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Teen Rape

It was the summer of 1999. Within a new community of homes a 20 year old student of Purdue University was visiting his parents. While he was studying in his room, he looked out of the window and saw a bikini clad girl a few houses away. He grabbed his binoculars and studied her. She was laying belly up getting a nice dark tan. All by herself in the back yard with no dogs or anything. He thought of how nice it would be to fuck her.

While he was in school he managed to rape three students on dates. None of them has ever reported the assault. He decided to see if he can easily rape this morsel before he returns to school next week.

The next few days and nights he studied the coming and goings of he house, and through talking with neighbours he found out that only she and her mother lived there. Her mother was a ugly bitch who worked late at night. He watched as her mother left each night and the time. He also found a hidden back door key. Watching the house he located the next victims bedroom.

Two nights before he suppose to go back to school, his parents had to leave the house for a business trip. That night he decided to attempt to rape the bikini babe. At 10:15 PM, he seen her mother leave the house. Through his binoculars he watched the teenager in her living room. She has shoulder length dark brown hair and stood about 5 ft and 3 inches. She left the room for a few minutes and came back wearing a silk looking sleep ware. Finally around 11:30 PM, she turned off the lights and went to her bedroom. The bedroom light went out about twenty minutes later.

He got some stuff together in a back pack. Rope, scissors, duct tape, tampon, a small red filtered pen light, douching mix, and a 120,000 volt stun that he placed on the outside of the back pack. He set his alarm for 2:25 AM and went off to sleep. The alarm woke him up. He left the lights off so that it didn’t bother his night vision. He put on his back pack and carried only the stun gun and the pen light on his side. The cool night air had fog forming. He dodged between house lights wearing dark clothing, until he reached his targets home. Underneath a lawn chair he found the key, and with it he opened the back door. When he stepped in the house he took a deep breath, and pulled out the pen light. It was 2:45 AM – five and a half hours before her mom comes home and two and a half hours before sunrise. More than enough time!

He slowly walked down the hallway that leads to the victims bedroom. To his right was the bathroom, and the victims bedroom was the last door on the left. He turned off his penlight and put it in his pants pocket, and activated the power to the stun gun – a little red light showed that it was ready. His heart was beating fast as he peered into the open room. There she was – underneath covering with her back towards him. He pictured in his mind how he was going to start the assault. Moving quietly, he laid his back pack on the end of the bed and went around to her front. The moonlight was creating a soft glow on her, the attackers penis was getting hard and the time was now!

He grabbed her covers and threw them off her body. The 18 year old woke up, but not before a hand clamped over her mouth and her body was pushed on its back. She started to scream as the attacker pulled down her sleep ware exposing one of her breasts, as she was beginning to fight with her hands then the attacker reached for his stun gun and presses it on her skin above her right breast. A 15-second electrical shock filled her body and she stopped struggling..

He gazed upon her tan-lined chest of 34 cc breasts. Her pink nipples were huge and stiff from the cool air, and a light pink areola centred her white skin. He knew that soon she would become resistant again, so he reached for his bag. First he stuffed a tampon into her mouth and securing it with duct tape, then taped over her eyes and finally brought her wrists behind her back and bound them with the rope. She was becoming conscious. He opened the curtain more to let the moonlight enter her room. Her silk night ware was half ripped and opened enough so that her tits were out. As she struggled, he didn’t say a word as her breasts freely moved.

It was now 3 AM, and he spoke quietly. ” Good morning neighbour, it’s nice to see you half naked!” He pushed he back one her back and sat on her, then he finished ripping the sleep ware and pulled it down to her wrists behind her. Taking off his black T-shirt he laid down on top of her and whispered into her ear.

” You are going to get raped tonight. I know your mom won’t be home until after sunrise and that is a long time away. Until then you and I are going to have fun, if you try to escape then you will die.” He moved one of his hands to her right breast that he was laying on. She wined as he touched the soft tissue and fingered to the peak of her nipple.

” Are you still a virgin??.

She never answered, he then pinched her nipple hard – ” I asked you if you are still a virgin bitch!?

This time she nodded her head.

” Good, because you won’t be after I leave you. He started to kiss her neck and moved downward. All the time his hands kneaded her breasts, and when his lips reached them he sucked them hard listening to her wine.

While his lips and one hand was attacking the breasts, his free hand moved down to her white bikini panties and into them. Her head shook erratically as his fingers touched the folds of her womanhood. Her legs were attempting to push him off.

” Oh, so you want to get fucked now! I can arrange that.” He got up and pulled her panties off. He moved away from her kicking, and she leaped out of the bed crashing into her furniture since she was blindfolded and unable to see. The one foot taller grabbed of hold of her from the behind with one hand holding onto her left breast and the other digging into her pussy, pulling her back onto the bed. He slapped her face three times, and she curled up into a fetal position.

