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Raped virgin cheerleader Part II


The first lash burned across her soft ass. Jamie cried in pain, weaving from side to side on her toes and almost falling over. Bright red welts rose on her ass almost instantly. The second lash tore across the small of her back, and the third curled around her lush right thigh. The fourth scored her ass again, crossing the tender skin with lines of red, making the firm flesh bounce and jiggle lewdly.”Look at that sweet ass shake,” Dave said with a coarse laugh, pulling another whip down from the wail. “You’d think it was a bowl of jelly the way it’s jiggling now.”

Jamie burned with shame as well as pain. The scorn the boys treated her with, the way they mocked her and treated her like a whore, was almost worse than the torture and rape they visited on her defenseless young body. But it excited her too, and in spite of all her pain and exhaustion, in spite of the brutal beating Pat was giving her, her hurt pussy began to squirm.

Jamie closed her eyes and tried to will away the sluttish ticklings of lust that were creeping through her cruelly bound body.

The whip Dave pulled from the wall was a long, cruel-looking bullwhip. He snapped it agai the air once, then thrashed Jamie’s satiny flat stomach. The heavy whip bit into her stomach then curled around her soft, creamy side.

“The slut’s doing a pretty good job of shakin her pointy little tits, too,” Pat said with a smirk, lashing her full asscheeks over and over again. “Do a dance for us, Jamie-whore! Show us what a hot fucking cunt you are.”

The svelte beauty squirmed and thrashed at the end of her chains, writhing in a desperate, useless effort to escape the torture the boys were giving her. Her creamy ass was criss-crossed with angry red welts. Her upper thighs and lower back were streaked with red, too.

Pat laid ten quick strokes across her shoulder blades, as though noticing that he had neglected her upper back for the first time. By the time he was finished Jamie was delirious with agony, wondering vacantly if someone had set her on fire.

Dave stepped in front of her and began playing the bullwhip out against the front of her body. He popped the end of the big whip against Jamie’s pert right tit, and the bound, beautiful cheerleader shrieked with anguish. Dave laughed at the iunocent girl’s suffering and slapped her with the bullwhip again and again, slicing her tender, creamy flesh with the biting leather strap.

Mter a few minutes Jamie’s sweet young body was a battleground of welts and bruises. Dave wrapped his vicious whip around her slender calves, circling them with welts and made Jamie look as if she was wearing anklets. Pat curled the slender strands of the cat around her creamy inner thighs, hitting her lush upper legs until the soft flesh trembled. More than once the strands of the cat caught the soft pink lips of Jamie’s swollen, sore pussy. The pain when that happened turned Jamie’s slender, shapely legs to jello, made her dangle at the end of her thumb locks like a hung woman.

Dave was even more brutal with his bullwhip than Pat was with the cat. He hit her tits dozens of times with no regard for the damage he might be doing them. He didn’t even stop when every slash of the big strap of leather made drops of blood splatter onto the cold basement floor And he took a special delight in whipping Jamie’s soft, flat belly. But the time five minutes had passed her stomach was a solid mass of bright red.

Pat whipped her ass the way Dave whipped her stomach, striping her firm, bouncy asscheeks until they were livid red and dripping blood. He whipped her upper thighs even harder, and took great delight in curling the cat around her hips and stinging her plump pussy mound. He whipped her lean, flawless back until it looked like a crazy road map. He even flayed the long, slender lengths of Jamie’s arms, laying a track of welts from her tender white armpits to her elegant, slender fingers.

It was Dave who whipped her face. Even Gary gasped with surprise at the unbelievable cruelty of slashing the brutal bullwhip across the trapped beauty’s cheek. Dave took their shock as encouragement and hit Jamie’s face several more times. Jamie screamed in hellish agony at each blow, whipping her face from side to side in a maddened attempt to save her face from further torture. She was certain that Dave was slicing away her flesh with the terrible, vicious blows. The pain was so wicked that it seemed the very muscles of her face had been torn from the bone.

By the time Dave was fmished whipping her face, Jamie teetered uncertainly on her toes, more unconscious than awake. Her skin was a brutalized patchwork of welts. Even her face was bruised and reddened form the bite of the whips. It felt to the weary young slave that she had been dipped in acid, that some awful corrosive was eating into every bit of her soft skin.

Then Dave stared aiming the bullwhip at her cunt.

“No!” Jamie gasped, her voice little more than a whisper, her eyes fluttering closed and her slender, sexy body doing a sensuous dance on the end of the chains that held her spread so vuinerably. “Not there!”"Everywhere,” Pat said, and swung his arm up underhand, bringing the wicked strands of the cat dancing up between Jamie’s silky, quivering legs.

Pain exploded through the cheerleader’s ravaged cunt. It was as though a wild cat had used its claws to rip at the mouth of her pussy. Several of the strands had flipped right between her swollen, blood-red cunt-lips and had scored the heated inner flesh of her pussy. Jamie’s legs slipped out from under her and her full weight swung from the fiendish thumb-cuffs. The pain that shot through her hands was nothing compared to the liquid agony that was pouring through her pussy.

Dave swung his whip with pin point accuracy. Bomb bursts of pain exploded against both of her swollen, tortured nipples. Then the narrow tip of the bullwhip smacked squarely against her stretched, raw clit.

“Bastards!” Jamie shrieked, her wide brown eyes rolling back, spit spraying from her lips as she convulsed in demented anguish. “Aggghhhh! You dirty bastards! Agggghhh!”

Her cunt was flexing uncontrollably. Her lithe, sexy body was twisting and thrashing through a series of spastic convulsions. Jamie’s head swung wildly on her shoulders, her eyes unfocused, her mouth slack and drooling.

Piss squirted from her pussy in a strong yellow stream, soaking her creamy inner thighs and splattering on the floor beneath her. Cunt-juice poured out in desperate defense of her pussy, drooling from her peeled-back slit like spit from a mouth, painting her blood-red pussy-lips a milky white and sliding down over her trembling, piss-slick thighs.

Jamie thought she might be dying. The pain was incredible. Dave hit her, and then Pat hit her, and then Dave hit her again. Back and forth they went, one drawing his whip back while the other lashed her pussy.

Jamie knew that if they beat her for very much longer she was going to die.

But a part of her wanted them to keep beating her forever.

Slowly, hesitantly, she spread her legs wide. Taking the last of her weight off her feet made crushing pain run through her hands and arms, but that didn’t matter to the broken, bound beauty.

Her thumbs could rip off for all she cared. Her pussy was important, and her ass and tits and mouth. Her thumbs didn’ t mafler at all, except to help her get a better grip on a cock when a boy wanted her to beat him off.

“Shit, the sleazy little slut’s getting off on it!” Dave’s cock was so long and hard that it looked like it was going to explode. He swung his whip up against Jamie’s brutalized cunt with all the strength his big arm possessed. “The tramp’s cumming from getting her ass whipped off!”

“The tramp’s cumming,” Jamie muttered in agreement, nodding her head with insane, pain-fueled glee. “The tramp’s cumming for her big, sweet men.”

Jamie bent her knees, drawing her feet up to her ass and spreading her thighs as far apart as she could. She looked impossibly sexy covered in welts and dangling in midair. Dave and Pat swung their whips as hard as they could, pounding the gorgeous cheerleader’s pussy with their vicious leather straps. Time after time the whips cut their way dlreetly into the spread mouth of her cunt, bruising and tearing at the super-sensitive skin inside her pussy.

The first time the killing strands of the cat kissed her clit Jamie started curnining.

She was beyond even shame now. The pain, lust and degradation of the past day had reduced her to the point where shame had no meaning.

’4Hit me again!” she moaned, her eyes glazed, her beautiful, bruised face full of ecstasy. “Beat the whore harder! Beat the slut’s cunt until it bleeds!”

Dave lashed her across her chest until her pert, fat-nippled tits were flattened against her chest.

Pat played the cat over her swollen pussy as though he was trying to tear it from her slender, squirming body. Jamie turned her pain-dazed eyes toward Gary, who was standing apart, his arms crossed, a smug smirk on his rough face.

“Why aren’t you whipping me?” she cried, spit dribbling from her lush lips. “Are you too good to beat the trash? Don’t you want to see how it feels to whip a slut until she can’t stand up? Why aren’t you whipping me too?”"Fuck it!” Dave growled, stomping toward the hanging, beaten beauty. “I’m going to fucking cum all over myself if I don’t get a piece of this sleazy whore’s ass!”


Jamie screamed as Dave grabbed her welted thighs in his hands and forced her to wrap her long, lush legs around his big ass. She screamed again when he slapped his foot-long prick against the raw, bleeding lips of her pussy.

But she saved her loudest scream for last, when the big cadet stuffed his fist-sized cock-head through the tattered lips of her well-whipped cunt.

“Noooooo!” she screamed, her legs gripping his ass so tight that he grunted with pain. “Yesssssss! Fuck me hard!”

“You dirty, scummy whore!” Dave hissed, driving his cock into her slight, sexy body like a huge steel spike. “We’re going to fuck you dead before we’re done with you! We’re going to fuck you into tiny, slutty pieces!”

Dave ran his hands roughly all over Jamie’s sexy, injured body. The luscious little cheerleader whimpered and trembled with pain as his hands ran over the painful welts the whipping had left her. She had never imagined that a hand touching her body could hurt so much.

