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Wife Rape

During her last year in college,Cara had finally met the guy she had dreamed about since grade school. She had always known she would be very selective when it came to marriage and Lee McCray fit the bill perfectly. Six feet, 175 pounds, good background,intelligent,very handsome,and with a bright future.She didn't hesitate to say yes to his polite,loving, bent kneed proposal.They had discussed thier future plans of Lee joining the Army right after college to become an officer with Cara waiting until after his OCS graduation to begin her chosen career.The OCS training would last 6 months, but first,Lee had to go through 8 weeks of Basic Training.Then they could embark on thier exciting marriage/careers. Cara was thrilled with the idea of being married to a handsome Army officer and agreed with the plan wholeheartedly.
Cara knew she was beautiful and was accustomed to the appreciative glances of men and women alike. She was tall, long legged,with long straight auburn hair that nearly reached her small waist.Her facial features were splendid with almond shaped brown eyes, straight nose,and wide full lips that showed off her perfectly straight teeth, but Cara always thought her best asset was her beautiful body,especially her tits,which stood out straight and curved upwards at the ends, capped by half inch nipples. Lee sucked and licked them for at least 30 minutes before actually having sex with her on thier last night together before he had to leave for Basic Training.

The 8 weeks had passed very slowly for Cara (and painfully for Lee), but now the time for Lee's graduation was only a few days away and Cara was excited about seeing her handsome soldier once again. Throughout Basic Lee had written her about his hard -assed/bad-assed Drill Sergeant named Savage.Lee had said he was tough as nails but had managed to pack an average of 10-15 pounds of muscle on each recruit and Lee was proud to be a "savage" as they called themselves.Cara was impressed by Lee's comments as she knew Lee didn't give out kudos where they weren't deserved and she was actually looking forward to meeting this mans-man who had so impressed her husband.Cara was also anxious to see her husband for other reasons too as she had been without sex for two months.Her pussy was dripping wet with anticipation.

Trey Savage had been in the military for 12 years and for the past year had been a Drill Sergeant. At 6'2", 195 lbs. of muscle and bone he personified the soldier. With his rugged demeanor soldiers admired him and women wanted to fuck him,at least until they found out about how sadistic he was.

Savage was the consumate hunter (of pussy)because after he finished with them most of them would shun
him like the plague.
"Fuck 'em"! Savage thought."Theres always a fresh supply of cunt with all these young wives,sisters, and moms hanging around at the end of every cycle, and tomorrows graduation for this bunch of maggot-pukes so tonight the hotels will be filled with horny women"."And" he thought. "There'll be a bunch of them hanging around the Company Area today during the 3 hour visitation".

Cara was excited and expectant at the prospect of seeing Lee again and was pleasantly surprised when she did. He looked wonderful! He was very muscular and tanned and looked better than she had ever seen him before.She couldn't wait to get him in bed.
"Honey,I want you to meet the Drill Sergeant I've been telling you about",Lee said as he steered Cara toward Savage. "Permission to speak Drill Sergeant"? "Speak" replied Savage, as he looked longingly at the beautiful young wife. "This is my lovely wife Cara". "Cara,This is Drill Sergeant Savage". "Hello Sergeant Savage", I've heard some wild tales about how you put the soldiers thru training, and I think you've done an excellent job with these soldiers". Actually Savage didn't give a rat shit about the soldiers. He pushed his soldiers harder than anyone else because of his perverse nature and the soldiers responded by giving thier all in order to keep up with Savage's demands of them. The fact that they were more well muscled and alert was just a by-product of this fact. It was also a well hidden fact that 2 soldiers had died in the past trying to keep up with his tortuous training demands. Savage smiled at Cara."Well thank you Cara","I always try to bring out the best in my soldiers". "We can't allow any but the best into the ranks". All the while eyeing her georgous face and tits. He wanted so much to reach out and grab one of those beautiful tits and twist it until she screamed and had to excuse himself for fear of doing so.Cara was impressed.

After a nice lunch and visit with Lee, Cara got a taxi back to the off post motel she had rented for her 2 day stay since Lee had to prepare for graduation ceremonies at the large fort's parade grounds. Cara found herself very excited at being able to spend tomorrow night with Lee in the motel for the first time in 2 months. She had prepared herself for the occasion by buying a very sexy short negligee ( black with see thru top and thong) and by trimming her thick pubic hair to a perfect "V" pointing to the flowering lips of her anxious cunt. She had also been secretly practicing deep-throating on a 7 inch dildo and planned to give Lee the best blowjob he imagine. She just had to while away the next 24 hours but she was nervous and the minutes dragged by slowly so she started reading this pamplets in her motel room. It was then she noticed that the NCO club was having a Top-40 band tonight. The pamplet also said that guests were welcome! "Well thats what I'll do tonight" Cara thought."At least I can have a few cocktails and listen to the band"."Anythings better than just sitting here". So Cara grabbed a sandwich at the adjoining restuarant and went back to her room to change.

