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The Swimming Pool Gangrape

Jennifer was spending her holidays at the beach of Llorret de Mar. She was with her baby of three weeks old and with her husband who had to be in Barcelona for business. Today it was Saturday and it was her second day at the hotel. She wanted to go to the sea but decided not to, her skin was already read, in stead she went to the public swimming pool of the hotel. After breast feeding her baby she put it to bed.

Before heading down to the swimming pool without her baby, she decided to wear something attractive, which would show some of her top heavy body. She put on a pair of white high heeled shoes, a white thong and a white wrap around skirt. Her top had tiny spaghetti straps, was a little short and showed her belly button. Her bra was also white and the cups had to deal with her heavy DD-sized sagging breasts. Her long brown hair was put in a pony tail so she looked a little longer.

She always detested her little frame and too big breasts, but now she felt free to do whatever she wanted to do. When she walked down stairs she felt her big hanging breasts bounce up and down. She knew the top was too little, it already showed some cleavage and the clasp at the back of her bra was now in view and an easy target for naughty men.

The pool was deserted, the only people were a group of six tall German boys. They were playing football in the pool, and as soon as they saw Jennifer they all started staring at her incredible body.

Jennifer tried not to look at them, their loud voices made her a little afraid of them, so she decided to sit down at the end of the pool on a little plastic bench. The boys already were very wild and now they were horny as well.

One boy said: ” Wow, did you notice the size of those huge tits” ?

Another boy said: ” I would love to make her tits jump out of her top”

A third boy said: ” I’m sure she’s got a big wet pussy.

Jennifer only had a large blue towel which she put on the bench. Unfortunately she had forgotten her sun lotion. After 30 minutes the boys decided to continue their play just next to the young woman. One boy got out of the pool and decided to make some conversation with the young woman.

” Hi! I’m Frank, what’s your name” ?

Hello! My name is Jennifer”

Frank continued: ” Are you also from Germany?

” No, I’m from England, London” Jennifer somehow liked the German boy, which he noticed so he had no trouble sitting down on the bench next to Jennifer.

It was one o’clock in the afternoon, all Spanish people were having their siesta, because the sun was very hot.

Frank noticed that her already burned English skin was becoming very red, so he asked: ” Hei Jennifer, you better put some lotion on your skin, otherwise it will be very painful in a few hours”

Jennifer was surprised: Oops, thanks Frank, but I left the lotion in my hotel room”

Frank said: ” Never mind, I will give you our bottle” Before getting the bottle, Frank jumped back in the water and told his friends about the conversation.

He was very aroused by the girl. He said: ” guys listen, her name is Jennifer, she’s English, she’s 30 years old, 10 years older than we are and she told me she’s just given birth to her baby three weeks ago. I will give her our bottle of sun lotion so I can continue our chat”

His friend Sander said: I will join you, I’m sure we can do some nice things with this English babe. You guys, make sure you continue your play next to Jennifer and try to splash around with the water as much as possible”

Jennifer was looking at the group of playing boys, in a way she liked the attention of their boggling eyes. After a few minutes Frank was back with the bottle of lotion.

He introduced Jennifer to Frank. ” My god” : Jennifer thought, ” this guy is also as tall as Frank”

Frank gave the lotion to Jennifer and she immediately started putting some on her legs. She pushed the skirt a little open so she could put the lotion on both of her legs. She also put it on her inner thighs, in fact she was just teasing a little with the two horny boys. Off course she didn’t show the front of her white thong because her pussy had become a little sloppy and her thick bush of brown pussy hair was curling at the sides of the sheer white fabric, but normally her pussy was well shaven.

After a few minutes her legs were done and she put back her wrap around skirt. She saw their eyes focussed on her legs and this gave her a warm feeling. She decided to continue her flirting so she started putting the lotion on her arms, belly, neck and onto the top of her breasts. Finally she bent over and put the bottle on the floor.

