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My name is David and I think I was born in the wrong time. I wish I could have been born as plantation owner. I am an electrical engineering student at a southern college. I am 6 foot 4 and well muscled but a childhood disease left my face kind of pock marked. I am not very coordinated so I was never into sports so I wasn’t popular. There was one Black Chick at school who always would make little snickering sounds when I walked by. If she was on my plantation I would certainly make her treat me with respect. I was 2 years ahead of her so I graduated and started a job but I couldn’t forget her little giggles. My grandmother died and left me a pile of money and a small farm in Northern Virginia. I went out to see it and it was pretty remote. This would be a place to teach that girl a lesson. I drove home and I noticed a neighbour had put up and electronic fence to keep his dog in his yard. I thought why that couldn’t work on a human. I began to make some plans.

Rebecca couldn’t wait march break started tomorrow and she was going to Mexico with friends. It had taken a lot of convincing to get her parents to let her go but they had She was all packed Sarah had left yesterday and her plane left tonight. She would have left yesterday too if she hadn’t had that exam today. Some one wolf whistled as she turned the corner. She ignored it, she got that a lot. She was was 5’6” with long black hair and light brown skin all the walking had given her athletic legs and she had a great ass. Her 34 C breasts got her lots of attention. Sure some girls were bigger but hers were firm and she could wear what ever she wanted. She liked showing off her body. Soon she would be wearing her new bikini on the beaches in Mexico.

Sarah noticed a new van next door to her apartment that she shared with 2 other girls and wondered if someone new was moving in. She went into the apartment and as she passed the living room to go upstairs she saw a movement then a sharp pain. She was on the floor unable to move as shock travelled thru her then a rag was put over her face and it went black.

I watched as she swished that nice ass up the stairs and got ready I had a taser ready and some chloroform. She came in and as she turned I shot the taser into her back. I moved in quickly while she couldn’t control her movements and covered her face with the chloroform rag. She couldn’t put up a fight and quickly passed out. I looked at her lying on the floor and wanted to rape her right there but I resisted there was much to do. With a quick feel of her tits I put a hood on her and cuffed her wrists and her feet I put a ring gag into her mouth so she couldn’t speak but wouldn’t choke. This would be easy to stuff if she started to scream. I went up to her room and grabbed her bags and threw them into the van then I wrapped her in blanket and put her in. I put the stuff she brought home away grabbed her tickets, her laptop and purse and headed for the van She should be out for a couple of hours but we had much further to go.
I drove for an hour to get out of the city and to some place secluded and then went into the back of the van. I took out her laptop and started it up. I took out the ring gag and put a full gag on her then used some smelling salts to bring her around. As she came around she started struggling against her bonds. I let her struggle for a few minutes and then I put a knife to her throat and told her to be still. She froze and whimpered into her gag “I am taking your gag out if you speak before I tell you to I will punish you understand”? She nodded her head. No sooner had I pulled the gag out of her mouth and rested it on her chin. then she whined” Please don’t hurt me, please let me go”  I pushed the gag back in and rolled her face down on the back seat then I used a short leather strap and struck the back of her bare thighs she screamed into her gag I struck 5 more times leaving large  welts on her soft mocha skin. She was sobbing into gag. I leaned forward.” We are not getting of to a very good start bitch when I say not to speak I mean keep that mouth shut” I struck her again to emphasise my point. “Let’s try this again” I rolled her back over and once again pulled the gag out. She didn’t speak. “good”,  I placed the strap over her lips” now I have your laptop and you are going to tell me your password, how to get into your email and your face book, nothing else no begging no questions or this strap will kiss your pretty lips. Now password” I stroked the strap around her mouth as she wet her lips. “Sassy lady” she whispered. “very good now the e-mail” “sassy lady” and it’s my face book too.” “Good girl” then I put the gag back in. I checked all her mail and posted that she had decided to go to Cuba instead and would talk to everyone in a couple of weeks.  