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Take My Wife, Please

Dan was enjoying himself completely. He had been married to Karen for nearly two years now, and didn’t get many chances to go out with the guys. These were his buddies from his single life, and there were times he missed hanging with them. Although he loved his wife, it was nice to just bullshit sometimes about guy things

” So how’s married life treating you?” Gary asked as he sipped his beer.

“Hey, not bad at all. Karen’s a real knock out, you know. Or actually, you don’t. You guys have never met her. Anyway, she treats me good, too. Really great.”

” Yeah, you’re a lucky man” Paul said. ” Sure wish I could be tied down to one girl.”

” No shit,” Bill added to the good natured harassment ” same thing day after day after day. Must be great.”

” Come on guys,” added Steve the bartender ” leave poor Dan alone. It’s not nice to speak ill of the dead.”

” Fuck you all.” Dan said with a grin on his face. ” You’re all just jealous.”

” Sure we are, man, sure we are.” Gary said.

” Seriously though,” said Steve ” I don’t think any of us figured you’d really settle down, Danny. You were always kind of loony when it came to sex.”

” Quite true, Steve, quite true. Our Danny was the king of the skirt chasers. Nothing too kinky for him!.”

Paul threw in. ” Tell us, Dan, don’t you ever long for the old days when it was anything goes?”

” Sometimes, yeah. Now I’ve just got my fantasies.” Dan smirked.

” Fantasies? Like what?” Bill wanted to know ” Yours should be good.”

Dan probably wouldn’t have said anything if he had consumed a little less scotch, but that wasn’t the case. Besides, these were his buddies of many years. ” Well, to tell you the truth, sometimes I fantasize about watching somebody else bang Karen. Maybe even a couple guys. Really turns me on, you know?”

” Hey, If you need any help man, I’ll be glad to make the sacrifice. Shit, what are friends for?” Gary responded immediately.

” Hell, ANY of us would be glad to assist.” Bill added.

” Never happen,” Dan told them. ” Karen loves sex, but she’s not the group sex type. Believes in the sanctity of marriage and all that.” And maybe that was kind of a shame, Dan thought. Just talking with these guys about them banging Karen was getting him aroused. ” She’d never go for it, guys.”

” Oh, yeah?” Steve asked thoughtfully. ” Suppose, just suppose, that we didn’t give her a choice?”

” What? You mean rape?” Dan said incredulously. ” Are you nuts? If I stood by and let you rape her, she’d leave me in a New York minute! I mean, I wouldn’t mind watching you guys bust her open, but I don’t want to lose her, either!”

” So who says you have to lose her, man?” Steve grinned at Dan. ” How would you feel about seeing us tear into her, and then she doesn’t even remember any of it the next day?”

Dan thought about this. He knew that there were some unique drugs around any more, mostly referred to as ‘date rape’ drugs. He also knew that Steve did a little minor dealing in that area. If anybody could get a hold of something that would leave Karen bombed but on her feet and somewhat aware at night, but with no memory of what happened the next day, Steve would be the one.

” What did you have in mind.” Dan asked. Gary, Bill and Paul were all ears, now.

” Tuesdays are dead around this place,” Steve said. ” Next Tuesday, bring Karen in to meet you buddies around six thirty. You guys can be here?” Steve looked at the other three, who all nodded enthusiastically. Steve turned back to Dan. ” So you get here around six thirty. Guaranteed this place will be empty of anybody but us. After you get here, I’ll lock the door and turn off the outside sign to make sure nobody tries to stop in. Karen will never notice. After she’s had two or three drinks, I slip her a little dose of shit, and in about twenty minutes, it’s party time!”

Dan had a hard on just from talking about it. He knew there was no way he could pass this up.

On Tuesday, Dan waited for Karen to finish getting ready. Not knowing what was planned for her, she was actually looking forward to meeting her husbands friends. As she came out of the bedroom, Dan was taken with how great she really looked. She was wearing a tight, sleeveless red dress with white polka dots, light colour pantyhose, and white four inch high heels. This outfit showed off her great figure and even better legs to their fullest. Dan also knew that the pantyhose she wore were crotch less. Karen always wore them because Dan loved them. Little did she know that tonight she would wear them for men other than her husband.

Dan kept up a light conversation with Karen during the half hour drive to the bar. When he pulled into the lot, Karen crinkled her brow at the run down exterior.

” Gee,” she said, ” the place looks kind of like a dive.” While Karen liked neighbourhood type bars, she wasn’t fond of really low-life places, which this obviously was. She never felt safe in such places.