“Shake your ass, cheerleader bitch,” Dave said, spearing his huge cock up her ragged little pussy. “Fuck on my big prick until you go out of your slutty little mind.”

Jamie gasped with pain and lust, convinced that she was already as demented as it was possible to be. She grunted like a pig when Dave’s big hard stomach collided with her crotch, when his balls swung into the crease of her ass and his cock-hair scratched her tender inner thighs.

The collision of their bodies made her swing at the end of her thumb cuffs, lifted her up several inches and then let her fall back down. She gripped Dave’s ass even tighter with her rubbery, lovely legs. It was a desperate attempt to relieve her thumbs of some of the killing pressure.The whole gruesome length of Dave’s cock was buried inside her slender young body. Jamie could feel the huge cock-head deep inside her, pushing her mangled pussy even farther out of shape. Jamie squirmed on the huge, fleshy prod, trng in vain to fmd some position which would alleviate the clogging, tearing pain his monster prick was causing her.

Dave’s big hands found Jamie’s well.whipped tits, and the sultry cheerleader cried in agony as he mashed them against her chest. Dave dragged his ragged fingernails over the sweet wounded mounds of flesh, making Jamie jerk like a wild woman. The pain was the worst thing she had ever felt, worse than the whipping or the rape or even the long night of electrocution.

“Please no!” she cried, kissing Dave full on his lips in a desperate plea for him to stop. “Sweet Dave, please stop! Please, my big, handsome soldier! Please sexy lover! Please, please stop!”

Dave grabbed her tits as though they were footballs and squeezed them until they flattened into long tubes of silky flesh. He jerked out on them in rhythm, first pulling out one and then the other, making Jamie’s sexy shoulders jerk forward as though she were dancing in a disco. All the time he tore at her sweet tits he was fucking her whipped, raped cunt with his huge cock. Every fuck-blow swung Jamie back and forth at the end of the chains that held her in the air. Every cock thrust tore her cunt in a different way, wrecked he’ sweet pussy a little bit more.

Jamie squirmed and trembled, bathed in a clammy sweat from the beating she was taking. She ran her tongue all over Dave’s ugly face, bathing his rough features in her spit. She kissed him as though he was the most wonderful lover a girl had ever had. Her lips slithered over his mouth and cheeks and nose. Her talented tongue teased over his ears, his nostrils, his eyes and forehead. She even tried tightening her cunt around the pussy-shredding battering ram of his cock. But nothing she did seemed to take Dave’s mind off ripping at her wounded tits.

“Please!” she cried out in a tiny, child’s voice between licks and kisses and tender love bites. “Please stop hurting my tits, lover! Please, you’re hurting them so bad!”

“How bad, little cunt?” Pat asked, stepping up behind her. He looped his whip around her silky white throat and tightened it until her face paled from lack of air. “How bad is he hurting you, you shit-faced little cheerleader?”"Bad!” Jamie gasped, her slender body squirming between the two men, her beautiful face twisted from the pain she was receiving. “Hurts-no, Pat! Please don’t do that! Pat, please don’t do that!”

“Shut up, Jamie-sleaze!” Pat yelled, tightening the loop of leather until Jami e couldn’t breathe at all. “You know you love it, you shitty little whore!”

- Pat strangled Jamie with one hand and pulled her asscheeks wide apart with the other. Her loose asshole winked out at him, and he drove his long, strong cock right up it. He fucked her to the balls on his first lunge, smashing her against Dave and bouncing her at the ends of the chains that held her.

“Ohhhhhh!” Jamie moaned, smashed almost to the point of oblivion by this latest outrage.”Noooooo!”

Pat pulled the whip even tighter around her throat. The thin strand of leather bit so deep into the tender flesh of Jamie’s throat that it almost disappeared, buried in silky skin. Pat bit at her neck like a wild dog, drawing blood and leaving the marks of his teeth all over the sweet nape of her neck. Jamie choked and spluttered helplessly. But her sleek young body tossed and twisted, writhed and wiggled in a frenzied effort to breath.

“That’s it, slime queen!” Dave shouted, pounding her slender body with his big cock, slamming her tits together and yanking them wide apart. “Shake your worthless slutty ass! Jump all over our big, hard cocks!”

“You heard him,” Pat said, choking Jamie harder as he fucked his cock deep inside her asshole. “Do something right for a fucking change , Jamie! Ride our cocks like you know how to do something!”

Pat and Dave were fucking her with long, brutal cock-strokes. They fucked her with no rhythm, sometimes beating her back and forth with one of them pulling out as the other stabbed in, sometimes spearing her body together, smashing her like a bug between them. There was nothing Jamie could do to avoid the brutalizing fuck-thrusts. She could ouly swing back and forth, battered like a shabby rag doll between the two powerful boys.

Dave was jerking on her titsso violently that Jamie could feel something tearing inside them. The welts from her whipping were almost obscured now under the angry red bands of Dave’s handprints. Every vicious bite Pat took at the back of her neck made Jamie’s creamy skin prickle with gooseflesh. He was strangling her with the whip, cutting off so much of her air that she wavered in a dreamiand of near oblivion. The whip felt like a knife cutting into her tender throat. It seemed to be crushing things inside her long, slender neck.

Dave smashed his mouth over hers, crushing her lips and forcing her jaws wide apart. He sucked Jamie’s tongue into his mouth and bit on it so forcefully that the young beauty thrashed her head from side to side in a maddened effort to escape the agony.

They were killing her, she thought. Her thoughts were muddied, frenzied things, but she knew that they were doing too much to her all at once. But suddenly, with no warning at all, she was cumming again.

“Yeeeeeooowwww!” Jamie screamed, her tongue trapped between Dave’s crushing teeth, her throat wrapped tight by Pat’s whip. She howled like an angry cat. “Yaaaaahhhhh!”

The orgasm was unlike any of the others she had experienced at the hands of the boys. It started in her cunt and asshole, swelling through the ravaged channels of her shitter and pussy like a huge balloon filled with heated air.

The pleasure was so intense that it was almost pain, and Jamie had the sudden, insane fear that she was going to explode with the ecstasy she was feeling. Instead, the orgasm swelled upward, filling every other part of her body.

Her stomach filled with burning, tickling pleasure. Her abused tits tingled and swelled until she was urging them into Dave’s tearing hands. Her sexy legs and slender arms numbed under the icy spiking of pleasure.

Pat and Dave gasped with pleasures of their own as their sultry young slave went wild between them. Her shattered asshole and cunt began to do a wild, squirming dance on the huge cocks that were spearing them.

Jamie still felt every bit of the pain she had felt before. There wasn’t any fading of agony as the pleasure overtook her. Her writhing and bucking made the impacts of the boys’ bodies rock her even harder, made the cuffs pull even more painfully on her thumbs.

But Jamie realized something, something that made even her hysterical, lust-crazed mind cry in despair and shame. It was the pain that was making her cum, she realized. She really was every bit of the pain-loving whore that the boys had claimed she was.

Another orgasm exploded within her. Jamie went into rapid convulsions between the two hard-fucking boys, her sleek young body jerking and bouncing. Spit poured from her lips and fmally Dave had to release her tongue to keep from getting a mouthful of her spit. Her legs slipped from around his ass and kicked out in wild, random movements. She coughed and spluttered, her face turning blue from lack of oxygen.

Jamie passed out while her orgasm was still rattlittg her helpless, bound body. It took several more minutes for her thrashing and trembling to cease. Pussy-juice poured from her body by the quart, as though the power of the orgasm was emptying every drop of fuck-cream from her body.

The juncture of her thighs was so sloppy with it that every move she or either of the boys made caused wet, farting noises. Her legs, Pat’s and Dave’s cocks and balls, and even the trembling satiny plane of her stomach were painted with her pussy-slime. And even after she was passed out the cunt-cream continued to spill.

“Having fun, Jamie?” Gary asked, the last words the beaten slave heard before she slipped away. “Good. Because as soon as they’re done fucking, you’re going to start learning your real lessons. Little cunt, I’m going to make you know what pain is all about.”

Then Jamie fell limp between the two older boys who were fucking her. Neither of them seemed to mind, and they slammed her hanging, sexy body back and forth, bruising her as they fucked her cunt and asshole.

They came at almost the same instant, filling her ravaged fuck-holes with so much cum that it began to run back down over her sleek thighs while they were still pouring more inside her. By the time they stepped away, Pat loosening the whip to let Jamie breathe again, the only sound was the steady dripping of their cum, and her cuntcream as it hit the floor.

Jamie hung silently, her svelte body striped with welts, her cunt and asshole swollen and red, her lower body a mess of cum and cunt-cream. Her face was smeared with filth and dotted with bruises. Her pert young tits were swollen from the abuse they had taken, and there was a bright red ring around her throat where Pat had used the whip to choke her.

Gary stepped forward to start her next lesson.


“Wake up, Jamie,” Gary said cheerfully, rubbing his cock all over Jamie’s pretty, soiled face. “Time to wake up, little slut.”

A stream of piss burst from his cock and splashed over Jamie’s features. Gary guided the stream of his pissso that it poured between her parted lips and shot up her quivering nostrils. Jamie came awake choking and coughing, and as her eyes fluttered open, Gary aimed his stream of piss at them, making her cry out in anguish as her eyes filled with pain.

