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Tina’s Abduction

Tina is an Asian girl, who just turned 18 years old. She’s petite, only 5’1″ tall, and weighs 98 lbs. She is a studious girl, always doing her homework without being reminded, and does what her parents tell her to do. She keeps to herself at school. She didn’t have a lot of close friends, but everyone that knew her, thought she was a nice girl, just very quite. She has silky black shoulder length hair, and a beautiful face. Beyond her normal ” Plain Jane” attire that her schoolmates see her wearing everyday, is a body that many girls would envy, and the boys would die for. Her young tits are just as nice as you’d imagine on a girl her age – they are small, firm and sit high on her chest. Her nipples are puffy, and light brown in colour. She has a thin waist and a flat stomach, rather narrow hips and gorgeous athletic looking legs. Her ass was picture perfect, it was nice and round, and the kind you’d like to just reach out and grab a handful of. She has a bulging cunt mound too, and being young, and Asian has very little pubic hair. To sum it up, she has a very sexy body. Surprisingly, her sex life was almost non-existent. Tina’s only had sex with one boy in her life, and it only happened a couple times while she was in summer camp last year. By the time he got his pecker in her hot tight pussy, he shot his load. Needless to say, Tina wasn’t impressed with sex.

One Spring day, Tina was walking home from school alone, as she had always done. She happened to notice a white delivery van that seemed to be following her. Every time she’d turn down another street, the van would turn also, but kept its distance. It stayed just far enough away so that she couldn’t read the license plate, or identify the driver. She started to get quite nervous, and twice she thought about running into one of the businesses she passed by to call her Mom for a ride home. But instead, she kept on walking. After continuing on for several more blocks, it seemed that she was worried for nothing. The van was no longer in sight. Relieved, Tina continued on her way home without worry. Just as she rounded the last corner from her home, the van appeared from nowhere, screeching to halt right next to the sidewalk. Two men jumped from the side door, and grabbed her from behind before she could run away. Tina started to scream, but as soon as she opened her mouth, one of the men placed a rag over it. It was soaked in Chloroform, so she was almost instantly rendered unconscious.

It wasn’t until an hour or so later that Tina woke up. Her head pounded, and her vision was blurred for a few moments afterwards. Almost as soon as she woke up, Tina realized that was naked, and lying on the concrete floor of a room about 12 feet square. Looking around, the room she saw that it had no furnishings, and only two doors and a small window high off the floor, well out of reach. One of the doors was large and made of steel. It had a small opening with bars covering it. Tina got up and ran over to it. Standing on her tip-toes to see out, she found nothing more than a long hall way, with nobody in sight.

” Help, is anybody there. Help meeeeee” she screamed.

Her calls went unanswered. Tina quickly ran over to the other door, but after attempting to open it, she found it was locked too. She started to cry. ” Where am I, and who did this to me?” she wondered. Tina walked over to the corner of the room and sat down. It was somewhat cold, and getting dark fast. She sat in the same spot all night, wondering where this place was, and why had the men taken her here. She tried to get some sleep, but she kept thinking about her parents, and her sister at home. The night was very long, and she couldn’t get comfortable on the cold concrete floor.

The next morning, Tina was wakened by the ” Boom” sound of the metal door slamming shut.

” Sleep tight, little one?” a man asked Tina. He was tall, tan and muscular and was dressed in jeans and a white dress shirt. His hair was dark brown, and was cut short. She noticed he wore several large gold rings on his fingers, and a thick gold chain around his neck.

As Tina looked up at the man, she said nothing at first. Then after a few moments she asked the man, ” Who are you? Please, I want to go home” , she said, still curled up against the wall trying to hide her naked young body.

” Don’t worry about that – you’re going to be here a while, so just do as we say, and everything will be fine” he said.

Then without saying another word, he pulled his cock out of his pants. The man started playing with it, making it grow. When he was finished getting it hard, it was 7-inches long, and thicker than most men’s cocks. Tina had never seen such a large penis. Soon she realized that she was staring at it, and quickly looked away.

” Come here” he ordered her, ” I want you to suck me off” .

