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Sorority Rape

The nice thing about living in a college town is that you can blend in with the crowd, and no one pays much attention to anything you are doing. Me I appear to be any other student, but that is far from the reality. The fact that I can blend in and I am intelligent, and devious makes me a person that should be feared.

Every summer when the previous tenants of the rentals move out, the landlords will clean out the rentals and leave keys, and a lease for the next fall’s tenants on a table or refrigerator. This is where I got the idea, since these houses are empty, I waited till darkness and climbed in through an unlocked window, took a copy of the key and proceeded to get a copy made. The next evening I returned the stolen key, and no one was any the wiser. An investment that would pay dividends later that year. I repeated this act about 10 times so by the fall semester I had full access to ten student rentals.

Much to my pleasure the first house I took the key from was going to be occupied by a group of sorority bitches, My dick raged hard when I saw the Greek letters in the window. To those who don’t know the sorority type let me describe it. Usually pretty hot looking, rich, and bitchy as all fucking hell. They wear the best clothes and drive the nicest cars, and date the jocks in college.

Like I said earlier, no one pays much attention to any person who appears to fit in with the college crowd, so when I walked by this house daily, to check out the bitches, I was basically invisible. To my best observation I saw four girls were sharing this house. Two blondes, one pretty hot, one not, a redhead, and a stellar dark haired girl. By doing a little research I found out the brunettes name was Karri, and I proceeded to stalk my prey, by following her daily routine. Karri would go to class, lunch, the library, and the gym the same time everyday. How do I describe Karri? She had long straight almost black hair, a killer tan, not huge tits, but perky, oh and an ass that would stop any straight man in his tracks, she would always wear tight Levi’s or Calvin Kleins which just made her ass all that much more desirable, and during the warm fall weather she would wear half shirts showing off her flat stomach. She even looked sexy in the cold fall with a black down jacket covering her little body. I masturbated daily waiting for the opportunity to prey upon Karri.

One evening late in the fall I saw that Karri’s sorority was having a social party) at that sororities, big house, therefore I knew that Karri’s house would be empty, knowing not one of the bitches would miss such a party. I waited until dark and walked up to the front door of Karri’s house, it was dark on the inside so I decided it was empty. a house with students in it is usually very well lit.) I inserted the key that I had stolen in the summer, and walked into the girls home. I was decked out in a dark black down coat, jeans, gloves, and in my pocket I had a knife, flashlight, and ski mask. the essentials)

The house was a typical bitches house, pictures of the hottest guys, the smell of perfume, Greek letters, closets full of the most fashionable clothes (Abercrombie and Fitch, Calvin Klein, etc) lots of valuable electronics computers, vicar’s TV’s Aiwa stereos, etc.). I went through each of the bedrooms until I found Karri’s, and with my flashlight I looked at every inch of the bedroom. I opened drawers, went through closets, and when I found her underwear, I tucked two pairs of the nicest ones into my jacket pocket for my later use.

I was debating whether I should wait for her to come home, and have my way with her, but I reasoned that her roommates may come with her, and that would be a bad thing. I noticed on her desk calendar that she had filled in each day until the end of the semester, and noticed that the day after thanksgiving she had written “Work 7pm, return to town by noon”, this meant she would be at her house, even though school would be closed for the thanksgiving holiday, and probably meaning her roommates would have gone back home. This meant might Karri be all alone. With the exception of the panties, I stole only a picture of her and a friend from a pack of pictures I found in the drawer. She would never notice these small items were missing, and fighting the urge to steal the other valuables in the house, I left unnoticed into the darkness outside. The next three weeks before Thanksgiving seemed to drag by, as I masturbated while looking at her picture and fondling her silky panties, Karri didn’t know what was going to happen to her.

Finally Thanksgiving break arrived, I observed Karri’s house, usually alight with activity, dark and quiet, meaning that everyone was gone. I walked up to the front door inserted my key into the lock, and entered the empty sorority house for the second time. It was late Thanksgiving night, and I knew Karri would be home the next day so I had plenty of time. I went into each of Karri’s three roommates bedrooms and removed the choice electronic items and placed them in the basement next to the garage door. I found three laptops, two vicars, jewellery, a couple of nice leather jackets, and about 211$(an added surprise), and a video cam which I would use for documentation. I then closed up the rooms knowing that Karri would more than likely not go into the rooms and notice the missing items, until she first went into her own room, which I left intact. The night passed and I fell asleep on Karri’s bed and was woken the next morning by the sun streaming in her window.

It was 9 am and I was getting anxious for Karri to come home, the next two hours passed slowly, but around 11:00 I heard a car pull up in front of the house. I glanced out the window and saw the red sports car which Karri drove, and she was getting out, and she was alone! I took my hiding place in her closet, pulled on my ski mask, and took the knife out of my pocket.

I heard the front door open, and I heard her footsteps as she came towards her bedroom, She stopped and checked for messages on her answering machine (there were none, I had erased them).