I got back up front and drove for another couple of hours until I saw a deserted road there I turned off and drove onto a dirt road this was where I had picked our first stop to be. I went into the back picked up my little prize and carried her out. I set her down “remember what I said earlier. I took out her gag. “Open your mouth” when she opened it I stuck a straw into her mouth and told her to drink. She drank like she was in the desert. I unfastened her legs and fastened a collar onto her neck with a long leash. Because of the hood she could see nothing. I lead her over to a fallen log. I put the gag back in she was very docile. “Now you are going to relieve yourself.” She shook her head. “Really you are going to be in that car for a long time do you want to sit in your own piss and shit? Kneel”. I helped her down onto the ground then wrapped the leash onto a hanging branch. I grabbed her waist and began unfastening her shorts. She whined in her gag so I cuffed her in the side of the head” silence” I pulled down her shorts and the little black thong underneath. I sat her on the log and pulled the shorts and thong completely off. “Now go, you have a couple of minutes if you are to shy I can punch you in the kidneys to loosen you up” she still wasn’t peeing I took my knife and rested it between her pussy lips “do I need me to open you a little.” As soon as my steel touched her pussy lips she wet herself. I laughed as I walked away “that’s better”. I waited until she finished then went over and put some toilet paper in her hands “wipe yourself” She wiped herself then I poured some water onto her hands “rinse”. I picked up her shorts and underwear then grabbed the leash. “Up!” she stood “come!” and then I walked her back to the van. I put her on her side in the back and fastened her legs back together. Now be quiet. We drove for 5 more hours and got to the farm. It was now dark and cold Rebecca’s bare ass was goosepimply when it hit the cold air. I unhooked her legs and pulled her to the house. I slung her body over my shoulder and took her to the basement I unlocked the door to her Training room and brought her in. I put her on the floor and took out the gag. I removed the leash and collar and put my special collar on her. “Rebecca are you thirsty?” “Yes please”. “From this point on you will answer yes master do you understand?” “Ok” she said” can I please have something to drink” I touched a stud on my wrist pad and Rebecca’s body arched as electricity surged thru her from the collar. “ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she screamed as she writhed on the floor “”OK What! You stupid Cow” I let go of the stud and she gasped “Ok Master ok Master”. Seeing as you are a stupid cow that will be your name from now on do you understand”? “Yes master “ “better cow” I unlocked her hands “on your hands and knees cow. Open your mouth” she got on all fours and opened her mouth I put the tube from a water bottle in her mouth and started to squeeze. Are you hungry cow? “Oh god yes”. I hit the stud and she screamed I counted to 5 and then released it. She was panting on the floor her blouse had ridden up” she was an erotic sight. “Oh god yes, what cow” after each word I hit the stud and watched her convulse. “Please stop Master “please Stop Master”! “You are a very stupid cow come here” she crawled over “open” she opened her mouth and I put some apple pieces into her mouth one at a time. “Kneel “she got to her knees. “Cows don’t wear cloths take the rest of yours off” .Fearing another shock Rebecca removed her blouse and bra. “Take off your jewellery”. She started taking off her watch” why are you doing this my parents will pay you please call them”. I hit a different stud and her watch flew out of her hand as she screamed I counted to 3 and released it Rebecca was sobbing on the floor” you speak when you are spoken to and at no other time unless told do you under stand cow” “ yeesss mmasster” There are 5 settings for your collar that was only 2 do you want to feel number 3?” No master “came through her voce clearly “good now get that jewellery off” she quickly took off the bracelets and rings and a necklace she was wearing. I stood behind her “stand up!” she got to her feet slowly trying to keep her balance with no sight it was difficult I walked behind her “legs apart, arms out”. I ran my hands up her legs to her ass giving it a squeeze I felt her shudder at my touch. I stroked her back and as I walked to her front I said “ you are a very pretty cow” I waited to see if she would speak “when your master compliments you should say thank you” I touched a button and the she felt a tingle through the collar” THANK YOU MASTER” she shouted it out trembling I stroked her breast “are you trying to hurt my ears cow? “ no Master I’m sorry Master” I let my hand slide over her flat belly it jumped under my touch. Bend over and put your hands on your knees. I continued to walk around her stroking the other breast as I came behind her again. My cock was rock hard as I stared at her lovely pussy Her C-cup breasts barely moved. She whimpered as I cupped her pussy. “Did you say something cow?” “No Master” “good” Are you a virgin Cow”. Rebecca didn’t respond quickly not knowing which response would be best, “yes Master”. I grabbed her and threw her onto the floor “grab your ankles cow. I want your ankles as close to your shoulders as you can get them if they aren’t high enough I will give you some incentive. Rebecca pulled her legs up I watched as the muscles stretched and her pussy was pushed out. I spread her pussy Lips and Pushed a finger into her tight little hole. “you lied to me Cow That was very stupid” “PLEASE MASTER I DIDN’T WANT YOU TO RAPE ME PLEEEEASE “she cried as I hit the 3rd button She let go of her ankles as she screamed and pulled at her collar I  watched her body writhe and her tits jump as she tried to escape the pain”. I released the stud.” That was only 6 seconds cow now imagine a whole minute or maybe I will turn it on and just leave” She crawled towards my voice and grabbed my ankles.” Please oh god please don’t, I won’t lie anymore master I’ve had sex and I’ve given blow jobs please rape me if you want just don’t shock me anymore. She was sobbing uncontrollably. I took out my cock and Let it touch her lips. Don’t Disappoint me cow or you know what will come. Rebecca started liking up and down my shaft sucking the head into her hot mouth.  