Tina couldn’t believe what he was doing, and just sat there crying. She had never done that before, and it scared her. What would he do to her if she didn’t obey, she thought to herself. She soon found out. ” Slap” , the man hit her opened handed across her delicate face.

” Don’t make me do that again, bitch.” the man yelled. ” Now, here’s what you get.” he said, as he grabbed her by the ankle, and dragged her to the centre of the room. ” Spread your legs you little cunt.”

Tina did as she was told. Her face stung from the slap, and she didn’t want him to repeat that again for sure.

” So you don’t suck cocks, eh? Well then, I’ve got something else for you instead” With that, he grabbed her by the backs of her knees and forcefully pushed them up flat against her chest. ” Hold them right here, you fucking little slut.” he ordered. Tina did as she was told. Then he stood over her, and began jacking himself off while staring at the young girls pussy and ass hole.

Tina was never so humiliated and embarrassed in her life. Here was a stranger looking at her naked body, playing with his dick. Then the man reached into his back pocket and pulled out a large double dick dildo. It had one cock about six-inches long, and another that was about four-inches long right below it.

” What the heck is that for?” Tina wondered. She had never seen such a thing in her life.

Her question was soon answered. The man smiled at the young girl, and started smearing a clear lubricant all over the grotesque looking device. Then he placed the double dildo against her young pussy and started pushing it in. When the smaller cock started to enter her asshole, Tina clenched it tight, trying in vain to stop the anal intrusion. But the man persisted, and soon both cocks were buried deep in her tight holes.

” Oh my God” thought Tina, ” It hurts, please stop.” She cried.

The man began pumping the dildo into both of Tina’s holes. First he would slowly pump it in, then he would stop and hold it in her for a moment, then repeat the slow pumping. He wanted her to get used to the feeling of it buried in her pussy and ass.

All the while he fucked her this way, Tina continually cried out, ” Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh oooowwww, it hurts, it hurts, pleassseee stop!”

This lasted for several minutes. Then the man stopped pumping the dildo into her, and slowly removed it from her burning asshole and pussy. Then he started beating his dick faster and faster, aiming his swollen cock at her crotch. Suddenly, the man knelt down closer to her, and placed his swollen dick head at her asshole and jacked the first load into her still gaping butt hole. ” Oooohhh yaaaaa” he groaned, as the cum continued shooting from his cock. He milked the rest of it onto her nearly hairless young cunt. As the thick globs of white cum boiled from his cock and onto her pussy slit it covered it with his sticky mess like frosting on a cake.

” Next time I tell you to suck my cock, you’ll beg for it” . Without saying another word, the man then put is softening dick back in his pants, and left the room.

Tina was completely disgusted. The strangers cum ran down her leg when she got up. She had nothing to clean up with, so she just curled up in the corner and cried, with the mans sticky cum dripping from her asshole.

A couple hours later, the same man returned, but this time he had someone with him. This man was younger, and not quite as tall as the other man. He had long blond hair pulled back in a pony tail, and a neatly trimmed beard. He wore lots of gold too, and smelled like expensive cologne.

” What’s your name?” asked the first man.

” Tina” she answered.

” Okay, Tina. My names Jim, and this here is my friend Kurt. Like I told you earlier, you just do what we tell you, and you’ll be fine, got it?”

Tina said nothing, she just nodded.

” Good” said Jim. ” I’m glad we got that straight.”

” Hey, you weren’t kidding Jim, she is a real babe. Have you fucked her yet?” Kurt asked.

” Not yet, but I dumped my load all over her little pussy and ass” he replied. Then he continued, ” She didn’t want to suck my cock, so I gave her a Creampie instead” , he laughed.

” Well then, can I fuck her now?” asked Kurt, quite matter-of-factly.

” Sure, be my guest” replied Jim with a grin on his face.

” Oh God no” thought Tina. ” Please mister, let me go, I won’t tell anybody, please” . She begged.

” Did you here what he said?” Jim barked.

Looking up at him Jim with a blank stare, Tina started to cry again.

” Did you hear what he said?” Jim paused for a few seconds, then yelled at her again. ” WHAT DID HE JUST SAY, BITCH!”