The two boys noticed her big breasts falling in their cups, they looked right into her cleavage. When she started to put her high heels a little tighter, the movement of her arms made the top of her tit flesh jiggle a little. This really aroused the two boys.

Jennifer resettled herself on the bench and looked right at the bulge in the shorts of the two boys. Jennifer shivered, suddenly her pussy was getting a little wet and she felt her nipples becoming hard. Her face became red, because she knew that this meant that her large swollen dark areoles were also very visible through the thin top.

Than the two boys sat down each at one side of her. Jennifer felt a little nervous so she put her arms in front of her trying to hide her big bulging breasts. After a few minutes a third boy, called Stefan, arrived in front of her. He had a camera into his hands and a big bottle of cold white wine. The other three boys were still into the pool playing and splashing wildly with the water.

Jennifer bent over a little in order to hide her big breasts, but this caused a huge cleavage. To her surprise Stefan took a picture of her desperately hiding her breasts like this.

Than he said: ” Sorry my name is Stefan, I just had to take a shot of this beautiful woman, I hope you don’t mind”

Jennifer who’s always a little shy and often someone who’s afraid to say NO when she has to, just said: ” it’s okay, you can take as many pictures as you want as long as you make sure that I can get a copy of them” This was her first big mistake.

Because as soon as she said this, Stefan took some more pictures of her while the other two boys immediately took both of her arms and began toying a little with the woman who didn’t know what to do. The two boys looked at each other and it was obvious that they were excited by the soft flesh of her arms.

Frank announced with a naughty look in his eyes: ” Hé Jen, let’s take some pics of you struggling with a few German guys”

Now Jennifer made a second big mistake, she said: ” Okay, but don’t play to wild with this weak mother”

The three boys laughed at each other. Stefan handed the bottle of cold wine to Sander who put it at her lips and Jennifer was clumsily and hungrily drinking the cold wine. Of course Sander made sure she would have too much wine in one time into her mouth which caused her to gag and she spilled almost all the wine onto her top.

The boys made sure she would like this tease and just laughed at a modest way. Jennifer appreciated this and warned Sander not to spill the expensive wine. Sander continued his wine tease a few times till the bottle was almost empty, Jennifer’s head was now spinning. The front of her top and her bra were soaked and her nipples and areoles poked against the now transparent fabric. Her spaghetti straps hung down to her arms and her top hung so low that almost both cups were in full view.

Sander and Frank pulled her arms slowly and with ease behind her back. With their free hands they gently touched the back of her bra and bra clasp which dug deep into her very red skin. Stefan was busy shooting the whole action. Jennifer hadn’t noticed that the three other guys into the pool had stopped their play and were almost coming out of the pool. They were just a few inches separated from the woman and from the pool the three guys splashed at the same time for a few seconds as much water as possible over the totally surprised woman.

The six boys only wore shorts, but Jennifer was now totally soaked. The cold water made goose pimples all over her body. The three boys were very smart, they immediately went to the woman and apologized themselves. They said that it was meant for their friends.

Frank and Sander pretended to be mad about the whole thing. For punishment they had to get some new bottles of cold white wine. In the meantime Frank and Sander were trying to make her laugh again. After a few minutes the other three boys returned with the wine. They sat down in front of Jennifer and smiled at her. Stefan gave his camera to the three boys sitting down in front of Jennifer. He went over to the back of Jennifer and gently rubbed her neck. Frank and Sander also rubbed her arms and the bare part of her back.

Frank said:” hé Jen you’re warm again” ?

Jennifer liked the way they were touching her body, she knew she was a little over weight, but for a young mother she accepted her voluptuous body.

She didn’t respond, she just moaned: ” ooooooh, I love to be rubbed” After a few minutes Jennifer made a third mistake, she responded honestly to almost all their rude questions.

Frank and Sander once again pulled her arms slowly behind her back, her big breasts pushed almost through the soaked bra, her top hung over her belly, because Frank and Sander had without being noticed pulled her spaghetti straps as down as possible. Jennifer was dreaming, her eyes were closed and she forgot about the three boys who stared at her breasts, topped with some beautiful areoles and huge nipples.