Soon my thick 9” was disappearing down her throat. “I don’t have all day cow” Rebecca became to suck harder and faster fondling my ball s with her hands I felt my cum building. I grabbed her leather clad head and began to really face fuck her. Don’t spill a drop cow or I will bring in fifty men for you to practice on until you get it right. I unloaded load after load of hot jism down her throat. It felt like it wouldn’t end. Rebecca continued to suck and lick me as I got soft. Very good cow. I put my cock back into my pants and pulled her across my lap. I ran my hand lightly over her sweet ass. Tell me Cow and don’t you Dare lie to me were you a good child. “Yes Master “Did your parents ever have to spank for being disobedient. “No Master “then this will be a new experience for you. Every time I spank you, you will say I am sorry for lying Master” do you understand? Rebecca sobbed out a “yes Master”. I lightly stroked her ass for a little bit longer then I drew my hand back and gave her a terrible slap across her cheeks. AHHHHHH I am sorry I lied Master. Very good Cow My hand rubbed a little then I struck her again AHHHH I am sorry I lied Master. Please no more.  Did I say anything about begging cow? You will get another one for that. I started spanking her again. After each hit I would rub her ass feeling it warm as I spanked it. I started letting my hand stroke her pussy in between as well. After 10 slaps she was crying but still saying she was sorry for lying. I think you are now sorry for lying cow get on your knees. She slid off my lap and got onto all fours. I put a leather belt with straps on it around her waist then put her hands through the straps and then cinched them now she could be on all fours but her hands couldn’t reach her face. I put the leash on her and made her crawl to the wall. I put my mask on and then took off her hood. I soft sigh escaped her and she blinked her eyes as the light flooded into them. She looked around the room; it was 20’x 20’ there was a glassed in shower in one corner a mattress in the opposite corner with a ring set into the wall. Against the near wall there were 2 depressions one with water and one with food in them there was 2 shuttered windows high on one wall and a steel door. There was a toilet seat set into the floor in the remaining corner and a roll of toilet paper. This is your home for now cow, until you are trained.  If you damage your collar it go off on setting five until you die or until I turn it off. If you try and leave the room it will go off on level 4 until you return. Do you want to feel level four cow? No master please. Get over to your mattress. Rebecca went over to the mattress I tied the leash to the ring. Good night Cow. I left the room not bothering to lock the door. I went upstairs and turned on the closed circuit TV I had installed. Rebecca was sobbing lying on her mattress. I remotely turned off the lights. Tomorrow new shocks would come. In the morning I made myself a big breakfast and then turned on the lights down stairs I walked in “good morning Cow” She mumbled a good morning to me so I hit the number 2 button and while she writhed and cried good morning master over and over I looked out the window. I turned it off and she slumped to the floor sobbing and gasping. I walked over to the food dish and grabbed a handful of the soft food. Come here cow I sat on the one chair and she came over on hands and knees. Open your mouth she opened her mouth and a put some food in and she started to chew. I t is time for you to understand. You eat only if I let you, you drink only if I let you. You live only if I desire to let you live. Your body is mine to with as I please. I can beat you, torture you, and disfigure you when and how I wish. Do you understand cow? Very meekly Rebecca said yes master. I can bring in men or groups of men to use your body when ever I want in what ever way I want, do you understand. Yes master she said. You belong to me slave SAY IT. I belong to you master. Now that you have learned you are no longer a cow you are my slave. You will be given a name if you prove yourself. Food water clothing and a bed are rewards. Do you understand slave? Yes master. How do you earn rewards slave? By doing everything you say Master. I waited for a second then hit the stud she cried out and I released it. No stupid slave you earn rewards by pleasing me in everything you do. By how quickly, enthusiastically and well you follow my orders. I hit the stud with each word. Your world unless you want it filled with pain and death is all about pleasing me fail to do the most you can and you will be punished. I hit the second stud and watched her body spasm. Do you understand slave. YES MASTER Please MASTER I understand. I released the stud and she sobbed. Will you be a good slave? Yes master I will be good I will please you please don’t shock me anymore.  