Cara looked stunning as she entered the large ballroom, even though she hadn't really tried. She was wearing a sleeveless summer white dress with white high heels and handbag. Her Auburn hair hung carelessly down her back in stark contrast to her apparel. Her well shaped legs and ass immediately caught the attention of Sergeant Powers. Powers was an aquaintance of Savage and both were known as pussyhounds so most other NCO's guarded thier wives and girlfriends carefully when these two were around.
Cara sat down alone at a table,ordered a gin and tonic and relaxed as the band played some really good dance music. The club was mostly full but most everyone seemed to be paired up.Cara wished that someone would ask her to dance to some of the fast tunes, knowing that Lee wasn't the jealous type and trusted her completely,anyway, she planned to tell him she had come. Knowing him,he would say"great, I wish I could have been there with you". She wished it too.
After a while, during her second cocktail as she was just beginning to feel the effects of the gin, a man asked her to dance.She said"sure,why not". He seemed very nice and was pleasant to talk to. He told her he was a sergeant stationed here on the fort and his name was Powers. After a few dances he asked if he could sit with her just to talk as he was alone and so was she. Cara knew she wasn't going to allow anything more than talk so she told him it was okay.As the evening wore on she told him of her husband and thier plans for the future and actually enjoyed the time and the drinks that Powers kept ordering. "Well","This was very nice but I have to go" said Cara." Can I get a taxi outside"? she asked innocently. "Well I need to be leaving also" said Powers. " Can I drop you off somewhere"? "I guess that'll be okay" said Cara as he politely walked her to his car.
Powers had hoped to get her drunk enough to take advantage of her but she had stopped after about four drinks and had ruined his plan.At least she was allowing him to take her to her hotel.He would make a try there in his car. Little did he know that he was being watched by Savage.