Frank said to her in a very soft tone: ” Hi Jen, you got a wonderful body”

Jennifer just whispered: you really think so? I still think I’m a bit over weight”

Frank responded: ” No, most men love this kind of woman and my friends already said that you were gorgeous”

Jennifer said: ” You guys are so sweet”

Sander took over and asked her: ” Jennifer, what parts of your body do you like the most” ?

Jennifer teased back: ” I like my legs and love my breasts” She started to laugh and got very red in her face.

Stefan continued rubbing her neck and asked her: ” You don’t have to answer this question and if you do please say so, what’s the size of your breasts” ?

Jennifer was already half drunken and her dreaming mind became horny as hell, so she just answered his question. She said: ” they normally are a D-cup”

Frank said while he now was touching her bra clasp: ” how do you mean normally” ?

Jennifer giggled: ” oooh, you know, I’ve just given birth to my baby, so my breasts are now filled with milk.

Stefan asked: ” Are they painful” ?

Jennifer said: ” Normally just my nipples were sensitive, but now every inch of my breast is sensitive” Jennifer just forgot about the horny looking boys around her, they all had a perfect close look at her very hard nipples. They knew she was very horny and that they good go very far, before she would refuse their touches. Jennifer jumped when the boys in front of her started rubbing her legs very slowly. Suddenly she opened her eyes and looked at the handsome boys who were satisfying her.

She said to Stefan: Could you please put the straps back at it’s place and pull up my top up a little. Than she closed her eyes again and started moaning again. She thought to herself: ” Please Jen stop this right now, before it goes out of hand, but she couldn’t, she loved to be touched by these strangers, it was so exciting and besides her own husband never liked to be this gentle with her. The last time she had sex with him was more than six months ago.

Jennifer was getting pretty drunken and hornier every minute. The three boys in front of her took their chance, because Jennifer was moaning and breathing heavily with her eyes closed. They pushed her legs open till the split of her wrap around skirt was open so they could almost see her white thong. They put some lotion on her legs, knees and finally onto her thighs.

Frank and Sander were touching her arms and back, while Stefan was rubbing her neck with long soft strokes. ” Hi Jen!” , Frank said, ” when was the last time your husband has done this to you?”

Jennifer giggled: ” My husband is not a man who touches me very often and honestly our sexlife has never been very good”

Stefan grinned: ” Jenny, when was the last time you had sex with your husband?”

Jennifer blushed: ” Like a few months ago”

With that Frank and Sander laughed very hard and pushed her arms behind her back. All 6 boys stared at her huge breasts that pushed hard against the white thin fabric. Sander suddenly took the two bra clasps and tried to undo the bra without being noticed, than it snapped open. Their was an enormous pressure on the bra so the bra flew open and her heavy breasts bounced down a little.

Jennifer yelled: ” Aaah boys, please don’t take my bra, I need it”

Sander laughed: ” Why Jennifer, we are in a swimming pool, you won’t need it, besides you’re still wearing your top”

Jennifer sobbed a little: ” Nooo please, I’ve never been outside without wearing a bra”

The boys laughed and teased the girl who looked very ashamed. Sander said: ” Jenny, a woman is much more sexy without a bra, so please let us just take your bra”

Jennifer sobbed and made a fourth mistake, she said: ” Okay you can take it and have your fun, but I want to have it back!”

Suddenly their were three other German guys of 16 years old. They said hello and looked curious at the six guys and at the stunning mother. They took a cold shower in the corner of the swimming pool and came back.

Frank said: ” Let’s make a party and drink some wine” Stefan filled 9 plastic glasses with wine and gave them to his friends, the three guys and finally he gave the last glass to Jennifer, who had a drunken and horny look in her eyes. Than Sander tugged at the bra and pulled it from the woman’s sweating body. Her top was not wet anymore and Jennifer knew that she had to be very careful, because otherwise her breasts would appear at the bottom of her short top.