” I know, sweetheart, but me and the guys started hanging around this place years ago, when it was in better shape. Besides, in addition to me, there’s going to be four of my buddies in here. Trust me, you’ll be safe.” Yeah, right, Dan thought to himself.

” I know,” Karen smiled, ” and I really want to meet your friends. Let’s go in.”

Dan pulled the door open and let Karen step in first. He could see the faces on his four friends over Karen’s shoulder, and he could tell each one of them was truly impressed. He could also tell that each one was really anxious to fuck the living shit out of his wife. The thought hit him again that he was setting his own wife up for a gang rape, and the thought aroused him as well.

” Honey, this is Gary, Paul, Bill and Steve. Guys, this is Karen.”

Karen exchanged greetings with the four men, and then Steve asked her what she would like to drink. When Karen asked for a Fuzzy Navel, Steve went to the end of the bar to get orange juice. While Dan and the others held Karen’s attention, Steve locked the door and turned off the outside sign. He also made Karen a Hairy Fuzzy Navel, adding vodka as well as peach schnapps to the orange juice, and pouring doubles of each for good measure. If Karen was a little drunk, she would attribute her memory lapse the next morning to the booze and not get suspicious. He delivered Karen’s drink, as well as Dan’s normal scotch.

By Karen’s third drink, she was obviously enjoying herself. She had hit it off well with Dan’s buddies, talking, playing pool, even dancing with each of them. After her fourth, she was really loosening up, thanks to the drug that Steve had slipped to her. Dan watched as Paul danced with Karen. Karen had both arms wrapped around Paul’s neck and Paul was running his hand down her back and onto her tight, shapely ass.

Normally if another man did something like that, Karen would have hit the ceiling. Now, she just giggled and smiled at Paul, tipping her head back to look at him. Paul took advantage of her position and bend his head to kiss her. Karen kept her arms around Paul’s neck and kissed him back as he slipped his tongue into her mouth and continued to massage her ass. Finally Karen pulled back from Paul.

” Whoa, tiger.” She said with a slight slurring to the words. ” I need a break, okay?”

” Sure” Paul said, ” whatever you want.”

Paul held Karen around the waist with his left arm to support her as they moved back to the bar where Dan and the others sat. Karen responded by slipping her right arm around his waist.

” Enjoying yourself, dear?” Dan asked her.

” You bet.” Karen responded, weaving slightly as she said it, her one arm still around Paul. ” I really like you friends, honey.” She said as she placed her other arm around Bill’s waist as he stood at the bar. Bill joined Paul in placing his arm around Karen’s waist. She now stood there with Bill and Paul pressed against either side of her, her arms under each of their shoulders and around their waists. Without realizing it, Karen had placed herself in a position from which she couldn’t fight, or even move, if need be.

” Well we really like you, too, Karen,” Bill said as he leaned over and began kissing her.

Karen responded by kissing him back. After all, her fuzzy mind reasoned, these were her husbands friends, and there was no harm in a little kiss. It was then that Karen felt Paul’s hand starting to squeeze her tit. Even in her drug fogged state, this was going too far.

She tried pulling her mouth away from Bill’s but he kept kissing her, his tongue moving into her mouth. She felt Bill place his free hand on her stomach, then begin to move down her thigh. Bill continued moving his hand down until it was below the hem of her dress and on her nylon clad leg. Karen tried to struggle as Paul kept kneading her tit and Bill moved his hand to the inside of her leg and began moving it back up under her dress. Karen finally freed her mouth from Bill’s as his hand reached her crotch. Karen twisted in the grip of the two men but couldn’t break free.

” Stop it!” Karen said angrily. ” You’re going too far! Don’t do that!”

With only a pair of silk panties over the crotch less pantyhose Karen wore, Bill had no trouble slipping a finger under the panties and into her pussy.

” DON’T!” Karen screamed, jerking her hips to the rear, as she felt Bill’s finger beginning to enter her. Bill moved his hand with her, though, and he jammed his finger all the way inside of her. Karen continued twisting around, trying to get out of their grasp, but couldn’t break free. They continued abusing her body with their hands.

” DAN!” Karen screamed, ” HELP ME! MAKE THEM STOP!”

” Sorry Babe, ” Dan grinned ” but I’m enjoying the show.”

Karen couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her husband was letting his friends feel her up and wasn’t doing anything to stop them. She still hadn’t realized the full extent of what was happening to her.

Dan placed his hand on Steve’s arm. ” As the supplier of this fine establishment, as well as the needed , ummm, materials, I suggest that Steve be allowed the honor of being the first to open the dance!”

” Here, here!”