Slowly the door to her bedroom opened, and she walked into her bedroom, I could see her through the crack in the closet door. She was wearing tight levy’s and a button down flannel type shirt. She hung her First Down Jacket on her doorknob and walked towards the closet.

My dick raged, and my heart raced, and time seemed to stop as the door to the closet opened. Just then, I reached out from the closet and grabbed Karri’s arm, she screamed but no one was around to hear her, and I quickly tackled her onto her bed. Now I am about 245 lbs Karri is only about 110 so it didn’t take much to subdue her, and the flash of the blade of the knife helped convince her that the painless way was the way for her to go. I pinned her on her own bed and just looked at how beautiful she was.

She pleaded. “Don’t hurt me! Take anything you want!”

I smiled and said. “I will, where is your money bitch?”

Karri pointed to her wallet/key chain thing that all the bitches were carrying, and I unzipped it to find 88 dollars, and three credit cards and her Driver license. I put the whole thing in a book bag I had found in the house, and proceeded to remove the nice necklace, and rings she was wearing. I took the video cam out of the closet and placed it on the dresser and hit record.

I ordered her “Now don’t give me an excuse to cut you bitch! I am going to have some fun with you!”

Karri cried and pleaded but I wasn’t going to have any of it. “I am going to rape you, you sorority bitch!”

With that I began unbuttoning her shirt, and fondling her chest. I unbuttoned her last button on her shirt and threw it aside and then tore her bra form her body, exposing her perky tits. She cried, as I buried my face deep in her chest and licked her tits over and over. I was getting so fuckin hard I had to get inside this bitch.

Next I reached down to her ass covered by her tight levy’s and squeezed and pinched it. I was getting off more and more by the minute. Finally I reached up to her pants and quickly unbuttoned her Levi’s, and then in ecstasy unzipped them taking time to enjoy the sound of her zipper going down. I slid her pants to her ankles, removed her shoes and slipped them to the floor. Karri was now lying on her bed in just her panties and socks looking sexy as hell. I had to fuck her soon!

I reached up under her panties and inserted a finger and finger raped her mainly to make her wet) Then I reached down and pulled her panties off and stuck them and her jeans into my book bag, I wanted some souvenirs. Karri tried to jump off the bed, but I grabbed her by the throat and tossed her back onto her little bed.

“YOU FUCKING BITCH!” I screamed.

I choked her for about ten seconds as punishment for her trying to escape. “Now you had better cooperate!” I yelled, and she nodded her head, she realized she was going to be raped.

I pulled my pants off and started removing my underwear when I was finished I climbed on top of Karri and spread her tan legs, my dick was rock hard and ready. I was going to rape Karri!

I slowly inserted into Karri, and starting pumping my meat into her fine body. I was in heaven realizing that I was violating this sorority bitch with my dick. I quickened the pace, and after four minutes I couldn’t hold my load any more.

Karri pleaded for me not to cum in her, but I laughed and nutted right in the bitch. She cried when she realized the rapists cum was mixing with her fluids. Like I even considered pulling out!

I climbed off Karri and began looking around her bedroom. I ordered her not to move, and by this time she was defeated and agreed. I emptied her jewellery box, and unhooked her computer and placed them outside her bedroom door, I wasn’t missing the opportunity at taking her valuables.

Karri must have thought I was done with her but she was very wrong, My dick was rock hard and I was going to have some fun with that tight ass of hers. I rolled Karri onto her stomach and judging by the look of sheer terror in her eyes she knew what was going to happen. She began crying and pleading for me not too violate her ass. I placed my dick over her tight little ass hole, and reached up to her pussy and used the wetness to lubricate her hole. Then in one vicious thrust I inserted my tool right into her ass. Karri screamed a bloodcurdling scream, but I continued to pump my dick into her ass. With each thrust Karri would scream, and I moved one more step towards orgasm. Sweat rolled from me as I ass raped Karri, finally after 15 minutes I shot a load of cum right up her now stretched ass. Karri just laid on her bed and whimpered. I felt invincible like I had just conquered the world. I turned off the video cam I had found in her roommates room and had used to record the whole rape, and put it in with my other stolen bounty. I tied Karri up with a roll of duct tape I had found in the basement and put the rest of her valuables with the others in the garage. I had to wait until dark to move her car into the garage so no one would see me. In the meantime I watched TV and raped Karri three more times. Finally at dark I moved Karri’s car to the garage, loaded up all the loot I had taken and drove off. Not only did I get to rape that fine bitch, but including her car, all the merchandise I stole from the house, when I fenced it sold for 10,000$. Not bad for the effort of stealing a key huh?

Karri never returned to school, but rumors floated around and I really enjoyed hearing people talk about it, They wondered if anyone would be next, or if the guy would be caught. Well so far I have raped 11 college girls…does that answer your question? But I will always enjoy watching the tape of the first one!