Tina replied in a soft voice, ” He wants to have sex with me” .

” That’s NOT what he said” Jim yelled back at her. ” Now, WHAT did he say?”

” He wants to FUCK me” Tina yelled back with tears streaming down her cheeks.

” That’s better” said Jim. ” Now get busy sweetheart, and make it good” , as he left Kurt and her alone in the room together.

Kurt stepped into the hallway briefly and returned with a wooden bench. He placed it in the middle of the room, and told Tina to get up on it and spread her legs for him. Tina’s spirit was nearly broken now. She did just as the man told her. The man took off his pants and stood over Tina. His cock was bigger and longer than Jim’s. It hung there like a thick rope from between his legs. He grabbed it and started stroking it, while rubbing Tina’s firm young breasts. Before long his penis was hard and sticking straight up. It was 9-inches long, and as thick as Tina’s wrist. The head was large and deep purple, and pre-cum was already leaking out of it. Kurt stepped around between her legs, and began pressing his cock up to Tina’s small pussy opening.

” Uuugggghhhh” Kurt grunted as he forced his meat into Tina’s almost virgin cunt. ” You’re pussy’s nice and tight” he said as he looked her straight in the eyes.

Tina was in pain at first, this man was much, much larger than the dildo that Jim had fucked her with earlier. His cock was stretching her hole to the limit. The feeling was unlike any she had experienced before. She thought it would continue to hurt, but after a few minutes it just made her feel full, and if it had been in another circumstance, she might have been able to enjoy it.

” Ugh, ugh, ugh” the man continued to grunt, as he fucked her tiny young cunt.

Tina tried to block out what was going on, but then realized the man wasn’t wearing a condom, and surely would ejaculate his sperm into her when the time came. ” Oh God” Tina thought, ” What if I get pregnant – or worse, what if I end up with some disease.” Tina started crying again,

” Please don’t ejaculate in me” She begged, ” please don’t.”

Kurt didn’t even acknowledge her plea, he just kept fucking her sweet pussy. A few minutes later Kurt could feel he was about to shoot his load. ” Oooohhh yea, I’m gonna cum inside of you” he said. ” I’m going to fill your little Asian cunt with my sperm bitch” . His pumping increased, and soon he was fucking her hard and fast.

Tina knew he was about shoot his semen into her. She closed her eyes, not wanting to see his face when he squirted his seed into her body.

” Uhhhhhhh yea” he moaned, as the hot fluid shot from his cock, and into her tight pussy. His cum was flowing from him, filling her small hole with his sticky white goo. His warm cum oozed from her cunt as he withdrew his big cock. Globs of semen ran down her ass, and onto the floor below her. The room was so quite, she could here it splashing on the concrete. Kurt, pulled his pants back on, and left her there alone again.

An hour or so had passed, and Jim returned to the room carrying a plate of scrambled eggs. ” Thought you’d like something to eat” he said, handing the plate to Tina. But just as her hand touched it, Jim pulled it back. ” Oh, I almost forgot, I didn’t add the secret ingredient.” With that, he pulled out his dick, and started beating off until he spilled his load all over the plate of eggs. ” There, that’s better” he said, as he handed the plate back to Tina and left again.

Tina was sickened. ” What the heck did he do that for?” she thought. But she was starved, she hadn’t eaten since lunch the day before, and it wasn’t much either. Tina sat there staring at the plate of cum covered eggs for about ten minutes. She was so hungry, she decided she’d better just eat them. Besides, she didn’t know if she’d get anymore to eat. The first couple bites made her gag. But after that, she just tried to ignore the foul taste.

Just as she swallowed the last bite, Jim returned to the room carrying a large platter of food in his hands. ” Hey, you really are a cum eater” he laughed. ” I figured you’d starve before you would eat that shit, but I guess I was wrong, huh?”

Tina was embarrassed and humiliated once again. Without saying a word, she took the plate of food and cup of juice from him, and eagerly ate it all. Tina watched as Jim walked over to the other door in her room, and unlocked it. After he left, she looked inside. It was a small bathroom with a shower. She took a long hot shower trying to get the dried cum off her body. Afterwards she put on the robe that hung inside the door and laid down to rest for a while.

