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My Sisters Rape

It all started for me when i was about 15. My older sister brooke was in her room and i herad her crying “daddy please stop”.i looked in and that fat fucker was licking her 16 year old pussy. I stood there and couldnt believe my eyes. Our dad was committing incest rape and making my sister cry. I wanted to stop him but what could i do?

It was then he moved up her young body and told her to shut up and enjoy it. He then started fucking the shit out of her. She cried for a while and then i heard her start to moan. Brooke was no virgin. She had fucked a couple of my friends already and i guess daddy thoght it was his turn now. She started to buck her hips back toward him but still kept crying. Soon daddy was sucking her nipples and calling her his little whore.

That when they noticed me. I was jerking off at the door and i thoght daddy would kill me. Instead he said” come her boy and get you some”

Brooke begged me not too but i was so excited i couldnt stop. She said ” please carl dont do this!” but i just put my cock in her mouth like it was nothing to me. She tried to fight at first but one slap from daddy and she opened her mouth and sucked like a pro.

We changed and daddy was in her mouth and a fucked her for all i was worth.

By now she was into. Whatelse could she do?  She finished off daddy and drank all his cum. I was enjoying my first piece of pussy and blasted off inside her not much later.

I remember brooke said ” i must really be a whore now”

Daddy made her suck and fuck us both everyday after school. Who needs football when i can have pussy when i get home. Daddy made her sleep naked so he could fuck her in the middle of the night whenever he wanted.

He would have her fuck his friends from work on the weekend. I remember 6 guys raped her one saturday afternoon ans she was covered in cum. Daddy had her rub it all over her face and her tits just so he could watch. The guys would fuck her and call her a cunt and cum slut. Then she would have to lick their asses too. Maybe she didnt like it but she tried her best to please daddy.

The one thing she hated was to be ass raped. Daddy would do that from time to time but i loved to make her scream when i tore into her ass. One day i fucked her ass while she blew daddy and we watched tv after that and let her lay there and cry.

Daddy died in a car accident last year and now brook and i live in an apartment together. She is a true slut now. She goes to the local truckstop to fuck the drivers and calls them all daddy. One time a trucker came back to the apartment with brooke and his wife. The wife was rough with brooke and she loved calling my sister a whore while brooke ate her pussy and asshole out. We all fucked brooke that night and left her wore out.

The trucker raped her ass and while brooke cried out ” oh please it hurts” she wanted me to help but i was busy getting the best blowjob i had ever had from the truckers wife. Brooke played with her cunt to ease the pain and came all over her hand.

She 20 now and no mater how much she may fight she knows she wants to be raped hard and rough whenerever she can. Shes a true slut!!