“Rise and shine, toilet bitch!” Gary shouted, waving his cock back and forth, soaking her beautiful face in his stinking piss. After her lovely features were drenched he stuffed his cock between her lips and pissed straight down her throat. “Wake up, you dirty little cunt. It’s time you started training for your fucking job.”

Jamie spluttered on Gary’s piss, trying desperately to swallow it but not able to keep up with the firehose blast that flooded her throat and filled her mouth. Piss poured back out over her face, soaking her even more thoroughly in waste.

Piss shot out her nose as she choked on the stinking liquid. And she swallowed huge gulps of the noxious broth. She was surprised at how welcome the rush of piss was, at how her dehydrated, exhausted body craved any drop of moisture it could get.

It wasn’t until Gary squirted the last of his piss onto her tongue and made her lick his cock clean that Jamie had a chance to see where she was. When she realized the new position the boys had bound her in, she began to cry. She wasn’t sure what they were going to do to her, but the way they had her strung up now she would be vulnerable to any kind of torture that came to their minds.Jamie was strung up in a chair that was constructed of leather straps. One strap circled under each knee, pulling them high and wide apart. Straps crossed her shoulders, each one circling under the arm on the other side to make her body more stable. A thin strap circled her middle in a noose and connected to the ceiling with the others. The five straps were what held Jamie bound, what held her in the air. And they left every luscious inch of her tortured young body available to the three evil cadets.

Her cunt and ass were spread wide by the position of her knees. Her long, lean torso was stretched and left bare by the thin strap that circled her waist. And the straps that crossed beneath her arms tilted her enough so that her whip-str iped back was still positioned for more abuse. She was only inches above the floor now, but she could see the simple pulley that controlled the straps, and knew the boys could pull her as high into the air as they desired.

“I can’t take anymore!” she cried in a very small, trembling voice. “You know you can do whatever you want to me! I’m a slut, just like you said! Won’t you please give me a break now? You’ll be able to do whatever you want to me, whenever you want! You know I won’t be able to say no! But I hurt so bad, and I’m sotired! I’m hungry and thirsty and-and I need a bath! I’m so dirty! If you fuck me to death now I’ll be ruined, and you won’t be able to have anymore fun with me!”

“So what?” Gary asked cruelly. “There are plenty more sluts where you came from. And sluts with bigger tits, too. What’s the problem, Jamie-bitch, didn’t you drink enough cum when you were little?”

Jamie stopped pleading and stared up at Gary with passive, accepting eyes. She didn’t even cry at the humiliating things he was saying to her.

She was past tears now. They had fucked the life out of her, tortured her until her spirit had broken. The last brutal fucking hanging from the ceiling had pushed her as far into the muck as she could go.

Gary smiled thinly, slapping his huge fat cock down across her passive face. He knew what Jamie was thinking. He also knew how wrong she was. Jamie hadn’t begun to scream and cry yet. They had been going easy on her until now.

Pat picked up the cigarette lighter and lit it. Jamie’s eyes went wide as the flame sparked and fluttered. Dave produced a bundle of long, sharp needles from behind his back and smiled at the bound, helpless beauty. It wasn’t until Pat touched the lighter’s flame to her pussy-hair that the tortured cheerleader realized she could still be made to scream.

“Nonononononononono!” she moaned, unable to get the words out fast enough in her desperate attempt to make Pat pull the flame away from her tender cunt. The flame was causing her pussy-hair to crackle and sizzle.

Dave stuck one of the needles into the shuddering flat plane of her belly. He caught the lip of her navel and pushed the needle right through it. He pierced her flesh no more than an inch, but the pain was awful, the sight of the needle sticking saight up out of her body even worse. Jamie writhed madly against the strips of leather that held her dangling from the ceiling.

Pat brushed the flame from the lighter no more than a quarter of an inch from the fluttering lips of Jamie’s cunt. The sexy cheerleader bucked and shuddered in terror and pain, unable to believe the cruelty of what the boys were doing to her.

She had thought she had seen the limits of suffering and degradation, but she’d been wrong. Suddeniy she felt very naive to have believed that she was broken beyond caring. Gary and the others would always have some new outrage to commit on her helpless, sexy body.

“Kiss my cock, Jamie,” Gary said, slapping her wide-eyed, pain-twisted face. “Give it a big, wet kiss. Plant those cocksucking lips on my big cock and show me how much you love it.”

Jamie stared up blankly at Gary, barely comprehending the words he was speaking. After a moment she kissed the underside of his cock just behind the bulge of his prick-head. Her lips were parted, her tongue teased out to play over Gary’s heated fuck-flesh.

Pat set her cunt-hair on fire, sizzling so much at once that a flame erupted over Jamie’s crotch.

He patted it out before she was burned, but the flash fire had reduced her silky cunt-hair to burned stubble. Pat played the flame a quarter inch from the tendons that lined her inner thighs watching the muscles jump with involuntary contractions.Dave plunged a pin deep into the muscle of Jamie’s right thigh, then screwed the needle around until a drop of bright red blood oozed out to streak over her silky skin. He plunged another needle into her leg just above her kneecap, a third up into the soft pillow of flesh where her thigh met the curve of her ass. A fifth went high on her hip as Dave methodically tortured her right leg with the long, sharp needles.

Jamie stared at Gary’s huge, stiffening cock, not wanting to see what Pat and Dave were doing to her helpless young body. But Gary wanted her to see, and he twisted her hair, forcing her head up as she kissed and licked his fat prick.

Her leg was dotted with needles. The bright heads looked so cheerful that Jamie was almost hypnotized by them. At least twenty of them poked into the soft flesh of her right thigh.

There were a few more sticking into her calf. As she watched, Dave stabbed one into the super-sensitive flesh just behind her knee. Before her scream died away he had lunged in two more.

Pat was running the flame up and down the crack of her ass. Every few moments he would jerk his hand upward to splash the flame right against her tender asshole. When he let the flames dance against the creamed out pucker of her asshole, Jamie howled like a banshee and jerked around like a madwoman, but she couldn’t escape the searing pain the flames were causing her.

She kissed her way up and down Gary’s thick prick-stalk, trying to please him so much that he would make Pat and Dave stop torturing her. The hope seemed foolishly faint, but it was the only one Jamie had left.

She slithered her tongue all over his wrist-thick prick, lathering the fleshy pole with her spit and then lovingly sponging it away.

She even pressed the big cock between her lips and pumped on it, slurping up the silvery drops of pre-cum that would ooze from the cock-head.

“That’s it, whore,” Gary said, twisting his hands even tighter in her hair and jerking her from side to side. “You’re starting to learn, aren’t you, slut? That ‘s right, stick your slutty little tongue right in my piss-slit.”

Jamie fucked the very tip of her tongue into his piss-slit, and then, when he told her to suck the fat cock between her lips and bob her head up and down, she did that too. At the angle she was hanging it hurt terribly to take the full length of Gary’s cock down the narrow tunnel of her throat, but after a dozen tries she managed it. It made her gag constantly and rubbed her tender throat raw.

Jamie’s sexy cheeks hollowed as she applied suction to the pistoning prick, and she squirmed her tongue all over the fat rod as it pushed back and forth through the warm wetness of her mouth.

“Oh!” Jamie squeaked around the thick cock as Pat plunged a fmger into her cunt. “Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Pat fucked the full length of his fmger roughly into Jamie’s pussy. He scratched at the sensitive inner walls of her pussy and ground his hand against her whip-tattered cunt-lips. At the same time he was waving the lighter across her asscheeks, making the creamy flesh glow a bright pink. He smiled when the first trace of fresh pussy-juice coated his pistoning finger. On the next stroke he pushed another finger up beside it.

Dave was plunging one pin after another into the tensed, burned cheeks of Jamie’s ass. The beautiful cheerleader’s ass tensed hard as rock with each new pin Dave stuck into the silky cheeks, but they couldn’t clench tight enough to keep the pins from slicing into her vulnerable flesh.

Jamie tried to jerk away from the pain that filled her backside, but that only ground her pussy more violently onto the fingers Pat was sticking up inside her. And her treacherous cunt was beginning to betray her once again. Even now, being tortured with needles and an open flame, her pussy was starting to leak and squirm.

Gary fed her his cock, pushing it past her stretched lips, through the warm, welcoming cavity of her mouth, not stopping until he was clogging the tiny, sore tunnel of her throat.

Jamie did her best to suck him, letting her mouth fill with spit and then swishing it over the thrusting prick. But he was fucking her throat too fast and hard now for her to apply much suction to the fat rod. The best she could do was squirm her lips around it as it speared through them.

Suddenly Dave thrust a needle into the ring of her asshole. Jamie cried out, jerking her hips wildly from side to side in a wild effort to dislodge the awful metal pin. Pat took the opportunity to slip a third fmger into her swollen, squirming cunt. Dave pushed ten more pins into her tight shitter, outiinging her tiny asshole with the long, sharp needles.

“Stop now!” she gasped as Gary pulled his spit-soaked cock from her bruised lips. “You’re going too far! Too far!”

“We’re just barely started, Jamie,” Pat said, drawing his fingers out of her cunt, curling his hand into a fist and pushing back in. “Shit, there’s things we’re going to do to you that you haven’t even imagined yet.”