Later that day the men decided it was time to let young Tina experience the art of cock sucking. Jim came into the room wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and tennis shoes. After kicking off the shoes, he slipped off the shorts, letting his dick swing free.

” Time for that blowjob I asked for earlier” he said. ” Come over here and get on your knees bitch, its time for your first lesson – but take off the robe first” .

Tina knew that she didn’t have a choice in the matter, so she did as he asked. She pulled open the robe, letting it fall to the floor. Standing before him, her naked body looked very desirable. Tina knelt down at Jim’s feet, and was looking straight at his cock.

” Go ahead, touch it” Jim said as he stepped closer to Tina.

With that, Tina reached out and grabbed his semi-erect cock her smallish hand, and began stroking its length. She had already seen the men doing it to themselves enough to know what they liked.

” Oh yea baby, you know what to do. Go ahead, lick the head now”

Hesitantly, Tina stuck out her tongue and started licking his cock just below the head. The she began to slowly suck his head into her mouth.

” Ohhhhh God, that’s right” said Jim, ” Suck it in deeper you little whore” .

Jim grabbed her by the back of the head and started forcing his long fat cock further into her mouth that Tina could handle. Soon she started to gag on it, but he persisted.

” Uuuggghhh” Tina gagged, almost puking on his cock.

” Alright, alright” he said, ” Don’t you fucking throw-up on me. Now take it in deeper, and keep licking it”

Tina learned quickly how to do it with gagging on his big dick. She knew it was a matter of survival. Before long she was deep-throating him like an accomplished whore, taking his length almost fully into her small mouth.

” Oh shit, oh shit, I’m gonna cum” Jim moaned. ” Swallow my load you little slut” he ordered. ” Ooooohhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaa” .

Tina felt his cock twitch in her mouth, and the first jet of semen shot from it, squirting her deep in her throat. She started to gag again, but concentrated on her breathing so she wouldn’t. His cock pulsed again, and more cum shot out. Tina swallow his load as fast as she could, not wanting to taste it. Still more cum flowed from his pecker, covering her tongue in its slimy goo. The taste in her mouth was much different than when she ate the sperm on the eggs earlier. It was salty, and musky, and the taste lingered in her mouth despite her efforts to get rid of it.

The rest of the day, and well into the next afternoon, Kurt and Jim took turns jacking off in Tina’s mouth, and making her suck their cocks. By that evening, she had swallowed six or seven loads of cum. She hated the taste at first, but each time it got easier. That night the men fucked Tina’s pussy several times. Usually they did it alone with her, but once they decided to double up on her. Kurt made her get on her hands and knees, and while he fucked her doggy style, Jim had her sucking his cock. It wasn’t long before Kurt got bored with this position.

” Hey, I’ve got an idea” Kurt said, ” Let’s both fuck the little slut”

” What do ya mean?” Jim asked.

” You get underneath, and slid your cock into her cunt” replied Kurt, ” Then I’ll stuff her from up here”

” You’re gonna fuck her ass while I do her pussy?” he asked.

” No, we’re both gonna fuck her cunt, at the same time”

” Sounds kinda weird” said Jim, ” but what the hell, let’s go for it.”

With that Jim slid under Tina’s small body, and held his cock in his hand. ” Squat on it bitch” he ordered.

Tina lowered herself onto his stiff member until it was fully in her pussy.

” Okay, I’m in her” said Jim, ” Now stick it in”

Kurt’s cock found it her slit, and started pushing it in above Jim’s fat cock.

” She’s pretty tight, I don’t know if this will work” Jim commented.

” Sure it will, just keep pushing” replied Kurt, as he continued working his cock into Tina’s tight pussy.

” Oooohhhhh, oowwwww” cried Tina. ” I hurts, I can’t do this” she sobbed.

” Shut up, slut” growled Jim. ” One more word from you, and we’ll do your ass like this”

That was all she needed to hear – she clenched her teeth and said no more. The pain was intense, but she knew the consequences of not complying with the men would be much worse.