Steve thanked Dan and moved towards Karen. Paul and Bill still held her helpless. Slowly it was beginning to dawn on Karen what was going on.

” Oh no!” she pleaded. ” Please don’t! Dan! DAN! Don’t let them, please don’t let them!”

Steve grabbed the hem of Karen’s dress and pulled it above her hips. The dress was tight enough that it stayed in that position. He then took hold of her panties and began slowly pulling them down, grinning at her as he did so. Karen still struggled uselessly as Steve removed her panties.

” Put her up on the barstool,” Steve told Paul and Bill.

Karen was lifted up and put on the stool, putting her pussy crotch-high to Steve. Paul and Bill held Karen back against the bar while Steve undid his pants and pulled out his dick. Karen increased her struggles against the two men holding her down as she saw Steve approaching her, primed and ready to go.

” Dear God, NOOO! DAN! Please HELP me!!!” Karen screamed as Steve pressed his dick against the lips of her pussy. ” Stop it. STOP IT! I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS!”

She began sobbing, tears streaming down her face as she felt Steve beginning to enter her. Suddenly, and without warning, Steve crammed himself completely into Karen with one vicious thrust.

” IIIEEEEEAAAAARRGGGG!!!!!” Karen screamed, arching her back and snapping her head back with the pain of the brutal assault.

Steve was ramming into her repeatedly, pounding her as hard and as he could while Karen continued pleading with him to stop. Never did she imagine that there could be such pain. Paul and Bill, still pinning Karen to the bar, squeezed her tits as Steve continued brutalizing her.

Karen saw Dan standing with Gary, sipping his scotch and watching while his friend raped his wife. Even with her mind befuddled by drugs, Karen couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t accept it.


Steve had his elbows under Karen’s knees now, lifting her legs almost to her chest and driving deeper into her with every thrust. His breathing was coming heavier now as he began grunting with each thrust.

” NOOOO!!!” Karen screamed as she felt him deposit his thick, heavy load of cum deep inside her. ” OH GOD NOOOOOOOOoooooo!!!” her scream tapering off as Steve’s motion slowed.

Steve laid against Karen’s quivering body while he caught his breath. After a minute he straightened up, withdrawing from her as he did.

” Throw her up on the bar, guys,” Gary yelled,. ” I want to feel her under my ass!!”

Karen began struggling again as Paul grabbed her under the arms and Bill grabbed her by the legs. Roughly they threw her onto the bar. Behind the bar again, Steve grabbed one wrist and pinned her arm down above her head while Paul did the same with her other arm. As Gary climbed onto the bar, Karen tried to kick him. Bill grabbed one ankle and pinned her leg down while Dan moved behind the bar with Steve and pinned down her other leg. Karen’s shocked mind grasped the fact that not only was Dan letting these animals rape her, he was helping them hold her down!!!

Karen was spread eagle on the bar, held down and helpless as Gary, naked from the waist down, moved between her legs and hovered over her.

” Please don’t” Karen sobbed as he lowered himself on top of her. ” Please, no more, no more. Please let me go!”

Karen squeezed her eyes shut and gritted her teeth as she felt Gary enter her, driving himself inside her.

” UUUUHHHHHNNNNN” Karen grunted through clenched teeth. Gary was on top of her, crushing her against the cold bar, driving into her repeatedly.

” Stop!” Karen begged, tears still streaming from her eyes. ” Please stop it! Oh please, get off me! Please, please GET OFF ME!!!! PLEASE STOP!!!”

Gary was moving like a pile driver, impaling Karen repeatedly as he moved towards orgasm. Suddenly he drove himself as deep as he could into Karen and held himself there, exploding in a massive orgasm that filled her insides.

” Oh God, no,” whimpered Karen, ” not again! Not again!”

Gary climbed off Karen and to the floor. ” Here,” Paul told him, ” take her arm. I’m next.”

When Karen heard Paul’s statement, she began slowly shaking her head from side to side. ” Oh no. Please no more. Dan? Dan, please don’t let them hurt me anymore. Please don’t let them hurt me. Why are you doing this? Why are you letting them do this?”

Paul climbed onto the bar, but instead of moving between her legs, he moved up to her chest, kneeling over her face with one leg on each side of her. Karen was wracked with a new wave of sobbing as she realized what this meant.

” Nooo, please don’t do thi-i-i-is, pp-p-llle-e-esse d-d-oh-oh-ohn’t!” Karen blubbered through her sobs.

Paul grabbed her hair and twisted, holding her head still while he forced his dick between her lips.

