at its base and shoved my 9? cock between her big tits. “GAWD, This is perfect!?

“NOOOO!? was all she could scream

“What’s the problem sis don’t like big cock on your big tits,? I squeezed them together and started pumping “That’s what you were made for bitch? A tear started down her cheek.“Oh come on tits, what do you think 38DD’s,20? waist and a 34? ass you were made to be fucked and fucked hard?

“How did you know my measurements??

“Hun, I’ve been waking off in your underwear for about a year now, ever since I figured how to pick the lock on your door? I grunted as I pumped her tits “And tonight your measurements are all mine? I pulled my cock back till it was completely covered by tit and let out a big groan “Uhhh, these rock!? and with that the flood gates open, my cum erupted out of her tits and as I shoved forward it splashed all over her face. It felt like I came for two minutes, there was cum all over her tits and her face.

“Now that’s what I call a facial!?

My sister was almost passed out as I pulled her from the chair to the floor and started undoing her pants.

“You know sis I’ve had some great cums in your bras before but that was the best one I’ve ever felt, your tits are perfect for raping? As I pulled down her pants she started to beg me with all she had left

“Please don’t do this? she begged “If you stop now I won’t tell Dad what you did?

?I don’t give a fuck who you tell, tits, I’m going to fuck ever spot on your body then take a ton of pictures of you that I’ll share with everybody, I don’t think there’s a male in this area who wouldn’t die to get a piece of your fine ass? with that I pulled her pants off completely “And I’ll know just what it was like? I ripped her panties off and forced her legs apart. “Time to loose my cherry sis!? I yelled and dropped into position between her legs.

“No wait …I’m a…?

“You’re a what? About to get fuck by your brother??

“No…I’m a virgin too…PLEASE don’t make me loose it this way?

I thought I was going to cum all over her my BIG TITTED SIS was a virgin. I stopped at the opening of her cunt.

“Please don’t take this from me? her voice got softer and she started to cry “I’ll do anything you want just don’t take that? This is rich I thought to myself the biggest tits, cutest ass, and sweetest cunt in the hood and she was a virgin. “Please?

“You’ll do any thing??


“Well now lets see, I know you’ve got a nicer bra than this one I’d like to play with your tit’s in it as you suck my cock…What do you say sis??

“Oh Bear I’ve never suck cock before?

I started to push the head of my cock into her. “WAIT! I’ll do it?

She tried to sit up but couldn’t “ you have to promise if I suck you that you won’t fuck me?

I got up and went to her room to get the bra I was thinking of and a video camera, a small film of her sucking my cock would come in handy I thought. When I got back I handed her the bra and watched a dream come true as she removed her bra right in front of my face, they were perfect, nice and round not a hint of sag and her nipples looked like spikes, before she could get her clean bra on I dove in and started sucking


“They’re perfect? I said and kept munching, I push her onto her back and they barely moved, so firm and tight. My cock just naturally moved into position for heaven and I started to go in

“NO WAIT!? she yelled “We have a deal?

“Your right I’ve just never seen such a perfect set of tits? I climbed off and helped her get her bra on, this one was all satin no seams and almost see-through “That’s awesome sis now suck me off? I said as I moved so the camera would get it all. She was on the verge of passing out as I entered her mouth. It was so warm and smooth I loved it, My fist blow job and hers also I found out later, as I pumped her face and squeezed her tits for all they were worth she started to drift off the pills had over come her. I managed to cum in her mouth just before she passed out.

“Man that was awesome tits, you suck a mean cock?

there was no response, she’s out I thought well then I guess our little deal goes by the wayside. I carried her to her bedroom laid her out on her bed set up the camera and climbed on board. As soon as I felt those big tits against my chest my cock went wild

“You know sis we had a deal and all but these TITS are driving me crazy…and so is your cherry!? I slowly inched my 9er into her sweet virgin cunt. Her pussy lips were wet and slippery so I went in with very little effort until…I came upon a wall, her cherry wall, I stopped, readjusted my angle, grabbed both of my sisters DD’s and then like a battering ram I drove home right up to my balls. The feeling of her pussy juice and blood mixed together on my cock was the most unbelievable thing I had ever felt, you know she would have got off a lot easier if I hadn’t already came twice but her cunt was in for the long haul. I squeezed her tits so hard I thought I could feel my own fingers and I pounded her pussy like there was no tomorrow.

After a quick glance at her clock I noticed I had been fucking her, once virgin, pussy for an hour and a half. My cock was getting raw but I was loving every minute. Finally after two full hours I blew my wad into her. Revenge is so sweet, I grabbed my instant camera and snapped a few pictures of her with my cum all over her, then stuffed one I had taken of my cock in her mouth into her cum soaked bra with a little message. What a sweet cherry you had. Tell anyone about me fucking your ass off and the ‘pictures’ will find their way to your school. Oh by the way I’ve got a get video of your mouth full of my cock with cum running down your chin. It’s gotta be worth a lot of bucks. Or should I say a lot of fucks. See ya tomorrow love your new cock.