“No!” Jamie screamed as Pat’s clenched fist pushed relentlessly at the mouth of her pussy. Her juice-slick cunt-lips began to stretch under the inhuman pressure. “No! Oh fuck, go ahead and do it! Do it all, you bastards! Stick me with needles! Set me on fire! Fuck me with your arm! Do everything!”

“We will, Jamie,” Gary said. “Now lick my balls.”

Jamie moaned with passion and disgust as Gary draped his sweaty balls over her moist, parted lips. She kissed the hairy, crinkled flesh, letting her tongue play out over the deep, dirty creases. Gary angled his cock against Jamie’s nose and hunched it back and forth over her forehead while her tongue flapped over his sweaty, dirty ball-sac.

Pat waved the lighter over every tender nook and cranny of Jamie’s sleek young body. The flames splashed aginst her armpits and into the hollows behind her knees. He teased the lighter up the center of her back, touched it to the soles of her feet and the palms of her hands. He even played the flame over Jamie’s face, making her cry out in terror.

Dave was turning her left leg into the same kind of pin cushion her right already was. He drove the needles into her hip and thigh and calf. He even stuck a needle into her big toe, making her howl pitifully. Then, without warning, he abandoned her leg and stuck a pin right through the stretched, swollen lips of her cunt.

“There?” Jamie shrieked. “There? Oh please, please, please, not there!”

“There,” Pat said, mockingly, forcing his fist fully inside her ravaged pussy.

Jamie’s cunt-lips tore around the huge girth of Pat’s fist. First they spread tight, then pulled so taut that they were like a tiny band of elastic. The needle Dave had impaled them with popped free. Finally the swollen, abused little cunt-lips could stretch no farther, and they began to split. A moment later Pat’s fist popped inside her already-battered cunt. His wrist was greased with blood as it slid in farther.

Dave spiked one needle after another through her quivering, torn cunt-lips. He also pushed needles into her shaking, jerking inner thighs. He ground one needle after another into the quaking muscles that lined the insides of her silky legs, pausing only to gather a fresh supply from the box of torture tools in the corner. By the time he moved on Jamie’s cunt-lips sprouted dozens of needles and her legs were lined with over a hundred.

All the time Dave was working, Pat was driving his hard fist in Jamie’s cunt. When he fucked the rest of his arm up inside her, the tiny pocket stretched in ways it had never been meant to stretch.

“Ohhhhhh!” Jamie moaned through the ball-sac muffler Gary was dragging over her lips. Her big brown eyes crossed from the unbearable pressure Pat was applying inside her slender body. “Enough! Enough! Pat, enough, enough! Enough!”

Pat just smiled and fucked his arm inside her. His fist banged against her cervix. His face twisted with the effort of fucking his fist into her pussy. He could feel her cunt tearing. It spilled a gallon of pussy-cream out in a desperate defense against the savage beating it was taking.

“Look at this,” Pat said proudly, slamming his fist into her cunt. “Look at the way her fucking pussy is swallowing my fucking arm.”

Pat fucked his arm into her faster and harder. Finally he popped his arm inside her all the way to the elbow, and Jamie whined in agony.

Her legs flopped and shuddered, spread wider by the giant intrusion of Pat’s forearm than by the leather straps that held her airborne. Her flat stomach bulged with the unnatural invasion. Each time Pat slammed his fist inside her, Jamie’s tiny little tummy would puff up as though she were pregnant.

Each time he pulled his fist back out the bulge would collapse. Pat laughed at the sight of his fist making her stomach bulge and began to angle his blows so that the outline of his fist would be even more clearly.

Dave lined her silky flanks with needles, driving them deep and twisting them to get more of a reaction from the girl. He drew a line with the needles from her hips to under her arms. Then he followed her arms down, sticking needle after needle into her slender limbs.

He stuck a needle through the soft webbing between each finger, then, as an afterthought, did the same between each of her toes. The pain was awful, and combined with the agony of the fistfucking, it was unbearable. Jamie cried bitterly as she licked Gary’s balls.

“Suck them,” Gary said, and instead of waiting for Jamie to do as he asked, he levered her jaws openwith his hand and stuffed his balls between them. “Suck on them good, Jamie, and I might keep Dave and his nasty needles away from your slutty little face.”

“Don’t lie to the bitch,” Dave said, dotting her flat tummy and wide shoulders with the long, sharp pins.

Jamie opened her mouth as wide as she could, and one of Gary’s fat balls slipped between her lips. The single ball filled her mouth, and she had to squirm her lips painfully to squeeze the other big ball into her spit-filled cavity. With both of Gary’s balls in her mouth, Jamie’s beautiful face was distorted, her pretty cheeks swollen grotesquely

“That’s it, Jamie, wash them off good.” Gary rubbed his dripping cock across her forehead, leaving trails of pre-cum all over her. “Shit, Eastport’s got a whole squad of fucking chwleaders. They’ll never miss one. And you’re ours, now, you know that, don’t you?”

Jamie nodded her head up and down, tears and spit staining her soiled cheeks. At Gary’s words her cunt contracted like a fist around Pat’s punishing forearm.

A burning, agonizing orgasm gripped her sleek, helpless body, so powerful and painful that it almost made her pass out, so unexpected that Jamie couldn’t stop her moans of pleasure and the slow, sensual grinding of her hips against Pat’s beating fist.Jamie’s ears were pierced, but Dave pierced each lobe three more times for good measure, driving needles completely through the fragile flaps of flesh. He grabbed another handful of needles before he started on Jamie’s tits. When he stuck the first pin deep into the upthrust little mound of her right tit , Jamie came again.

“Not my tits!” she groaned pitifully as Gary pulled his spit-dripping balls from her widespread mouth. “Not my tits! They hurt already! They really do! Dave, you already hurt my tits real bad! Please don’t hurt them anymore!”

“I thought you’d learned not to whine so fucking much,” Pat said in disgust. He lit the lighter again and touched it to the perky mounds of her tits. “Maybe we should all hurt your tits a little.”

Gary pulled Jamie’s head up by a fistful of hair, making her watch the double torture of her firm young tits. The enslaved beauty screamed and thrashed as Pat toasted her nipples with his cigarette lighter. He never dipped the flame close enough to burn her badly, but by the time he stopped waving the
flames over her flesh the skin of her swollen, silky tits was stained a bright pink.

And all the time Pat was burning her, Dave was turning the perky mounds into twin pin cushions.

Jamie whimpered, crying at the obscene, degrading speecle of the pins sticking from her tits. It was hard to decide which was worse, the pain of the attack or the humiliation of having to watch helplessly while it was taking place.

And Gary made sure she kept her eyes open for every moment of the outrageous assault, pulling her eyelashes and pinching her lips and cheeks every time her eyes fluttered shut.

Dave saved the best for last. After Pat had stopped his lighter torture and had gone back to fist-fucking Jamie in earnest, Dave pulled a pair of thick needles from the box of torture tools.

Jamie watched with wide eyes as he held the needles up for her inspection. She knew what he was going to do with them, but she tried to convince herself that she was wrong.


Dave grabbed her tit with his left hand, holding it still in spite of Jamie’s frenzied thrashing. He steadied his hand against his side to make sure he pierced the hard bud of flesh at the proper angle. And then he pierced her nipple with the fat, sharp needle.

“No!” Jamie wailed, her beautiful face twisted with pain and terror. The tip of the needle disappeared into one side of her nipple and a moment later it popped through the other, drops of blood clinging to its glittering surface. “No, Dave, no! Gary, not this! Please don’t ruin me! Please don’t ruin me forever!”

“We’re improving you, you stuck up little slut!” Dave growled, sticking the other needle through her left nipple. “Your little tits aren’t worth too fucking much! Put a couple rings through them, though, and they’ll be a real fucking attraction!”

“No!” Jamie whimpered. “No. Gary, Pat, Dave,you’re going too far! Too far.

“You don’t understand yet, do you?” Gary asked, jerking Jamie’s head back until she was staring up at him. “You belong to us. You’re our slave. We own you, just the way we’d own a dog or a hamburger we were going to eat. Anything we do to you is our fucking business. And your only fucking job is to be happy about it. If we cut your fucking tit off you should say thank you and ask us if we want to cut off the other. Understand?”

“Thank you,” Jamie whispered, her voice tremblin8. Suddenly, she did understand. “Do you want to stick more pins in my tits, Dave?”

“Shut up,” Gary yelled, swir his leg over Jamie’s head to straddle her face. “Suck my ass out, sexy cheerleader!”

Gary parted his asscheeks with his hands and settled down on top of Jamie’s face. He sat on her face, making the straps of leather that held her up cut deep into her flesh. His weight almost snapped Jamie’s neck, but it didn’t matter. The musky aroma of his filth-clotted asscrack made Jamie heave.

Jamie lapped up and down the filthy asscrack. She lathered the shitty crevice with her tongue and slithered her lips up and down the crack to suck away all the spit her tongue had left behind. The taste of Gary’s ass was ten times worse than the smell, and Jamie’s empty stomach heaved and twisted until the pain wracked her whole body.

Still she sponged her tongue and kissed her lips over the soiled flesh.

Pat pulled his fist from Jamie’s cunt. It was dripping with cunt-cream and blood. Before the pulverized slit could begin to tighten he fucked his other hand in, never missing a punishing stroke. A moment later Jamie felt a strange pressure against her asshole. When she realized what it was her heart beat fast with terror. Pat’s well-lubricated hand was forcing its way into her tiny shitter.