Kurt could feel his cock head enter Tina’s slot. ” Oooooohhhhh yaaaaaa” he moaned. ” It’s going it”

” That feels weird” commented Jim, as he felt Kurt’s cock sliding in above his.

” I’m in” cheered Kurt. ” Now, you just hold your cock still, while I fuck her” . Kurt started pumping into her pussy slowly, making sure he didn’t slip out. Her small box was tight with one man’s cock, two was almost enough to rip her apart. After Kurt pumped her cunt slowly for a few minutes, he began picking up the pace. With his cock rubbing up and down on Jim’s, he didn’t need to do anything, just lay there and enjoy the feeling.

” Oooohhhh shit, Ughhhhh man” said Jim, ” I think I’m gonna cum” .

” Go for it dude, fill up the bitch” Kurt groaned.

” Oooohhh yaaaaa, oooohhh yaaaaa, I’m cumming” yelled Jim.

The feeling of Jim’s hot sperm flooding the girls pussy, and drenching his pecker was too much for Kurt. He was starting to cum also. ” Take this bitch” Kurt grunted, as his semen began flowing from his cock, almost at the same instant as Jim’s.

Their massive amounts of hot slimy spunk came gushing from her tightly stuffed pussy as the two men filled her young cunt with their warm cum.

Suddenly, Tina was being overwhelmed with a strange feeling herself. The feeling of the two men’s cock stuffing her tight vagina, and the sensation of their hot sperm rushing into her body, was more than she expected. Tina started cumming also. Her body began jerking and her head was spinning circles.

” Oooohhhh, ooooohhhhhh” , she moaned ” Oh Gosh, I feel funny” she thought to herself, ” Ooooohhhh yaaaaa, I think, No, I am, I’m having an orgasm!” She knew she couldn’t let the men know what was happening to her, so she tried her best to hide it. Her body still jerking uncontrollability, the orgasm swept through her. Her tight pussy clinched the men’s cock harder, causing them to pump even more cum into her cunt.

” The little bitch just fucking came!” said Jim.

” I thought so” said Kurt. ” How’d you like cumming you little whore?”

Tina was now more humiliated than ever. She was just raped by these two bastards, and she actually enjoyed it – and the men knew it.

” I’m glad you enjoyed it, sweetheart” , said Kurt. Then he gave Tina’s puffy little nipples a celebratory squeeze, and climbed off. Jim’s cock slipped out of her gaping, cum soaked pussy. After the two men left her alone again, she just laid there for several minutes as their combined semen oozed from her body like a creamy white jelly. Tina got up, showered then went to sleep in the corner of the room.

Early the next morning, Tina woke up and decided to take another hot shower – she felt so disgusting after yesterdays double fucking. When she came out of the bathroom, there was a big bed in the corner of the room. She climbed on and went back to sleep for a while. It was so nice to lay on a soft mattress for a change.

Later that morning, Kurt came into the room. ” Wake up sunshine” he said. ” Time for my morning blowjob” . Kurt was naked, and his cock stood out like a pole from his waist. ” Suck me good” he said smiling at her.

Tina knew the routine by now, so she just climbed off the bed, and sucked his fat cock into her mouth. She had learned how to suck a dick over the last couple of days, so it didn’t take long to get him to blow his wad. She had even gotten used to the taste by now, so swallowing every last drop wasn’t an effort.

As soon as she finished wiping the saliva from her chin, Jim came in.

” Next” he said laughing, with his cock in hand.

This was fast becoming second nature for the young girl. She knew just how Jim liked it, she would play with his hairy balls as she sucked on his big dick, and sometimes pulling on them gently and touching is asshole too. Within minutes his salty cum was gushing into her hot mouth.

” That was nice” complemented Jim, ” You do learn fast”

” Thank you” said Tina, forcing a smile back at him.

By now her spirit was totally broken, and she had resigned to the fact that this was her new life. Sucking and fucking these men was her only duty. Later that day, the men were talking down the hall. Tina stood by her door, and listened intently. They were saying something about a party, when Kurt asked Jim ” Have you told the girl yet?” .

” Not yet” he answered, ” But wait until this evening, okay. I don’t want her asking a bunch of questions all day” .