He dropped his pants and his dick was stretching out ready for action. She started to resist again as he spread her legs and got on top[ of her. He let the end of his penis rub against the entrance to her hole.

” Here it comes, ready or not!?, and with that statement he started to enter into her.

She tensed up as he was forcing himself into her dry pussy – ” Fuck you are one tight bitch?. He pulled out of her and used his fingers to play with the pussy until it got wet, then he again pushed it into her and this time he succeeded in violating her virginity.

” Well, you are not a virgin now little girl. Perhaps I can make you a mom!” His hips started to thrust in and out, while his arms locked her legs upward. As he thrusted he got off her chest to see her breasts rock with each thrust.

The young teenager just laid their as she was being violated. Her body rocked and moved as the attacker forced faster and harder until finally his semen exploded into the teens child forming cavity. The attacker laid again on top of her only moving his hips more slowly as his less erect dick went in and out. Semen was dripping out of her with her own fluids getting the side of her thighs wet and sticky.

He pulled out of her. The teenager hoped that he would just leave her, but she was wrong as the attacker again pushed his fingers into the more relaxed and flexible pussy. The fingers rubbed against her clitoris making her shake as the sensation rocks her body, she moved her thighs to try to stop him, unknowingly making an interesting view to her attacker as he pushed more of his hand into the pussy. The pressure of his fist going into her was almost unbearable. She was relieved when he pulled it out.

Then he dragged her off of her bed into the hallway with his hands covering her breasts. ” Let’s take a shower now lover!?.

She struggled as he forced her into the bathroom with him. He threw her onto the floor and took off the rest of his clothing, when she heard the shower turn on she scooted against the wall, but she never resisted as he pulled her up. In the shower he was standing behind her using the soap to slide across her body creating soap lather. Her body enjoyed the sliding of his hands across her nipples and her pussy. His dick also got soapy and erect as it slid on her back spine and the crack between her buttocks He forced her to bend down as he lathered up her back, and spread the soap between her ass and into her pubic hair as her stuck his fingers in to her pussy.

She felt her legs being forced apart and she knew that he was about to fuck her again as his dick again penetrated her sore pussy. But after a few light thrusts he pulled out and she felt him pressing the rod against her ass hole. Then she gave out a muffled scream as he pushed it into her ass! He held her tight as he entered deeper and deeper into her, and when he got in as deep as possible he pulled her up, and held her in place. By the time they got out of the shower it was already 3:45 AM.

He pulled her into the hallway and got dressed and got his stuff together. He found a digital camera and took several pictures of her naked body with close-ups of her breasts and pussy. At 4 AM he again caressed her body with his hands and lips.

He told her, ” I’m going to lick your pussy. If you attempt to kick me again I’m going to fuck your ass so hard that your body will require medical repairs!”

She never resisted as he started to tease her pussy. He spread her legs apart as she lied down on the hallway floor, his hands were teasing her nipples. Her body was getting exited as throbs of pleasure enumerated from her pussy until she couldn’t stand it no more. He pulled the scissors out of his bag and push the point down beneath her breast bone to the point a tickle of blood seeped out.

” Feel that??. She nodded. ” Good, because I’m going to take off the tape of your mouth and you are going to suck my dick! One fucken word from you then this knife will be pushed into your heart – understand!”

She nodded.

He slowly removed the duct tape and pulled out the tampon. she didn’t say a word. he pulled out his dick and pushed it against the lips of her mouth and she took it as the scissors was still against her skin. His erection came back as her lips and tongue teased his manhood. He pushed her down on the hallway floor and again raped her..

When he was done he brought her over to the toilet and told her to squat over the open seat with her legs spread. He helped her to balance as he pulled out the douche bottle and pushed it into her vagina and washed it out.

He seen the clock reach 4:30 AM, ” It’s time for me to leave. It was very nice to fuck you!”

The teen just whimpered – ” You got what you wanted. Just leave me alone.”

” I will, but one more thing” He pressed his lips against her and forced her against the wall. She felt a cold object pushing against her pussy – before she could react 120,000 volts blasted her body and she collapsed.

The attacker took everything off of her, ropes and duct tape. He grabbed the digital camera and left her laying on the bathroom floor.

The sun risen as it always did, and the college boy watched the girls house. No police. He went on through school and came home a few months later. The girl was showing a definite pregnancy. The pictures he took on the night he raped her was posted on the Internet.

He still had the key, and the foolish girl had no dogs to protect her. from what he heard she’s allergic to them. His parents were planning to go on a business trip again next month – he never fucked a pregnant woman before. But he will next month.