Jamie screamed up into the crack of Gary’s ass. Then she began to force her tongue up into the tiny tunnel of his shitter. Gary moaned with pleasure as her tongue snaked up into his shitchute like a tiny, wet cock. He banged his hard, dripping prick against her pin-cushion tits, then smashed the needle-sprouting cones together and slid his cock through thefr silky cleavage.

“Shake your ass, Jamie,” Pat said, watching as her tiny asshole spread to accommodate the impossible intrusion of his pussy-slick fist. ‘You’ve never gotten it this good, have you, cheerleader? You’ve never had this good a fucking in your whole worthless, tight-assed life.”

“But you will again,” Dave said as he stroked his rock-hard cock. He watched the helpless slave’s brutal fist-fuck and desperate ass-slurping with equal fascination. “You’ll get fucked so good and so much that that’s about the only thing you’ll think about.”

“And that’s all you should be thinking about,” Gary said, moaning with pleasure from the feel of Jamie’s silky tits on his cock and her soft tongue in his asshole. “Because from now on all you are is a mouth, a cunt and an asshole all wrapped up in one slutty package.”

Jamie whimpered in agony and fw as Pat’s slippery fist popped fully into her tiny shitchute. The ring of her shitter stretched and tore as Pat’s knuckles squeezed through.

Her asscheeks looked as though they had been split in half, and her ass-ring was stretched so wide that it looked as though it might burst apart. It did tear, tiny trickles of blood slipping down her asscrack, but then Pat’s fist was through, and he was ramming it up her shit-chute with all the power he could muster.

Jamie’s supple body went stiff as a board as Pat rammed his forearm up her pussy and asshole at the same time. She trembled uncontrollably, as if from a terribly high fever. And she planted her lips tightly around the winking bud of Gary’s asshole and sucked on it desperately as her orgasm blasted through her overloaded body.

Suddenly her mouth filled with a wash of something that was too base and earthy to be anything but shit. Jamie retched repeatedly, her lean, sexy body jerking with the force of her heaving. The watery shit ran down her throat and bubbled out over her lips. In an instant it was streaking down over her face to splatter against her throat and shoulder and the floor beneath her. Jamie tried to jerk her parted lips off Gary’s asshole, but she was trapped between his asscheeks.

A huge, barely solid turd pushed out of Gary’s asshole and plopped between Jamie’s lips. It filled her mouth, nudging its way into the back of her throat. Another turd came out after it. Jamie’s mouth was already clogged with shit, but Gary rubbed his ass back over her face, smearing her perfect features with the dank stuff. Shit smwed up her nose and into her eyes, all over her beautiful face.

Pat was going at her cunt and assh6le like a fighter, slamming his fists into her so brutally that her body felt shattered beyond repair. His right fist pounded so far up her asshole that Jamie thought she could feel his fist pounding her stomach. His left fist banged against the inner walls of her womb so forcefully that Jamie could feel her internal organs being shoved and jostled.

Gary lifted his ass off her face to drop his last turd across the bridge of her nose. It covered both of Jamie’s eyes like a steaming, stinking blindfold. He used a handful of her hair to wipe his ass. Jamie uttered a long low moan as Gary used her hair for toilet paper.

“Chew that shit!” Dave shouted, punching Jamie’s pin-cushion tits until they flattened on her chest. “Chew it up and swallow it, you freaky shit-sucker!”Gary turned, pumping his cock like a madman. His cum burst from the head of his prick, splashing over Jamie’s shit-streaked face. Dave stepped up beside him, and a moment later he was cumming too. They stood side by side and covered Jamie’s beautiful defiled face with their gluey, filthy jism. I t ran into her mouth and draped over her nose and slid over her shitcaked cheeks. Jism decorated the t urd that crossed the bridge of her nose like icing. Gary shot a fat glob of fuck-cream that completley obscured Jamie’s right eye.

Pat pulled his forearms from Jamie’s fuckholes and grabbed his cock just as it started spitting cum. His jism arched high over Jamie’s shivering, needle-pierced body. It slapped down with loud, wet splats, drawing dirty white lines between her tits and down into the cup of her navel. He lowered his cock to fire a few bursts into the widespread, tattered mouth of her pussy. The jism pooled in her creamed out cunt, some sliding inside her and the rest trickling out onto the floor.

Jamie chewed shit and swallowed shit as the three boys called her filthy names and laughed at how they had humbled her.

“Now you know what you are,” Gary said. He shoved his cock into her shitty mouth and started pissing. “We’re going to keep doing this shit to you until you’re fucking numb, until you’re just a fucked out old whore. That should take a year or two. And you’ll love every fucking minute of it. But first you’ve got a fucking job to do.”

When Gary finished pissing, Dave stepped up to take his turn. Then Pat stood up to take his.

Mter Pat was done pissing they made Jamie eat the turd that crossed her forehead. She came three times while they were pissing on her, then came twice more while she was chewing on the wad of shit.

“What do you say now, whore?” Gary asked as Jamie swallowed the shit.

“Thank you, Gary,” she whispered.

“What?” Gary screamed. “Speak up, you shitty, ugly slut!”

“Thank you, Gary!” she cried, putting the last of her failing strength into the shout. “Thank you, Pat! Thank you, Dave!” CHAPTER TEN

The boys on the Eastport football team were heading out of the school after practice. It was one day before the big game against Rener’s Military Academy, and’they had gone through an especially hard practice. The coach wanted them to be ready, and he had sent them Out with strict orders to hit their books and then hit their beds. But neither they nor the coach had expected Jamie Shields to be standing in the parking lot behind the school, waiting for them.

“Well hello there,” Jamie said, her voice low and throaty. She was wearing tight jeans and a frilly black bra. None of the boys could believe what they were seeing. “If it isn’t the big, bad Eastport Bulls.”

“Where have you been all week, Jamie,” one of the boys asked uncertainly.

“I’ve been getting something ready for the team,” Jamie said, moving her hands slowly up her thighs, over her hips, onto the curves of her waist and then out over her pert, upthrust tits.

“Something real special to thank you guys for all the great games you’ve played.”

It had been over a week since the boys from Rener’s Military Academy had grabbed her. During the last few days of her stay almost nothing had been able to make Jamie feel any worse than she already did. But putting herself on display for her old classmates was doing it.

These were guys who had been her friends, who she and her girlfriends had gone out with. She knew that once she was done taking on the football team that her life at Eastport was over. She had to squeeze back tears as she flashed them an obscene, inviting smile.

“You guys know someplace we can go where I can thank you in private?” Jamie unsnapped the front of the bra, letting the bouncy cones of her tits pop out into the open. Almost every boy on the team gasped with open lust at the sight of her proud, pointy tits. “My mouth’s watering for cocks.”

“Get the van,” a senior linebacker said to a junior end. “Pull it around.”

“Don’t worry,” Morris Walker, the school’s star halfback, added. “You’ll get all the cock you can handle.”

Jamie looked from one familiar face to another, seeing the expressions she had become so familiar with during her week long stay in hell at Rener’s Academy. There was admiration of her beauty and lust for her sexy body. But there was also contempt and scorn, even faint looks of disgust.

“I could suck those tits all night long,” a boy said.

“I’m going to fuck those sweet lips,” another boy added. “Stick my cock all the way down her tight little throat. You like swallowing cum, Jamie? You like sucking cock?”

“Yes,” Jamie said, her voice cracking with lust and humiliation.

She dropped her bra to the parking lot and one of the boys snatched it up. A couple of the boys fought over it, and the one who won stretched it like a rubberband and snapped it against Jamie’s firm tits. Jamie couldn’t keep herself from uttering a long, throaty moan at the stinging pain of the catch snapping against her tits.

“Hey, Jamie likes this shit!” the boy shouted. He snapped the bra against her tits again, and half the football team laughed when Jamie’s face went dreamy with passion and her legs shook beneath her.

The boys circled Jamie. They were all big football players, and Jamie felt very tiny and helpless standing in their midst. That feeling made her even hotter. And when several of the boys started pulling their jockstraps down and reveallng long, thickening cocks, it was all the submissive young beauty could do to keep from cumming.

“You like getting hit?” Tommy Moore, the cute senior quarterback asked. There was a look on his face that seemed to say he would very much like to hurt her. “You like getting belted around? Maybe you’d like it if we tied you down and fucked you until you can’t stand up.”

“Yes!” Jamie gasped, her voice trembling with anticipation. “I’d like that very much! Beat me! Whip me! Tie me up and fuck me until I can’t stand it! Hurt me! Fuck me and hurt me and use me until I can’t move a muscle!”

“All right,” one of the boys said. “I never knew you were such a slut, Jamie. You’re a real hot-assed whore.”

Jamie tore at the clasp of her jeans, then yanked the zipper down. She skinned her way out of the pants slowly and sexily, kicked off the thongs she was wearing, and stood in the middle of the mob of boys dressed in only a sheer pair of black panties. She stripped those down too, and spread her legs far enough to offer a glimpse of her pink cunt-lips and her wiggling little clit. The boys at the academy had shaved away the last of her pussy-hair, so there was nothing to obscure the sight of her luscious pussy.

“You dirty whore,” Morris said with something like wonder in his voice. “You shaved your fucking cunt! You’re really hungry for some cock, aren’t you?”