Both Kurt and Jim came to see her that day, but not once did they say a word about this party they were planning. Tina didn’t want to piss them off, so she said nothing either. She just sat in her room all day wondering what was going on – what was this party the men were planning. The curiosity was driving her crazy. That evening, Kurt entered the room carrying a shopping bag.

” Go clean up and put this on” he said, ” You’ve got an hour before the party starts” .

” Party?” Tina asked, like she didn’t know what was going on.

” Yea, we’re having a little party here tonight, so fix yourself up real nice” he said smiling.

Tina grabbed the bag, and rushed into the bathroom to shower. She was so excited, this was the first fun she would have in days. ” Who will be here?” she thought, ” Will there be other girls and boys?” . After she finished her shower, she dried off and looked into the bag Kurt had given her. It wasn’t a dress she would have picked out for a party, but more like something she had worn when she went to that private school when she was younger. Inside was a dark blue pleated skirt, a white cotton blouse, a black necktie, and white knee high socks and black leather shoes. ” Strange” she thought, but these men didn’t appear to be too fashion conscious, so maybe they were just out of touch with what girls wore these days. ” Oh well, better than nothing.” she thought, as she started to put on the blouse and necktie. At the bottom of the sack she noticed a pair of white cotton panties. Pulling them out she saw that they were the high cut, thong type. She had never worn anything like that before, her mother would never approve of such a young girl wearing ” nasty” panties. She eagerly slipped them on to see what she looked like in them. Standing there in front of the mirror, she admired how nice her ass looked in them.

Looking up, Tina noticed the clock on the bathroom wall. She only had ten minutes left, and didn’t want to upset the men by being late. She quickly put on the rest of her outfit. It fit her well, ” At least they got my size right” she thought. Not feeling complete, Tina looked through the drawers in the bathroom, she found one of them was full of hair clips and ribbons. She found a long silky white ribbon that she used to tie her hair back into a pony tail. Tina liked the way it made her look. ” Very cute, if I do say so myself” she said aloud, while looking at herself in the mirror and posing. It was the first time she had a genuine smile in days.

Just then, Jim entered the room. ” Ready Tina” he asked, ” The party is starting” .

” In here” she replied, stepping out of the bathroom and into the room.

” Hey, you look great” Jim complemented her, with a big smile.

” Thank you kind sir” Tina replied, returned his smile and bowed down her head slightly.

” Okay, let’s go party” said Jim, taking Tina gently by the hand.

As he led her down the long hallway, this was the first time she had been allowed out of her tiny room since her capture. Tina could hear men talking and laughing, and music playing. The sound echoed in the empty hall. She was starting to get really excited. When they turned the corner and stepped into a large room her dark eyes wondered around the room. It was like a warehouse, with a tall open beamed ceiling, the windows that were around the top had bars covering them. There must have been a hundred men standing around the room, with drinks in their hands and smoking cigars. Looking around, Tina saw no women in the room, only men.

” What’s going on?” she asked Jim.

” I told you, were having a party” he answered. ” It’s called a Bukkake Party” he explained.

” What’s that?” she asked.

” I thought you’d know, being Asian and all” replied Jim.

Tina had no idea what he was talking about. She was Asian alright, but was born and raised in the U.S.A. Her parents often reminded her of her heritage, but also that she was an American. They rarely spoke their native Japanese language around her, or her little sister Kimberly. ” I wonder what this Bukkake thing means?” She thought to herself.

Jim led her into the crowd of men, and whistled loudly to get their attention.

” Gentleman, this is Tina” he yelled out.

” Hi Tina” the men responded loudly.

” Okay Tina, you just sit here, and do what you’re told” Jim explained, pointing to the floor in front of her.

Knowing she didn’t have a choice in the matter, Tina sat down on the floor as she was told. The men started gathering around her as she sat there. Jim and Kurt grabbed large boxes and started passing around clear plastic cups to each of the men in the room.

One of the men in the room called out ” Touch your pussy, bitch” .

” Yea, rub that little cunny” said another, as the rest of the men cheered and whistled.