She was curled naked on the floor. I undid her hands from the staps, get up. She exploded from the floor, stand with your legs apart and your arms out stretched. She quickly stood as she was told. I began to run my hands over her body. Caressing her breasts and ass then long strokes of her beautiful back. I stepped behind her and pushed a finger up inside her cunt, her body trembled but she didn’t move after a few strokes I Stopped and told her to walk up the stairs she started slowly to the stairs and as she put her foot on the first landing she felt a sharp pain, Master? Go! She stepped forward and screamed and fell back into the room. I walked over to her. All around the house are sensors keyed to your collar; each can only be turned off from there. If you try to go past it shocks you getting more powerful the closer you get to it and it will kill you before you can reach it. I went up stairs Come Slave. She tentatively went up the stairs I had switched off the first switch. I then went out doors and switched off the building sensors she stepped out into the back yard her eyes blinking against the sun come here slave. I walked around the back Rebecca followed trying to figure out where she was. There was I large wooden “T” in the center of the yard with a hole it the end of each arm. Step up to the Brace and put your hands through the holes. Rebecca pressed her chest against the wood and put her hands through the holes. On the opposite side were some leather straps I tied her hands into place I walked behind her and gave her ass a slap  and went into the house I had been dreaming and waiting for this moment I selected my 2 whips One a 15’ bull whip and the other a whip with 5 flat leather belts. I stepped up behind her. Slave I said. “Yes master Rebecca responded” When I told you go and put your hands threw the holes did you hurry or swing your or hips to make the walk more enjoyable to me. Rebecca knew she was in trouble” no Master I’m Sorry Master I will do better Master” What did I say would happen if you didn’t please me slave. “I would be punished Master please don’t shock me I promise I will do everything to please you from now on”. Oh I know you will because now its time for your next new experience. Little girls are spanked when they are bad but what is done to slaves that are bad. I gently stroked her back with the bullwhip. Suddenly realizing how she was positioned the answer came to her” please master don’t please I will please you I will I will I will. SLAVE ANSWER YOUR MASTER! WHAT IS DONE TO BAD SLAVES”? Rebecca was crying her body shook “Slaves Are whipped master” Pleeeease.  I stepped back and cracked the whip near her, her whole shook at the sound. I had practiced for long hours for my fantasy as a plantation owner. This slave is a bull whip and when it hits it will cut your skin I cracked it near her head so the sound would be loud. “PLeeeeease Master Don’t I will be Goood and please you” She was sobbing and crying I could not believe the sense of power I felt I was rock hard. Here was this bitch who wouldn’t even give me the time of day begging to please me.  This will teach you what will await you if you fail slave. I cracked the whip. Rebecca’s bladder let go and her piss ran down her legs. I pulled back and let the whip kiss her flesh lightly leaving an angry red cut across her back. Rebecca screamed. I walked up to her. I ran my finger down the cut and she tried to push into the wood to get away from my touch. Do you think I hit you very hard slave.” I I I dddoon’t know master”. I only very lightly struck you your back isn’t even bleeding. Do you want to feel a hard strike slave? “OH NO PLEASE MASTER I WILL DO EVERYTHING YOU WANT REALLY FAST PLEASE NO MORE. “Well we shall see the bull whip really isn’t for beautiful women like your self pleasure slaves get different treatment. Are you a pleasure slave? Yes master just give me a chance I will please you like no one ever has. I took the handle of the belt whip and put it between her legs. You have made a bit of a mess with your body. “I’m sorry master I was so scared. I walked in front of her this is a slave whip I showed her the whip It is designed to cause pain but not break the skin. This is what will be used on you if you make me think you are a pleasure slave and are bad. I walked back behind her pulled back my arm and struck her back with the 5 belts. ARRRHHHHHhhhhhhh. I pulled back and struck again and again 5 times I struck her ass she cried and begged and sobbed. After 4 she basically hung by her wrist straps. I walked around front and cut her loose she fell to the ground. Come here slave. Rebecca crawled over to me and looked up tears and snot covered her face. You don’t look like a pleasure slave there is a hose over there go clean yourself up. Rebecca struggled to get up. Quickly slave. Rebecca ran to the hose and sprayed herself down. I walked over to her. Kneel. She quickly got on her knees. I stroked her cheek with the handle of the whip. Who owns you slave. “You do master”. What is your job? “To please you as well as I can at all times.” What will happen if you are not eager enough to please me? “You will punish me master”. Do you wish to feel the whip or the shock? No Master I will be a good slave. I looked into her eyes and there was no resistance at all she was broken. I reached back and pulled my hood off. Shock