“I want it so bad,” she said in a sexy voice.

She cupped her hand over her cunt and spread her pussy-lips wide for the boys’ inspection. After a few moments she speared two fingers up inside the pretty cunt. “I want it in my cunt, in my mouth, in my ass, between my tits-anywhere you want. Just make it hard. Make it hurt.”

“Shit!” a boy yelled. “We’ve got a party here! Where the fuck are we going to take her?”

“Penn Valley Park,” Tommy said. “Way over on the west side there are some spots where nobody ever fucking goes. Bring some booze and we’ll have a real fucking party.”

“I can’t wait!” Jamie gasped, dropping to her knees and pulling at the front of Tommy’s pants. “I need your cock right here!”

She ran her fingers between her full, moist lips, sucking and licking at them as though they were a sweet little cock. Then she pulled Tommy’s cock out of his pants and rubbed it over her face. As she knelt naked in the parking lot, spearing three fingers into her heating cunt and smearing Tommy’s slowly hardening prick all over her beautiful face, the other boys moved in on her. She fek rough hands cupping her tits, stroking her sides and legs, and pinching her perfect ass. Cocks brushed her face and shoulders. The boys were getting ready to give her the gang-bang she had begged for.

“I’ve never seen a sweeter pussy,” a boy said.”She said we could fuck her ass,” another sai d. Jamie squeaked and wriggled her sexy ass when a boy stuck his finger up her asshole.

“Don’t get nervous,” another boy said.

“She’s nothing but a whore. Shit, she’ll probably get ass-fucked fifty times before the night’s over.”

Jamie rubbed Tommy’s cock all over her face, smearing his fuck-lube over her cheeks and nose and chin. Then she stuffed the swelling head of his cock between her lips. She slurped at it as noisily as she could, making the most obscene sucking and smacking noises possible. She rolled Tommy’s cock over with her tongue, washed his cock with her spit, then bobbed her head for-ward and took his cock all the way down her throat.

All the time she was tickling his balls and pumping the fat stalk of his prick. Her cunt was convulsing around her three knifing fingers, leaking fuck-cream like a sieve. But more than her pistoning fingers or the luscious cock between her lips, it was what her old friends and schoolmates were saying about her that made Jamie explode into orgasm.

“That tight little pussy looks like it could just eat you up.”

“I’m going to cum all over her face. I never thought I’d see innocent Jamie dripping with jism.”

“Suck that cock, bitch! Shit, look at the way she’s taking that big prick!”

“Shake your ass for us, Jamie! Bounce those sexy fucking tits!”

Jamie moaned, unable to stop the sensuous sway of her body. She bobbed her head fast on Tommy’s cock, squirming her lips so tight around his fuck-pole that he thought she was skinning him alive. Her ass danced back and forth, her asshole flexing open and shut, her cunt-lips flapping like the wings of a pale pink butterfly. Pussy cream glistened inside her cunt, and Jamie rubbed her satiny thighs together as the orgasm crested.

“Hey,” one of the boys said, his eyes wide as he watched the first slow slithering of pussy-juice from her wiggling cunt, “I think Jamie’s cumming. I think the bitch is getting off!”

“Yes!” Jamie hissed, pulling her mouth off Tommy’s cock and rubbing the fleshy fuck-tube all over her upturned face. “The bitch is cununing! Look at the slut! She’s creaining all over herself just sucking on a big, fat cock! I’m a sleazy little tramp, aren’t I? I’m nothing but trash! Somebody ought to fuck my slutty little ass off!”

She lapped at Tommy’s dangling balls and pushed her pretty face between his legs so that she could run her tongue up his asscrack. She planted her lips on the ring of his shitter and gave him a long, lingering kiss. All the tim e she ministered to his balls and asshole she ran his spit slick prick all over her face. When she popped her head back out from between his legs her face was slimy with his slick pre-cum. She popped his cock back between her lips and swallowed it to the balls with one steady, throatclogging lunge.

Boys hands swarmed over her crotch, and someone pulled Jamie’s fingers out of her cunt and replaced them with his own. Hands were swanning over her tits, too. In fact, there wasn’t an inch of Jamie’s slender, sexy body that wasn’t being pawed and probed by questing male fingers.

A half dozen hands swarmed over her aiready-spasming cunt. They were poking and probing and pinching her sensitive pussy-flesh. Fingers from four different hands plunged into her cunt. Hands pulled her pussy-lips roughly in one direction and then another.

Fingers pulled and pinched her clit, and Jamie squealed in a mixture of pain and lust, wondering if the less experienced boys of the Eastport football squad knew how much it hurt when they mishandled her clit in such a way.

They pulled her sexy asscheeks wide apart and three fingers from three different hands poked into her asshole. Other boys were pinching the tender flesh of her asscrack. Still others were slapping and pinching the softly rounded cheeks of her ass.

Hands had descended on her tits, too. Boys pulled her nipples and pinched her soft tit-flesh and crushed the upthrust mounds until they were distorted into strange shapes. Other boys stroked and petted her stomach, and pinched her long, sexy legs and slender, creamy arms.

“Yes!” she cried around the mouthful of cock she was sucking. “No! Oh, you nasty motherfuckers! Do it! Do me good! So good! Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Jamie writhed like an eel out of water, her sleek body twisting in a sinuous display of pure animal lust. She devoured Tommy’s cock. Without warning, he began to spew his cum, and Jamie bobbed her head even more wildly. Her lips slurped as she fucked her face on his spurting cock. Soon the soupy mix of his cum and her spit was flying everywhere, frosting his prick, webbing her lips and dangling from the bouncing cones of her tits.

It was as if the boys had reached into her cunt and grabbed the orgasm she had been having. Now they were holding it there, beating it into a froth with their diddling, pinching, pulling fingers. It kept growing and growing, never ebbing at all, just building and building and building endlessly.

Jamie whimpered around her mouthful of gushing cock, blowing bubbles in the frothy mix of cum and spit that spilled out over the jerking stalk of Tommy’s prick. She jerked her ass crazily from side to side. Her pussy-juice coated the fingers that spiked into her fuck-holes. It splattered her soft inner thighs and ran in tiny streams down to her knees and the hard blacktop of the parking lot. Jamie’s asshole gripped the fingers plunging inside it so hard that the boys could hardly pull them out. Her cunt wrung the fingers that were spearing inside it with a desperate strength.

“What a hot-assed cunt,” one of the boys said. He pulled his cock and rubbed it over the side of Jamie’s face. “I’ve never seen such a fucking slut.”

“Tramp!” Tommy growled, clutching Jamie’s head while she jerked off his cock with her lips. “Jamie, you should have told us what a trashy little slut you really are. Fuck, you could thank us for playing football every week.”

“Every day,” another boy said. He was shoving three fingers into Jamie’s cunt. Her pussy was spread unbelievably wide now, accommodating fifteen fingers from the hands of seven different boys. “Look at the way her pussy stretched. We could fuck her four at a time.”

“Yes!” Jamie hissed. Tommy’s cock was only dripping now. Jamie still bobbed her head wildly, slurping up every bit of jizz and spit coating his long stalk of fuck meat. “Fuck me! Beat me! Hurt me! Do everything you’ve ever wanted to do to a girl!” So many fingers were doing so many different things to her that Jamie could no longer keep track. She could only buck her ass back against the fingers and grind her hips to make sure they filled every nook and cranny inside her. The mass finger-fucking was hurting her terribly, stretching the mouth of her cunt farther than Pat’s fist-fucking had.That was one of the reasons she was cumming so hard.

Jamie writhed and shivered. Her sultry little body was bathed in sexual sweat. Her flat stomach trembled with passion, her lush thighs shivered as they spread wider and wider before the crush of male hands. Her tits were swelling, her nipples getting thicker and longer with each pinch or slap they received.

Jamie looked up at Tommy and the others and smiled happily. Her face sparkled with sweat and was twisted with the strain of being mauled by so many demanding male hands. But it was also ecstatic, shining with pure pleasure. Her lush lips were moistly parted. Her smile revealed a mouthful of white cum. Jamie guiped it down noisily as the boys watched in excited wonder.

“Yummmmmm!” she moaned, her eyes dreamy, a tiny smile on her lips. “That tasted soooo good! Who wants to be next to give me a little drink?”

“Me, slut!” a boy shouted, and pushed his prick at Jamie’s face just as the first thick, white trailer of jism erupted from the end of his cock. “Suck on this, you hot-assed tramp!”

Blinding cock-slime squirted into Jamie’s eyes. More slopped over the bridge of her nose and splattered against her cheek. The boy hit Jamie with his cock, bruising her lips and stinging her nose while he covered her face in spunk. Jamie yelped from the burning pain that stung her eyes and tried to turn her head away from the wash of jism. Hands twisted in her hair, pulling her face around to meet the jolting slaps of the boy’s cock and the fluid wash of his cum.

“You like that?” a boy asked, and the others laughed. “You like that, Jamie? Damn, but you’re a slutty little cunt!”

“I love it!” Jamie gasped. She opened her mouth wide, but the boy didn’t seem to want to shoot his jism there. Instead he spurted it all over her face. “I love cum! I love having cum all over my face!”

