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Jerry… no. Don't"

"C'mon Cindy."

She shook her head, but didn't protest any further when I steered her into an
unoccupied upstairs bedroom. The sounds of the party receded as the door clicked
shut. Cindy really wasn't that kind of girl. She was a real "daddy's girl": always
got good marks at school, always home by eleven. You know. But we had been going
out for a couple of months now, and I figured I was due for a little necking. I
could tell she didn't mind either. Hell, we were both seniors at high school. She
was just complaining to let me know she wasn't easy.

Before long, we were kissing, lying beside each other on the bed. I couldn't
believe my luck; Cindy was one of the best looking chicks at school. With her curly
brown hair and bright blue eyes, she probably could've gone out with any guy at

Soon, I could feel a wicked hard-on bulging in my jeans. Her hand brushed against
it (accidentally?); she giggled a bit, but didn't pull away. Things continued, and
I'd even managed to get her blouse unbuttoned and my hand on her tits when the door
slammed open. Startled, we stopped what we were doing and squinted against the sudden
bright light from the hallway.

It was Hammond; Brian 'Bruiser' Hammond: linebacker, school bully and a guy I
owed twenty bucks to. Fuck.

"Hey Jerry, how's it hangin?"

I scrambled to my feet. Cindy cringed on the bed, eyes wide, trying vainly to
hold together her open blouse. It was pretty obvious what had been going on.

"What'ya want Bry?" I tried to sound casual, but my voice broke. This guy could
- and would – kick my head in and not think twice about it. I noticed that he had
a couple of his cronies with him.

"Just a piece of your action, Jer." He eyed Cindy on the bed. "Kinda greedy keepin'
it all to yourself." One of the guys with him snickered. It was Allan Grant; he
had been kicked out of Greenwood the week earlier for being caught on the school
grounds with a switchblade. I felt sick to my stomach.


"You owe me." Hammond began to walk forward, unbuckling his belt. "And I think
I'm gonna start collectin'."

I tried to stop him, but Grant and the other goon grabbed my arms and held me
back. I struggled, but it was pretty useless. All I could do was watch. Hammond
let his jeans fall down to his ankles and fell forward onto the bed.

Onto Cindy.

She whimpered and tried to twist away, but he used his weight to pin her down.
Within seconds, he had her blouse ripped open and her skirt up around her waist.
Grunting, he jerked his hips and jammed his cock into her pussy. Cindy gasped loudly
and started crying, but he didn't care. He just kept pumping away for about thirty
seconds until he stiffened and came. When he was done, he slid off her and rolled
to one side. Cindy lay where he left her, legs spread, gasping for air.

Hammond traded places with Grant and he too was soon fucking her on the bed.
Cindy didn't fight when he climbed on top of her. She didn't fight when he tore
off her bra and began to play with her small tits. She didn't fight when he jammed
his cock into her pussy and began pumping. All through this second rape, she just
lay there, limp and unresisting.

Grant was soon finished and the third guy took his place. He was soon fucking
her as she lay there. After a while, I noticed, to my embarrassment, that my hard-on
was once again bulging in my pants. Hammond noticed it too.

"Hey Jerr," he laughed. "Don't worry. You'll get your turn."

I shook my head, but I couldn't take my eyes off the scene on the bed: the guy
lying in between Cindy's long, sleek, naked legs, sliding his cock in and out of
her now-sopping cunt.

She still didn't resist. Maybe that's why, when the third guy was finished and
Hammond pushed me forward, I dropped my pants and quickly slid my throbbing cock
into her open pussy.

She was very wet and very tight. Like me, she had been a virgin before that night.

It felt incredible to fuck her as she lay there. Just as I was about to come,
she opened her eyes and stared up at me in mute horror. She looked like she was
about to say something, but just then I had other things on my mind. Grabbing one
of her tits in my mouth, I bit down on the nipple as I had the most incredible orgasm.
Someone was screaming, but it sounded far away. The orgasm felt like it was going
to last forever. When I unclenched my teeth, she was crying again.

God, I felt like shit. But it had felt so good!


"Hey hey hey… what's goin on here?"

Some more guys had come into the room. I didn't know them; they looked like friends
of Hammond's.

"Nothin' much," Hammond grinned. "This little gal here's just pullin' her first
train." He looked over at me as I slid my cock out of her. "Ain't that right, Jerry?"

I didn't know what a train was. All I could think about was the fact that I had
just raped Cindy, and these guys had all seen it. I figured I'd better just agree
with whatever he said.

"Yeah Bry." I grinned back at him, like I was in on the joke. "That's it."

Hammond's grin widened as he turned to the newcomers. "You're just in time,"
he announced. "You're next."


The first guy wasted no time. Sliding his pants down, he dropped into the spot
I had just left and began fucking Cindy. At last, she began to fight, twisting and
bucking underneath him, but it looked for all the world like she was just fucking
him back. I think she tried to scream, but when she opened her mouth, he covered
it with his own, and slid his tongue in.

Powerless, I watched as guy after guy fucked my girlfriend. After a while, they
propped her up on her hands and knees so one guy could fuck her from behind while
another guy fucked her mouth. I'm sure she had never so much as seen a cock before
tonight; now, she was sucking on them like a whore. I even took a turn in her mouth
myself. I don't think she recognized me; she just sucked blindly at whatever was
put in her mouth, all the time mechanically humping back against the cock in her
pussy. I think she even had an orgasm while sucking me, though I can't be sure.

After coming all over her face, I stepped back and watched as more and more guys
came into the room. Word of what was happening had obviously spread through the
party, and everyone wanted a turn. By now, Cindy's clothes hung in cum-soaked rags;
her curly hair was plastered against her head by sweat and sperm; and rivers of
come ran down the inside of her thighs. She looked like a real whore.

I turned to go, but Hammond put his hand on my shoulder and took me aside. "Jerr…
if anyone asks, she got drunk and wanted you to fuck her. You didn't want to, so
she started with the other guys." He looked at me, intense. "That's what happened,
right?" I nodded, seeing my way out. Hammond and his friends would back me up. If
necessary. From the looks of things, no one in the room would be testifying that
she had been raped. I was safe.

Hammond let me go, and I took one last look at her before leaving the room. She
was still on her hands and knees, a cock in her ass (when did that start?) and one
in her mouth. As I watched, the guy in her mouth came, pumping his sperm down her
throat. When he pulled out, she turned her cum-encrusted face and looked over at


She raised her hand towards me, calling out, but another cock was immediately
stuck in her open mouth, and another in her open hand. Balanced precariously on
one hand, she began to suck one guy off while running her hand up and down the other
cock. Her eyes took on a glazed look, and her body shuddered. I left the room. It
looked like I would need to find a new girlfriend. I sure couldn't go out with Cindy
any more. There were only a few girls like her in school and everybody knew about
them; they got fucked a lot, but you didn't actually go out with them. Not with
sluts, and that was what Cindy would be at school from now on.

And everybody would know it.

I hoped she would enjoy her new place at school. I knew I would; at least until
I found a new girlfriend.