Tina was so embarrassed, she didn’t know what to do. She had almost got used to the abuse Jim and Kurt dealt her. But now, there stood almost a hundred men, staring at her, yelling obscenities. She started to cry, when she looked up and saw Jim giving her that look he had. She knew that she had better do what the men ask, or she’d be in real trouble. She hesitantly started touching herself, rubbing her pussy through her panties. The men cheered out again, and began laughing loudly. Looking up, she noticed that all the men had pulled their cocks out, and were starting to jack off. Tina was humiliated, and ashamed. She felt betrayed by the two men. After all, she thought the party would be much different than this.

” Watch this you slut” said a man standing right in front of her. He was holding the cup near his cock, and jacking it off faster and faster. Soon, his sperm was shooting from his pecker, and landing in the cup that he held in his hand.

” So that’s what the cups were for” she realized. ” I guess Jim and Kurt don’t want the men to cum on the floor” she thought. ” This isn’t so bad, I can handle this” Tina figured.

” Rub your titties” , called out a man from the back of the room.

Tina did as he asked, rubbing her self seductively through her cotton blouse, with her other hand still playing with her pussy. The men continued to move up closer to her, shooting their cum into the cups as they reached their orgasm. The smell of semen filled the air, as load after load was spilled into the containers they held. Then one of the men standing behind her decided to shoot his cum load into Tina’s hair. It hit her on the back of the head, and on her exposed neck. The hot cum ran down her back. Several other men decided that that looked like fun, so they followed his lead. Cum was flying from every direction, hitting her on the face, back and legs as she sat on the floor in front of them. Several minutes passed, as the men finished themselves off.

Tina then noticed that Kurt and Jim were collecting the cups from the men, and emptying them into a glass beaker. It was about three inches wide, and nearly a foot tall. By the time they were finished dumping all the cups into it, it was almost half full of semen. Then, Jim walked up to where Tina sat, and handed her the beaker. She noticed how warm it felt in her hand from the all the hot fresh cum inside. She had no idea what she was supposed to do with it, but the crowd quickly helped her.

” Drink it bitch” a man hollered from across the room.

” Yea, we didn’t pay for her to just sit there and stare at it” said another man.

” You heard the man, drink it whore” called out still another.

Tina looked up at Jim, hoping he would save her from this predicament. But that wasn’t going to happen. Jim just gave her that look again. The crowd cheered as Tina raised the tall glass to her lips, a tear ran down her cheek. The musty smell of cum filled her nostrils as the pearl white liquid oozed towards her waiting mouth. Tina had swallowed a lot of cum over the last few days, but this was much different. There must have been two cups of the slimy fluid in there. As the warm cum touched her lips, she opened her mouth wide. A large glob ran into her mouth. It was more than she expected, and Tina started to spit some back into the glass, but seeing Jim standing there watching, she swallowed it. The crowd went nuts, yelling and screaming. She started to gag, but held it back. Then without waiting, Tina took another drink, and the crowd reacted again. Sitting there on the floor with slippery cum dripping from the corners of mouth, she suddenly starting to feel good about herself. The men were enjoying the show, and she was the centre of attention. She looked out at the crowd and smiled, her teeth covered in their sperm, and the men cheered again, raising their drinks high in the air.

” Pour it on your head, you cum slut” a man called out.

” Do it bitch” another man screamed from the other side of the room.

Tina raised the tall beaker above her head, and began pouring the remaining sperm over her head. The slimy liquid ran down her face, covering her eyes, nose and mouth. Cum was dripping from her chin, and landing on her clothes. As she sat there, completely covered in the men’s seed, a feeling of power swept over her. She made them feel good, it was her that made the men cum, no one else but her. Jim walked up to Tina and took the empty beaker from her, and offered her his hand.

” Great job” Jim whispered, ” You were wonderful” .

Tina looked up and Jim and smiled. He led her out of the room full of clapping and cheering men. Despite the fact that she was covered from head to toe in sticky cum, and should have felt disgusted with herself, for some reason she was very proud at that moment.

” Okay Tina, now go in and clean yourself up, and change your clothes” He said as he opened the door to her room. ” I’ll have an outfit ready for you when you get out of the shower. I’d like you to put it on. Now, get going and as soon as you’re finished, come back in here – I’ll have a big surprise waiting for you” he continued with a smile on his face.