Jamie undulated as the boy slapped her with his fountaining cock. She humped her ass on the multitude of fingers that fucked into her pussy. Her lean, sensuous body writhed in a supple display of sexual desire. One orgasm after another poured through her body.”Hey, look at this!” a boy cried. “I can stick my whole fist up Jamie’s cunt! What a hungry little whore!”

Jamie screamed as one of the boys with his fingers in her cunt balled his hand into a fist and fucked it deep inside her. Tommy and another boy grabbed her wrists and twisted her arms brutally behind her back, tying them together with jockstraps at her wrists and elbows. Another boy stepped up and started unloading his jism load all over Jamie’s face. The sexy young slave screamed in sudden agony, squirming both in excitement and in a desperate attempt to escape the pain she was feeling.

Another boy slid his hand inside her cunt, then balled it into a fist once it wa s inside. Suddenly there were two fists fucking inside her cunt at the same time, and there were still at least a dozen fingers poking around the edges of her widespread pussy.

“No!” she screamed. As she opened her mouth, another boy stepped close with a spurting cock and doused her mouth with a cupful of gooey white jism. Jamie spit it all over herself as she screamed again. “Noooooo!”

“This is what you said you wanted!” One of the fist fuckers laughed, fucking his forearm relentlessly inside Jamie’s overheated pussy. “And your cunt’s sure as fuck big enough! What you been fucking, Jamie, horses?”

Jamie shuddered uncontrollably, her lithe body drawn tight as the two boys pounded their fists inside her. Her mind began to unhinge as a third boy forced his hand up inside her, forcing the boys who were still fucking her with their fingers to pull aside.

He rolled his hand into a fist as soon as his wrist popped through the tearing mouth of her pussy. Suddenly there were three fists inside her at once!

“No!” she cried. The pain was incredible. She had never imagined that her own friends and schoolmates could be so cruel. “Please stop. I didn’t want to do this! They made me get you to fuck me!”

“Too late for bullshit now, Jamie,” Morris said, stepping up with a crusted yellow jockstrap held gingerly in his fingertips. “You’re a slut, no doubt about it. And you begged us for this. Now we’re going to have a party, and we’ve got forty party favors we can’t wait to give you.”

“No!” Jamie cried hollowly. The three boys were beating her cunt to one orgasm after another. “No!”

Her cunt was almost unrecognizable spread around the three thick wrists. It was as though her pussy had been pierced by three huge tree branches. Fresh blood was trickling from the mouth of her cunt, but there wasn’t very much. A week at the Rener Academy had stretched her pussy pretty wide.

Inside her cunt was taking an even worse beating. Try as they might the boys couldn’t give her a real fist fucking with all three of their hands stuffed inside her. There were simply limits to what the human body could stand. But just the presence of three balled fists in her cunt was tearing Jamie apart. Her legs were spread out so wide by the intrusion that they felt dislocated. Her pelvis seemed to be separating. Even the tiny mouth to her womb was spread wide by the unnatural stretching, and when one of the boys realized that he, speared his middle finger into the hole.

Jamie screamed insanely and went into convulsions as the boy plunged his finger deep inside her. Only the restraining hands of the boys kept her from toppling to the ground. An orgasm exploded inside her. A glut of pussycream washed through her cunt that made all three boys pull their fists out of her in disgust.

“Here, Jamie, you sweet little thing,” Morris said sarcastically while Jamie was still thrashing spastically from her awful, pain-wracked orgasm. “A slut like you couldn’t be homecoming queen, but in honor of the service you’re doing for us, we thought we would make you slime queen! Here’s you crown, baby!”

He pulled the dirty jockstrap down over her face like a helmet, pushing the dirtiest part of the crotch over Jamie’s nose and into her mouth. A boy bombarded her face with jism, soiling her, and the jockstrap even more. Jamie’s orgasm exploded again.

And then she realzed that there would be one difference. The academy boys had kidnapped her, held her against her will, used force to turn her into a slut. They were strangers who hated her. These were guys she had known all her life, guys she had always thought were her friends. And she had begged them to do every painful, degrading thing they could think of to her sexy young body. Jamie cried as she understood what that meant.

She was never going to escape what Gary and his friends had done to her. The boys at the academy had turned her into a junkie, and her drug was torture and rape and humiliation.

“Get the whore into the van!” Tommy growled, and Jamie was hauled into the air.

It was time for her to get her fix.


The edge of the park was deserted, as Tommy had claimed it would be. When they got there, the boys laid Jamie out on the back of the van and started the gang-bang in earnest. Jamie squirmed and screamed her way through twenty orgasms as one boy after another slipped between her widespread legs.

Jamie’s arms were bound behind her, and each time one of the boys pounded down on her helpless body she felt as though her elbows or wrists were going to sMp. The helplessness and pain only made her more excited. The boys fucked her with short, brutal strokes, clawed at her tits, and slobbered over her face.

And as they fucked her and cursed her and mocked her, Jamie climaxed again and again. She had been reduced to a sex-toy in their eyes, a slutty little tramp who was fit for fucking and hurting and making fun of. The ultimate degradation of having been turned into a whore in the eyes of her friends turned Jamie on like nothing else that had happened.

It was late that afternoon before the boys pulled Jamie out of the back of the van. Her pussy was swollen almost shut, and the seat was soaked with her sweat and puddled with the jism that had leaked from her cunt.

The boys pulled Jamie roughly to her feet, and as she wobbled under their guidance to the front of the van, huge clots of gluey jism poured down over the lips of her cunt, ran in rivers down her legs, and lay glistening on the ground.

“You’re leaving a trail of sperm, Jamie,” a boy said cruelly.They laid Jamie face-down over the hood of the van, making her spread her legs wide apart. Then they took turns fucking her ass the same way they had taken turns fucking her cunt. Jamie’s climaxes continued as the boys smashed her into the hard, cold hood. Her pert little tits flattened against the unyielding metal. he air was forced from her lungs every time a huge boy’s body sandwiched her into the side of the van.

Each ass-fucking stole a little more of her energy, made her legs a little more wobbly and her balance a little less certain. Before long her lean, sexy legs were streaked with jism. Boys turned her head this way and that as they assfucked her, making her French-kiss them, and biting and spitting on her face and throat and shoulders while they fucked her overworked shitter.

By the time the last boy had shot his jism up her soaked, clasping asshole Jamie was nearly unconscious. She took two stumbling steps away from the hood of the van and collapsed into the gravel that lined the side of the road. The boys pulled her back up to her knees and ordered her to give them blow-jobs.

“Stick your tongue into my piss-slit!”

“Suck on my balls, bitch!”

“Don’t swallow my cum, slut! Hold it in your mouth and then drool it out! Yeah, that’s it!”

“Tilt your head back. Yeah! Right up your nose, Jamie! Right up your fucking nose!”

Each boy made her do something different. Whatever order they gave her, Jamie meekly followed. Before long the jockstrap crown Morris had put on her head was soaked with fuck-cream. A short time later the boys pulled it off her head and made her suck it clean before they tossed it away. Then it was back to more sucking.

Jamie’s knees were chafed raw and bleeding by the gravel she knelt on. Her lips were bruised and swollen by the rough slide of cocks and the beating of prick-heads against her mouth. Her face was so plastered with jism that she looked as though she were wearing a mask. Her tits were painted with the same dirty shade of silver.

When it was over the boys were tired. Tommy pulled her body over to a thick tree. With the help of a couple other boys, he forced the fucked out cheerleader to stand up, and then he circled her arms and legs around the trunk and tied them tightly in place.

“Noooooo!” Jamie cried weakly. She knew that nothing she wanted mattered, but she couldn’t keep from cying out at the horrible pain that lanced through her arms and shoulders and legs and hips from the unnatural way she had been bound hugging the tree. “No . this hurts really bad! Aren’t you done?”

“You said you wanted to get beaten, Jamie,” Tommy said with a srnile, winking at the other boys and pulling his belt from his pants. “You said you wanted to get hurt.”

Every boy on the football team took part in her beating. They whipped her with thefr belts. They whipped her with switches they got from the surrounding woods. They whipped her with lengths of rope from the back of the van. Morris even beat her with the tow chain for a while, and then they stuffed the chain up her ass, giving her a long metal tail to shake while they continued her punishinent.

Jamie came a dozen times while they were beating her. She hugged the tree desperately. The longer they beat her the hotter she became. By the time her ass and back was covered with bright red welts she was humping the tree as though it were the world’s sweetest, most delightful cock. The brutal scratching of the bark was almost as painful as the lashing of the belts and switches that were scoring her tender flesh, and it turned her on even more.

“Shake that slutty ass!” a boy shouted, leaving a blood-red streak across her jiggling asseheeks.

“Wag your tail, you doggy bitch!” another boy shouted, lashing his belt savagely across Jamie’s shoulders. “Wag your tail just like the little lap-dog bitch you are!”

Jamie dropped her head against the tree and cried as the boys paused in her whipping to examine the way her cunt-juice had soaked the bark. A few of them plunged their fingers up into her cunt.

Tommy slammed his belt up against the swollen lips of her pussy, and Morris slapped her cunt with a switch. More than a few of the boys took the opportunity to give Jamie a kiss, or bite her arms or throat or face, or just spit on her as though she were a heap of old smelly garbage. Then they went back to whipping her.

The boys got hot again as they whipped her, and before long they were having to take breaks for a boy to step up behind her and shove his cock up her cunt or asshole.