Savage was in the NCO club by sheer luck. His mind had been preoccupied with thoughts of Cara all evening and was totally surprised when he saw her in the club dancing with that shit-for-brains Powers.He had actually come to the club to look for a woman to fuck but forgot all about that when he spied Cara. Actually, he was going to fuck, Cara!! if Powers acted the way Savage thought he would. Powers would take her to her motel and try to maul her in the parking lot, the dumb-fuck. Instead of just keeping on driving someplace in the woods where he could just take the pussy. The stupid slob probably gave her his real name too. Well it still could work out to his advantage.
Powers drove Cara to her motel while Savage followed. Powers stopped the car and started talking to Cara. Savage was parked close by with his video camera running. He saw Powers grab Cara and kiss her while grabbing her tits. Powers was strong and Cara was having a hard time breaking away from him.Then dumb ass got frustrated and cold cocked Cara.She melted against the door as Powers started running his hands up her dress feeling her legs, cunt, and ass.
"Powers"! " You are one dumb fuck" said Savage as the startled Powers looked around to see Savage with his camcorder aimed at him. "This is going to cost you, you fucking maggot"! "Now get her inside or would you rather sit out here and get tagged for rape"?
When they got her inside the room Cara was still out like a light. "Hurry up and get her naked" said Savage. Powers got the message and quickly removed Cara's clothes. Once naked, Savage said,"now you do the same so I can get some compromising tape". Powers did as told and climbed on the bed with Cara. Then he pulled her head between his legs and said"How's this"? "Great" "Now put your cock in her mouth and make it look real". By now Powers had a rock hard on anyway and easily slipped his 7 plus inch cock down Cara's throat,and by moving her head up and down and having positioned her on her stomach, it appeared as if she was a willing slut. After a few seconds of filming Savage said,"Now get in a 69 position". Powers quickly rotated his head toward the foot of the bed and repositioned Cara so that she had one knee on each side of Powers head with her cunt in his face while her head was between his legs.Then Savage smiled.
Cara awoke suddenly and didn't know where she was.When she raised her head and saw that she was lying face down on a man she jumped up off the bed and staggered backwards into a chair. "What's going on here"?"she yelled" at the two men she dazedly saw in her room. "You"! When her eyes focused enough to recognize Savage. "What are you doing here"? Savage just smiled and said "well I just dropped by to help my old friend Powers out a little"."It's a good thing too because I don't think he's man enough to handle all that good pussy you've been throwing on him".
"What the fuck are you talking about"? said Cara.
"I'm talking about this video that shows you kissing, sucking, and sixty-nineing with old Powers here"."Wanna see"?
"What is it you want"? asked Cara,inwardly knowing the answer.
"Don't even try to play stupid with me Bitch" Savage replied. "Now get over here and suck old Powers for real or do I mail this tape to hubby".
Cara knew Savage meant what he said. It would kill Lee if he saw that tape and his faith in her would be destroyed.She decided she would have to play along in order to get that tape and burn it.Anyway Lee and her would be gone away from here in 24 hours and maybe she could forget what she was being forced to do. At least Lee would never know.
Cara's body shivered as she slowly went back to the bed whereupon Powers lay smiling with a huge hard on.
Cara decided she would at least try to get this over with as quickly as possible, so she tried to smile as she seductively slid on the bed and started to lick Powers nipples.
Powers pulled her up by the hair and slapped her hard across the face, "Bitch" "You've got to earn the right to suck my cock". "Start at my feet and lick and suck my toes".
Cara was shocked and stunned by the blow but did what he said. She had never before been faced by such powerful men as these and now realized that she had no control over them. Savage calmly filmed her every action.
Cara obediently started licking Powers feet and sucking his toes as ordered.Powers laid back to enjoy it and told Cara to turn her ass up to him. Cara reluctantly moved her beautiful ass up on the bed to where Powers could freely feel her cunt and ass. He started massaging her clit and running his middle finger up her sexy ass crack.Then he stuck his finger in her tight cunt and started to finger fuck her as Cara struggled for control.
Both men knew she had probably not been fucked in a few months and would respond to thier perverted wishes. Cara wished now that she had used the dildo every night so that now she would not feel her pussy betraying her by getting as wet as it was from this mans invading finger.
"This bitch is getting off on this" said Powers."Her cunt is sopping wet". "Check it out Savage". Savage walked over and roughly worked his finger into Cara's tight twat. It came out dripping wet.
"You're a hot blooded whore,aren't you"?
Cara mumbled "yes", knowing it would be futile to say otherwise.
"Lick your way up my legs and lick my balls" said Powers. " Then I may let you ream my asshole".
As Cara was trying to please Powers, Savage stopped the tape and removed his clothes.He then got on the bed and grabbed Cara's beautiful tits and twisted them roughly. Cara screamed "OOOOHH" as the pain was immense. Savage then grabbed her by her hair and forced her mouth onto his cock."Maybe this will keep you from yelling so loud". "One more scream like that and I'll tape your mouth and beat you senseless". "Understand"? Cara nodded that she did.
Powers had now moved Cara's cunt over his face and started to cruelly eat her out. At the same time Savage was pushing his entire cock down her throat.
Cara's body was starting to respond despite her efforts to not let that happen, but she started to move her ass on Powers face and suck more strongly on the huge cock in her mouth.
Savage sensed that she was about to cum and pulled his cock from her mouth. He then told her to turn around and suck Powers cock. When she turned around, her beautiful ass and cunt was exposed to Savage's rock hard cock. Savage moved forward in between her knees and lined up his turgid member with her flowering fuckhole. He grabbed her by her rounded hips and pushed his cock all the way in to the hilt with one massive stroke. Cara again screamed but it had no effect as her mouth was packed full of Powers stiff cock.
Savage started reaming Cara's cunt with his long heavy cock while holding two handfuls of Cara's ass and thighs. Each time he pulled his cock out he simultanously pushed Cara's ass forward and more of Powers cock into her mouth.
Cara felt a powerful orgasm starting to build in her stomach and legs. She had never been with two men before and couldn't remember being this turned on. She hated herself for it but she couldn't stop the tidal wave of pleasure she felt engulfing her body. Cara's pussy started to pulse and contract around Savage's cock,making it squeeze the invading member tightly while using her tongue and lips to tighten her grip on the large cock she was deep-throating.
Powers and Savage were feeling the effects too and started to speed up their efforts.
Cara felt the room spin as she had the biggest orgasm of her entire life. She could only mumble "MM-MMM-MMM-MMM-OOOOOHHH-AHHHHH- OHGODICAN'TBELIEVETHISSS-OOHHH" around the spewing cock in her mouth. Load after load was shot down her throat as she swallowed Powers cum and her Cunt spasmed again and again around Savage's cum shooting cock.Afterwards she was told to lick Powers and Savage's ass,cocks, and balls. Cara wound up later reaming Savage's asshole while getting fucked up hers by Powers. Cara also managed to cum four more times during the night while either getting fucked or sucking the sergeants off.
About 6 AM Savage told her to go take a shower. When she came back out the men were gone. So was the incriminating tape that she so desperately wanted.

After graduation Cara and Lee went to the motel room.Lee was estatic but Cara was morose and depressed. Thier sex was rote and uninteresting even though Cara thought she tried.Lee got angry and went back to the barracks.
"Permission to speak, Drill Sergeant"? "Speak" said Savage.
"My wife is depressed and won't tell me whats wrong". " Could you speak to her Drill Sergeant"? " She might tell you". "I told her you were holding me over here for a few weeks before the next OCS class starts".
"Sure kid"Be glad to". "I'll speak privately to her tonight".