Tina did as she was told. After removing her semen soaked clothes, she climbed into the shower. She spent almost thirty minutes under a hot shower, getting the drying cum out of her hair, and off her delicate skin. After she finished cleaning up, she dried off and brushed her beautiful black hair. Sitting on the bathroom counter was a make-up bag. It was full of expensive eye liner, rouge, and many other items. She normally didn’t wear much, if any make-up, but figured it was put there for a reason. After she finished, she stepped out into her room. As promised, there was a new outfit lying on the bed. It was a REALLY short mini-skirt and matching top. It was white, and was made out of tight spandex type material.

” Wow” she thought to herself, ” Now this is a party dress, I bet the men will go nuts when they see me in this.”

Also on the bed was also a pair of white silk panties, a matching garter belt and lacy white stockings. On the floor were a pair of white high-heal pumps. It was the kind of outfit her Mother would kill her for, if she ever saw her wearing it in public. Tina slipped it on, and double-checked herself in the mirror. She looked really hot, and she knew it.

Walking back into the room where the men were, Tina mistakenly thought that her job was almost done. ” Maybe the men will let me go home after I parade around the room for awhile in this sleazy dress” she thought.

But she was wrong, as she walked into the room, the crowd parted for her, making a path through them. She could see a funny looking chair perched on a stage in the far corner of the room. It was made of metal, and had stirrups much like the chair her female doctor had in the examination rooms. Tina knew instantly that something was really wrong. Turning around, she thought about running away, but the mass of men had already closed off her escape route.

Out of the crowd stepped Jim. He took her by the hand, and led her up to the stage and said ” Climb up and sit down, but first, take off those panties” .

As always, Tina did as she was told. She lifted up her short tight skirt, and pulled down her silky panties as the crowd of men cheered. Then she climbed up and sat on the chair. Jim and Kurt placed her legs in the stirrups, and strapped them tightly in place. Then, they took her hands and strapped them to the arms of the chair. What a display she was, wearing that sexy dress, and those white lacy nylons clipped to the matching silky garter belt. She looked like a complete whore, and the men loved it.

” What’s going on?” Tina naïvely whispered to the two men standing at her side.

Kurt turned towards the crowd and yelled out, ” Time for a little gang bang gentleman” .

Tina nearly passed out from the distress of what she had just heard. Her heart was pounding in her chest, ” Oh God no!” she cried out, ” Please, just let me go now, you’ve already got what you wanted, I’ve done everything you’ve asked me to do, please, please, let me go home” she pleaded, as the tears streamed down her cheeks.

Ignoring her, Jim called out to the crowd ” Okay gentleman, who’s first?

The men had already started forming a long line that wrapped around the large room. That night Tina was fucked by every man in the room, some had even had her pussy twice. Her young pussy splayed open from the repeated abuse, globs of cum oozed from her pussy, and down her ass cheeks. Some of the men wore condoms, but many did not. By the time the men were finished using her pussy, there was a large pool of cum that dripped from the stage, and onto the floor below. The men that did wear a condom, simple slipped them off their cocks when they finished fucking young Tina’s cunt, and milked the cum into her waiting mouth, or dropped them at her feet. Although she lost count very early in the night, she was fucked a total of 137 times, by 92 different men. The party lasted well past 3:00 a.m. After the party was over, Kurt and Jim and carried her back to her room.

The two men kept young Tina for three more weeks, fucking her pussy and ass several times a day, and making her eat their cum on demand. They also had two more parties during that time – Tina was their star attraction. Before the three weeks were over, she was fucked by well over three-hundred different men, and at least 500-600 times total. After that the men decided they needed something fresh. She was found early one morning by a lady walking her dog. The men had drugged her unconscious, and laid her naked body in the park near her home. She was rushed to the hospital, and made a full recovery, at least physically. By some kind of miracle, she didn’t get pregnant, or even catch a disease. She did file a report with the authorities, but unfortunately she didn’t have enough information to help the police locate the men, or even the building they kept her captive in during those few weeks. The two men were never caught, and the parties still continue to this very day.

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