The fucks were inhumanly painful for the sexy girl, crushing her svelte body brutally into the hard, rough tree, but the boys didn’t care. They just laughed at the way the chain wagged back and forth when she shook her ass, at the way cum joined her pussy-cream in streaming down the bark of the tree. The boys pulled the chain out of her asshole when they wanted to fuck her there, then stuffed it back up inside her when they were finished. The pain of being started up like a lawumower made Jamie tremble and whine, but the boys thought it looked hilarious and they couldn’t seem to do it enough.

Finally the boys tired of the game. Only Tommy continued her beating. He seemed to want to beat her to death. When the last of the other boys had gone back to the van to drink beer and rest, Tommy switched from belt to switch to rope, lashing Jamie until she was bloody, not seeming to be satisfied until he had scored every inch of her creamy skin.

“You still having fun, bitch?” lie shouted, slapping her face with the switch, taking a break only to spit -on her and switch weapons. “You still want us to keep going?”

“Hurts!” Jamie whimpered, no longer exactly sure of what was happening, aware only of the pleasure that tickled her worn-out cunt and the pain that bathed every other inch of her body. “Hurts so good!”

Tommy screamed with rage and beat her harder. Finally it took all of the boys to convince him to stop. By that time Jamie hung unconscious from the tree. Her slender, sexy body was so still that some of the football players were afraid they might have gang-banged her to death. When they cut her down from the tree, they saw that she was still alive, though, and that although she was unconscious, her cunt was still spasming and leaking slick pussy-cream.

The sight excited some of the boys so much they wanted to fuck Jamie some more. They tied her knees to her shoulders with more jockstraps and shot their cum into her one after another. Even the boys who had had enough of the night-long gang-rape took another turn, not wanting to be considered wimps by their friends. Jamie came wake after the first few fucks, screaming her way incoherently through an unending orgasm.

Before long the boys’ cum was briminng over her sloppy cunt. This time the overflow of cock-slime cascaded into her face. Jamie opened her mouth for it, swallowing all she could and letting the rest pollute her face even more thoroughly than it already had. A lot of the boys pulled their cocks out of her cunt when they came and blasted their fuck-juice right into Jamie’s beautiful, passive face. Before long she was unrecognizable beneath a thick, slimy mass of dry and wet jism.

After the last boy had fed her the last of his jism, Jamie was still cumming. Her body was covered with welts, bruises, and cock-slime. She looked as though she had taken on an army division in a week-lng orgy. But her pussy was still squirming, her asshole still flexing.

The tired boys collected a couple beer bottles and fucked them inside her. They made her cum constantly, cum painfully, for over an hour When they tired of the game, they untied her knees from her shoulders, but they left the bottles fucked deep inside her.

“We got to get going, Jamie,” one of the boys said. “You want a ride?”

“Yeah,” another boy said with a laugh, “we could drop you off at your house.”

“A whorehouse more likely,” another boy said.

Jamie scooped clotted jism out of her eyes and stared up at them. The boys began to feel uncomforatble, and none of them wanted to go near the girl they had just fucked into insensibility.

“Piss on me!” she asped. A huge glut of jism poured out over her lips as she opened he r mouth to speak. It streamed down over her chin and throat in a wave of solid, dirty white. “Piss all over me! All of you! I’m nothing but trash ! I ought to get pissed on! It’s all I’m good for! Piss on me and show me what kind of whore I really am!”"Right on, Jamie,” Tommy said, and aimed his cock right at her eyes. “All over your trampy, cum-sucking face.”

Jamie screamed as his piss scalded her eyes. She blinked them shut, and then Tommy was pissing over her nose and into her open mouth.

Other boys started pissing. They hosed her body down with a dozen streams of piss, then two dozen. Before long almost every boy on the football team was drenching Jamie’s sleek young body in his stinking yellow piss.

Jamie writhed in ectasy as the boys pissed on her. Her sinuous, sultry body twisted and rippled in a display of raw, sluttish sex. Before long her creamy, welted skin glistened with piss. Boys pissed into her cunt and into her ass. More than anywhere else the boys pissed over her beautiful face and into her open mouth. They laughed at her and called her names while they watched her swallowing steaming mouthfuls of their dirty piss, and each time she had emptied her mouth, they filled it up again.

Jamie couldn’t stop cumming. Her cunt and asshole gripped the bottles that pierced them until they were close to shattering. Her cunt poured so much fuckeam that the bottle filled with it. Her ass clutched the one bottle so fiercely that it shot it out. They boys pissed until the ground beneath Jamie had been pounded into mud, and she squirmed in the filthy black muck, painting her body in the pissy soil.

Too soon it was over. Jamie cried out at the loss when the last of the boys stopped pissing. She had been fucked and beaten almost to death. Her life at her old school had been destroyed. She had been defiled by the very people who had always been her friends.

Now she lay limp in piss-soaked mud, her lean, sexy body streaked with cum and filth and pussy cream,and soaked with piss.Aquart beer bottle stuck out of her cunt, almost half full with her own pussy-cream. But if the boys left her she would be alone. No one would be fucking her. No one would be hurting her.

Jamie didn’t think she could stand it.

“More!” she cried out desperately. “Please fuck the slut some more!”

“Shit,” Morris said. “We fuck you anymore and we’ll have a dead tramp on our hands. Come back tomorrow after we kick the Academy’s little military asses. Maybe we’ll have another party.”

“Or maybe not,” another boy said cruelly. “We might have some real girls willing to fuck us tomorrow. Respectable girls, you know. They’ll be all happy after we win the game. You know, you can fuck a slut anytime, but you’ve got to jump at your chances with real girls.”

Jamie cried at the boy’s words.

“Here, bitch, have a present,” Tommy said, squatting down over her. “A last little party favor, huh, Jamie?”

Jamie knew what to expect even before the first turd slipped out of Tommy’s asshole. She came as it splatted down on top of her tits. He laid his second, long, curling turd on the flat, quivering plane of Jamie’s stomach, and her orgasm grew hotter at the filthy smell and wet feel of the shit on her belly. He scooted up over her body like a crab before his third turd dropped out. Half of it landed on the tip of Jamie’s nose and the rest of it curled down over her lips.

He dropped his last turd right between Jamie’s eyes. He used her hand to wipe his ass, grabbing her wrist and making her rub his shitter clean. Jamie came while she was doing that, too.

“Damn, Tommy, you’re one gross motherfucker,” Morris said as Tommy trotted to the van.

“Shit!” another boy said. “It’s fucking four o’clock in the morning! Oh shit, if coach knew, he’d fucking kill us!”

“Well he doesn’t have to know, does he?” Tommy snapped. “And he better fucking never.

Bye, Jamie, you scuzzy whore. See you at the game tomorrow. Maybe you can give some blow-jobs at halftime.”

A moment after the van drove away a car stopped beside her. Dave, Gary, and Pat got out.

“Looks natural, doesn’t she?” Dave asked with a grin.

“Those lousy creeps won’t have a chance tomorrow,” Pat said. “They’ll be so fuckedout and worn-out that we’ll mow right over them. Congratulations, general.”

“Like any good commander,” Gary said, “I’m only as good as the men under my command. In this case, the men and sluts under my command. You look good, whore. You look just the way you ought to.”

Jamie was slick with piss. Her sleek, sexy body was streaked with cum and mud and dotted with wet brown turds. Cum d pussy cream dripped from her cunt. Cum dribbled from her weakly flexing shitter. Dave grabbed the bottle out of her cunt and pushed it between her lips. He held it upside-down until every drop of her pussy-cream had drained out of the bottle and down her throat. Jamie came twice while he was doing it.

“That was a very successful first mission, slut,” Gary said. “But you’ve got one fucking lot of work left to do.”

“And you’ve got to stay in training, too,” Pat said. “I saw that little trick th ey did with three fists. I think we might try three feet sometime real soon.”

“Turn her over,” Gary said, and Dave grabbed a handful of her hair and jerked her onto her stomach. “This is a present for you, Jamie. A present, just so you’ll always know who you are, and what you are.”

Jamie had an instant to see the blazing hot iron Gary held in his hand. A simple sentence was stenciled on it. It read: Please fuck me hard. A moment later Jamie saw the similar iron that Pat was holding. It read: I’m a slut.

She tried to get away. She knew that this would be the end, that once they had branded her with the two irons she would never be able to go back. For as long as she lived, she would be a toy for the men around her, a pretty, mindless animal to be fucked and hurt and ridiculed. Dave held her tight, though, and a moment later she realized that it was already too late for her.

Jamie stopped struggling and let Pat push the first brand into her left asscheek.

The pain was awful. She could smell her own smoking flesh and hear the sizzle as the brand burned into her. But she came.

And a moment later she came again. She had to, because Gary was branding her other asscheek. The pain made her cry and shiver, but it seemed to the dazed, beautiful slave that it was for the best. Now every boy and man she met would know what she was. And they would do whatever they wanted to do to her, whenever they wanted, wherever they wanted, as much as they wanted.

She decided she would show her brands to every man and boy she ever knew, and tell them to bring their friends.

She never went back to school, and never got a job or even a place to live. She just let men pass her around, and slept wherever she lay when they finished raping her, and beating her. Sometimes it was a man’s house or apartment, sometimes in a car or van, sometimes in an alley or parking lot. She didn’t care, as long as she got what she wanted, what she deserved.