” Noommphhp” Karen tried to beg around the offending organ, choking as she did so ” NOMMPH! PLEASAAGUUGG! MMUUGUFFF! AAACCKKKK!!”

Karen was squirming on the bar, trying to get away from Paul, but there was no escape. Paul drove his dick to the back of her mouth, then began forcing himself into her throat. Karen had always been a gagger, she had never been able to perform oral sex, but Paul didn’t care. Karen fought against the hands holding her down, squirming and twisting on the bar as Paul forced himself deeper into her throat. Karen was gagging on Paul’s dick as she felt her nose being pressed against his abdomen. He was completely in her mouth!

Completely in her throat! Karen wanted to die. She couldn’t take this. She felt him withdraw just enough for her to get a short breath, and then he moved back into her throat. He began repeating this motion, over and over. Karen suddenly realize the truth. This wasn’t a blow job. Paul was fucking Karen in the mouth, fucking her in the throat! Karen continued gagging and choking as Paul moved more rapidly in and out of her throat. His breathing increased, his speed increased, Karen knew what was going to happen. With a massive thrust, Paul buried his dick deep into Karen’s throat, her face pressed against his abdomen, and blasted a huge load of thick cum into her. Karen’s body jumped as if it had been hit with an electric charge, her back arching high off the bar.

It took all the strength of the four men holding her down to keep her in position. Paul continued squirting cum down Karen’s throat, leaving her no choice but to swallow the foul load. Satiated, Paul withdrew himself from Karen’s mouth. Karen began coughing and choking, gasping for breath.

Bill took Karen’s hair and turned her head so she could see him.

” And last but not least….” he smiled at her. Karen’s sobbing continued. He couldn’t be serious. She couldn’t possibly take any more.

” How do you want her, man?” she heard a voice say. She thought it was Dan.

” Roll her over! I’m going up the Hershey highway!” Bill chuckled.

Karen couldn’t believe what she heard! She had never done that before, but friends told her it was painful. Painful with someone who cared, who tried to be gentle! What would it be like with this rapist!! Karen began pleading and begging as they twisted her around, forcing her face down on the bar. She could see Bill in the mirror behind the bar, moving between her legs, his dick exposed and rock hard!

” NO! DON’T DO THIS! PLEASE, ANYTHING BUT THIS! LEAVE ME ALONE! PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE!!” Karen screamed as she felt Bill press his dick against her asshole and begin forcing his way in. She felt the head of his dick force it’s way inside her. She had never felt such pain, and it was only beginning. HE WASN’T REALLY IN YET!

” STOP!!!” Karen screamed as Bill forced his dick deeper into her ass. ” DEAR GOD PLEASE STOP. PEASE DON’T DO THIS!”

Bill was laying on Karen’s back, pinning her to the bar with all his weight, forcing himself deeper into Karen with each thrust. Then, with a final brutal thrust, Bill drove himself completely into Karen’s ass, penetrating deep into her bowels. Karen screamed in pain at the viciousness of the assault, feeling that this would surely kill her.

” GET OFF OF ME. PLEASE GET OFF OF ME!!!!” Karen screamed and pleaded as Bill continued driving into her, pounding her with all his strength. ” JESUS CHRIST PLEASE STOP!! DAN! DAN PLEASE MAKE HIM STOP! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!!!!”

Bill drove into her, harder and harder, faster and faster, causing her more and more pain until, with a final, brutal thrust, he came deep in her bowels, filling her with his hot, burning seed and tearing another scream from Karen. As Bill collapsed on Karen’s back, she collapsed on the bar, totally exhausted.

” You going to have some, Dan?” Steve asked.

” Nah. I can have her anytime I want.”

Steve helped Dan carry Karen’s limp and exhausted body to the car, where they deposited her in the passenger seat. Dan said farewell to his friends and drove Karen home. By the time they arrived, Karen was passed out from the drugs that had been given to her. Dan carried her upstairs, cleaned her up, put a nightgown on her, and put her to bed.

The next morning, Dan was at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and the newspaper when Karen came down. She looked as if she had a hang over.

” Good morning, dear” Dan said.

” Good morning, sweetheart” Karen answered.

Karen sipped her coffee, them asked ” Dan, what happened last night?”

” What do you mean, dear?”

” Well, I can’t seem to remember much of what happened. I seem to be drawing a blank.”

” It doesn’t surprise me, dear,” Dan smiled ” you had quite a bit to drink last night.”

” Oh no.” Karen looked worried, ” I didn’t do anything stupid, did I? I mean, I’d hate it if I embarrassed you in front of your friends.”

” Don’t you worry about that, sweetest. My friends absolutely loved you! Each and every one of them!”