crossed her face as she recognised me. Suck my cock slave and do a very good job. Rebecca twitched as she unzipped my fly and pulled out my 9” of rock hard meat and started to suck me off. I let the belts of the whip rest on her back and she quickly picked up her pace using her tongue on my shaft while cupping my balls with her hands. As I felt my cock swell I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her off. I covered her face with shot after shot of my cum. Very good slave you are becoming an excellent cock sucker. “Thank you Master she said softly “her mind was still trying to come to grip with the fact that someone she had thought beneath her notice had just given her a facial. Cum was still dripping off her face and hardening on her eye lids. I reached out and clipped a leash onto her collar Alright slave back to the house hands and knees. She went back to the house and I let the straps gently strike her ass as we moved back down into the basement I told her to open her mouth.  I folded the leash and put it in her open mouth. Now walk into the washroom and bring me a wet face cloth. She brought me the cloth. Kneel slave I gently washed her face looking directly into her eyes, there was no resistance she was broken. Go to your bed, she quickly went to her bed and knelt there. Now let’s see if you really can be a pleasure slave. On your back with your legs spread wide. Now slave do you think I want to fuck a dry pussy. “I don’t know master” very good slave you are learning quickly. I want your slit wet when I drive into it for the first time. I want you to masturbate for me slave I want your pussy sopping wet when I plunge into you. It will please me to watch you. Rebecca began to rub her pussy and clit. DO you need an inducement? I hit the button that made the collar buzz. NO Master please I will make myself wet for you. She moved one hand up to her tit and began playing with her nipple she closed her eyes and began sliding a finger into her mouth then her slit. After a couple of minutes her pussy began to moisten as her finger began sliding deeper and deeper in. Are you getting wet for me slave?  Yes master she panted. You really want to please me don’t you slave? Yes master! Watching her, my cock felt ready to burst. I stripped out of my clothes and stood in front of her. SLAVE!

Her eyes opened, Grab your ankles. Rebecca reached up and grabbed her ankles spreading herself wide for me I knelt down grabbed her hips and brought her pussy to my cock. I pushed the head in then laid down on her. I slammed the first 5 inches in, hearing her grunt as it slid in. Who owns you slave? You do master. I slammed the rest of my cock into her feeling no resistance.  Who must you please? I pulled out so only my head was in her. You master, correct slave and slammed my self back into her. I picked up speed as my balls started to tighten. Beg for my seed slave. Please master fill your slave with your seed fill me up with it. I felt my cock splash her insides with jism. Now slave use your mouth to make me hard again. I sat back and she moved between my legs and put her mouth to work, I groped her breasts as her hot mouth engulfed my cock. I stroked her hair as her head bobbed up and down and my cock went in and out of her mouth.

I got dressed, on your back Rebecca. She got onto her back, open your legs. She spread her legs wide. I walked back and picked up the whip and came back to her. Earlier you asked me why I hadn’t called your parents for money. I know you recognize me and you remember all those little giggles and jokes you had about me fro 2 years. As I spoke I let the straps slide over her body seeing the fear in her eyes you are going to serve as my pleasure slave for the next 2 years. Rebecca’s eye grew huge. By the time people start looking for you no one will remember my van. Do you even remember my name Rebecca? No Master. I stroked her mouth with the handle of the whip that’s alright Master is the only thing you will need to know fro the next couple of years. What are you Rebecca? Rebecca spoke very softly your slave master. That’s right and if after 2 years you are a disappointment I will sell you instead of letting you go. Fear lept into her eyes. Forget everything you ever were or wanted. There is only one way to get home and that’s to be a perfect pleasure slave I will give you books and tapes and you will devote all your time to learning how to better please me. I slid my hand onto her pussy. There is no escape I have planned this for the last year. The old Rebecca is dead you are Rebecca the pleasure slave. I went over and sat down now Slave come here and fuck me with your body and we will see how far and how much you have to learn. Rebecca quickly came over and straddled her master she was his slave and feared him more than anything. Never had she worried about what anyone thought before. She felt completely helpless and the only thing she could do to make her situation better was to fuck really well. She would be the best slave, her life depended on it, she knew what men liked and he would never have to shock or beat her again. The thought of the pain of the whip and the shock made her shiver as she slid her cunt over his cock and began to ride him she pressed her breasts against his chest and began kissing his neck. She would be the best slave and then she would get to go home …she hoped.