Frank studied the bra and Screamed: ” yeah, double D, wow!”

Jennifer’s face got very red and nervously drunk her wine. Stefan stopped rubbing her neck and touched her back and top of her skirt. He gently touched the belt of the skirt and tried with some help of his three friends in front of him to unwrap the skirt.

The poor woman didn’t know that the boys had undone the belt of the skirt and when she would move it was sure she would only wear her high heels, top and thong.

Frank said: ” hey boys take that camera and make some pictures of six German friends wrestling with an innocent English young mother.

Jennifer was pretty worried, but all she could answer was: ” Please my head is spinning, don’t be too hard with me”

With that Frank and Sander took her hands and started toying with Jennifer. They lifted her from the little plastic bench and dragged her to the cold showers of the pool. Stefan made sure she would loose her skirt. Poor Jennifer was in shock and didn’t know what to do against this strong young guys.

She just screamed: Aaaah Frank, it’s enough, please put me down, stop you’ll hurt me!”

Than Stefan put on the showers and Frank and Sander pushed her easily under the showers. For a few seconds Jennifer’s squeals were very loud and than the three young guys joined in.

Jennifer yelled at them when she saw the strange faces: ” Hey don’t, I thought you had to make pictures of us”

The three boys just laughed and the other six boys said: ” Go ahead guys, have some fun!”

With that the six friends jumped into the pool and stared at Jennifer who didn’t like to play anymore, especially not with some strange young guys. The boys were young and a little bit taller than Jennifer, but they were strong and wild. Jennifer clawed at the three boys, but they moved fast and finally one boy took her hand and his friend her other hand. She tried to break free, but the boys were strong, the third guy took one leg and than her other leg and in spite of the fact that she was kicking and moving wildly, she knew she was lost, she hung into the air and soon she was thrown into the pool. As soon as she was into the water she was surrounded by 9 horny looking guys.

Jennifer was very upset and made her way to the part in the pool were she could stand on her feet. When she was just about to go out, Stefan grabbed her by the waist. She was till her knees into the water and when she looked down she saw that her top clung to her body as did her thong. Her nipples, areoles and breasts were very visible through the top and her little thong failed to cover her pussy. The boys saw that her pubic hair was sticking through the transparent cotton, her slit was also visible which made the boys horny as hell.

Suddenly whispered in her ear, Jennifer you look fantastic. Before she could answer her arms were pulled hard in front of her so she almost tumbled over, she tried to fend off all those pair of hands, but she was helpless. The pressure at her hands made her bend over, her breasts jumped out of her top, she jumped when someone touched her pussy through the thong. Sander started pulling at the bottom of her top, Jennifer saw this and tried to move away, but she was too late.

They raised her hands and pulled the top over her head and threw it away. Jennifer started crying, but nothing helped. Soon they pulled her out of the pool and made her lay down with her back on the bench. Her legs were spread and all the 9 guys were staring at her slit. Stefan started touching her slit through the thong, than he started licking and chewing at her pussy. After a few minutes he stopped, Jennifer was crying helplessly and they all could see her pussylips and clit that were poking against the wet thong. With one tug her thong was off. Jennifer cried and started breathing heavily. Her pink puffy pussy was defenceless in the cold air. Her arms were behind her back and the boys spread her legs as wide as possible.

The 16 year old started fingering her pussy, his fingers went easily into the wet puffy hole. Jennifer was begging them, but nobody listened to her. Than the boy was pushed away and Frank took his turn. He pushed the head of his swollen dick against her slippery hole and pushed it in inch by inch.

Jennifer screamed:” AAAAAhhh, no it hurtsssss”

Frank was encouraged by his friends: ” Frankie, fuck that mother’s pussy!!!”

Jennifer was penetrated several times, the boys took hundred’s of pictures of her, especially when she was on her knees while many hands made her breasts bounce up and down. Jennifer had been gang raped for more than three hours, she never mentioned it to her husband, but deep in her mind she had loved the forced penetration.